Saturday, May 15, 2010

Illegal Dumping

Environmental Services Catches Illegal Dumpers

Laredo, TX—May14, 2010—Illegal dumpers beware: The City of Laredo is watching and they will catch you!

Recently, the City of Laredo Environmental Services Department invested $12,000 to purchase some security surveillance camera equipment.  Those cameras were placed at various undisclosed known dumping sites around town, and they have already payed off. 

Multiple individuals were caught illegally dumping branches around town.  One was fined $500; the other’s case is still pending to go to court.  However, he possibly faces a fine anywhere from $500 to $2,000. Another case is still being investigated by the Laredo Police Department Environmental Division, as well.

“What’s ironic is that people can dump their branches at the City’s Landfill for free; the Solid Waste Services Department even picks up these items,” said Jerry Piña, Jr., Environmental Investigator with the City of Laredo Environmental Services Department, who, along with his partner, Mario Sepulveda, also an Environmental Investigator, who are fierce investigators in pursuing illegal dumpers. 

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