Monday, May 31, 2010

Park Vandals

Recently the LMT, El Manana, The Laredo Sun, KLDO, and KGNS have all talked about vandalism at our local parks.

Repairs total in the thousands of dollars.  It's a never-ending battle trying to stay ahead of those who do harm to public property.  

Unfortunately at Slaughter Park (near my house) it's no different.
My son and I have taken to riding our bikes at the park and today we noticed broken cinder blocks on the walkway that encircles the area.  The building materials are being used to build bathroom facilities.

And on the other side of the park, a piece of fence has been taken out.  The problem with the soccer field area is that only two entrances exist and they are spaced widely apart.  To save some legwork, somebody took the liberty of making their own entry/exit. 

This park is widely used by soccer, and little league, enthusiasts.  I hope this is the worst of the damage.

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