Monday, May 17, 2010

El Cantante Las Lomas.

At the beginning of every city council meeting, proclamations, introductions, and recognitions are made, taking up the first thirty minutes of each gathering.  Usually it's some cub scout group that's planted trees in a park, or some little league team that's won some coveted trophy, or what not.  But tonight, my friends, it was Councilman Juan Narvaez's time to shine.

Council actually showcased a video of Mr. Narvaez singing to a group of ladies on Mother's Day.  I knew he sold houses, and rented maquinitas, but I didn't know he could carry a tune.  If he's good enough for city hall's time, then goshdarnit, he's good enough for me.  Enjoy the perennial Mother's Day favorite, Las Mananitas, as best as can be done in a gymnasium.  Take it away! 

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