Sunday, May 30, 2010

Waste Collection Event This Saturday

The City of Laredo is hosting a trash collection event at the Park & Ride facility on 1800 E. Hillside on June 5, 2010.  You can call 794-1650 for details. 

You can turn in old tires (will be paid .50 each, max of 8 tires) or household chemicals to be disposed of properly by the city.

That's good.  But I can't stand the mascots they use in commercials and ads.  The cutout that's pictured here appears in the latest issue of LareDOS.

The cowgirl has this dainty look to her and I wouldn't be surprised if the artist included a tramp stamp on her lower back.  Of course, all girls around here look like that, or perhaps the artist wishes they would.

And then there's the guy.  Burt Reynolds anyone?  This is the idea of a local man:  masculine, and mustached, but meticulous enough to stay in the know by reading the newspaper.

Couldn't we just be given puppets instead? 

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