Wednesday, May 26, 2010

La Banda Del Animo

Long before I became a member of the Martin High School Band (Summer of '84), a tradition was already in place for the "it" club at Laredo's  largest high school.

The band was known for its rousing performances and its inimitable school spirit.  Under the direction of Mr. Roberto Botello, the group garnered respect and praise.

One thing that band members from an earlier era fondly recall is the chance to perform in front of a big crowd at Texas Stadium.  It was a regular occurrence for some.  I, unfortunately, never got to experience that.  The trip to Dallas was not something that was continued in the late 80s.  Nevertheless, we heard the stories from upper classmen.

I enjoyed moments of success with the Martin Band.  And while the memories might not match those of past eras, the experience is one that I will cherish forever and never forget.


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