Thursday, May 27, 2010

Need Top Kill Of Our Own

One thing I like to do in my yard is use old leaves, grass clippings, branches and other assorted garden refuse to make my own compost.  Part of the reason is that I don't want all this organic matter to end up at the landfill.  It can be put to good use in any household landscape.

A couple of my neighbors are really good about supplying me with this stuff (pictured).  I mix up the different plant materials and spread 'em around my plants, especially the younger ones.  This homemade groundcover provides shelter for the roots and locks in the moisture that I provide with infrequent waterings. 

The soil is also conditioned with this improvised process.  With time, the soil is more ready to absorb water rather than having it run off and contribute to erosion.  As it is, I'm really stingy with the water I use outside.  The compost helps me avoid having to water all the time.  So when I saw the story about this little water spill going on somewhere in central Laredo, I almost shed a tear.
the draining won't stop anytime soon.
City crews are busy repairing some old water pipes.  As a result, they have to keep a hydrant open and let the water flow into a nearby drain.  Wait, wait.  I can feel the tear coming on again.

If this purge continues for several more weeks, I'm going to have to spring into action.  What I'll do is get my hands on as many water jugs or gallons as I can and hop on over to the "leak" site to recover some of the water.  I'll then transport it to my pad and use the wet stuff (hate that term) to water my plants.

Seriously, this water can't go to waste.  Summer is upon us and the days are only going to get hotter.  We've been cruising along in the mid 90s so far.  Watering right now hasn't gotten as intense as it gets in July and August, but some people have recently added plants and grass to their properties and they need water.  We have to make smart use of every little drop.

So if anybody has a plastic container they can do without, let me have it.  I'm on a mission.  (don't say it)  The water will be mine!!! 


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