Saturday, May 29, 2010


Bordertown Blues writes about the new sex sting that took place on San Bernardo Ave.
the native "West Side" was the focal point of the originally entitled "Operation John."
Ten men were taken to the Webb County Jail for soliciting sex.

That's good and all, but could law enforcement come up with a better name for the job they're doing?  As you can see above, Bordertown Blues makes a crack about the sting's title.  I think they could've chosen a better name like, "Operation Mustache," or "Operation Burt Reynolds," because almost all the men have some type of facial hair thing going on.

My better half suggested using "Operation Pancho Villa," but I don't want to turn this  post into one that plays on stereotypes.  Besides, Burt Reynolds played the character, "The Bandit," in a couple of movies of my youth so I'd rather much prefer that.

But I'm not married to those titles.  The sting could be called "Operation-I-don't-read-the-paper-or-watch-the-news-enough-to-know-that-people-are-busted-for-hiring-hookers-on-San-Bernardo."

It's amazing.  Apparently men here are so sex-deprived that they have to risk being arrested by the fuzz.  It's sad, but for media outlets and bloggers alike, this stuff is gold.  No, it's a shame.  No really, it's awesome to cover this.  No....... 

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