Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mayor's Reaction

Mayor Salinas Reacts to President Calderon’s Address to Congress

Laredo Mayor Raul Salinas, as a guest of Congressman Henry Cuellar, was present in Washington today when Mexican President Felipe Calderon delivered an address to a Joint Session of Congress. Mayor Salinas stated: “I am so grateful to Henry Cuellar for making it possible for me to hear this very refreshing address by President Calderon. President Calderon not only talked about what Mexico needs to do to make our joint border more secure, but he was equally frank that the US bears its own responsibilities for border security. More than 75,000 U.S. manufactured weapons are in Mexico today and the drug cartels are funded in no small part by our nation’s appetite for drugs. We owe our neighbors in Mexico a better effort in stopping the southern flow of weapons and dollars.”

Mayor Salinas continued: “I strongly agree when President Calderon says that Mexico and the United States are stronger together than we are apart. We live that message every day in Los dos Laredos. The stronger the economy of Mexico is; the stronger our economy in Laredo. The more secure the quality of life is in Mexico, the more secure the quality of life we have in Laredo.”

Mayor Salinas concluded his remarks: “I am so proud that President Obama is standing with President Calderon as he leads Mexico in its transition to a safe, economically stable and practicing democracy. I also agree with these two Presidents that every resident of America, both north and south of the border, must not only have the opportunity to live the American dream, but also that they should not have to leave their home country to achieve it.”

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