Monday, May 24, 2010

I Left My Glasses In D.C.

Mayor Salinas was "invited" to Washington D.C. last week to take part in events where Mexico's president, Felipe Calderon, was the featured guest.  Meetings were supposed to take place Wednesday and Thursday.  So my question is:  Why did the mayor arrive back in Laredo yesterday?

Mayor Salinas had this to say:
"we made real progress on the bus center and met folks interested in investing money the bottom line we need to create jobs get industry going."
No, what you need to do is come back two days earlier than you did.  From the contented look on your face, it looks like you had a nice weekend in D.C. 

And what's with all the sudden interest from people wanting to invest in our city?  There was interest in the Portal project.  There was interest from people in Cental America.  And now D.C. is looking towards Laredo?  Exactly who are these people who want to invest in Laredo?

Employment might be down a bit, but that has more to do with the recent doughnut rush that required a large pool of bakers to work around the clock.
Excuse me if I don't share in the mayor's enthusiasm.  A trip out of Laredo can do wonders for anybody's mood.  If I was gone for a long weekend, I'd be more chipper and upbeat.  Now if you please, I'd like to see all your receipts.

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