Sunday, May 2, 2010

Beer Runs Evolved

At tomorrow's meeting, city council is going to address the issue of beer run attendants using skimpy clothes to wait on patrons.  This has been going on for several months now with some establishments providing a (stripper) pole for employees to do their thing.  This, of course, has elicited some complaints from the public.

Bordertown Blues has provided some insight.

Fellow LaSanbe contributor, Luis Uranga, called me up a couple of weeks ago and told me to hightail it to Mami Chulas because the women were barely wearing anything.  Unfortunately I was about to sit down to dinner so I left it for another day.  And a blog reader told me some time ago about another establishment where the girls put on quite a show.   Well, it wasn't until tonight that I decided to capture some scenes from a beer run on South Meadow Ave.

I tried to walk by the place and capture some footage from outside, but unfortunately, I don't have much zooming capabilities on my camera.  So I decided to go inside and buy something.  One of the girls was wearing a bikini and she had dollar bills stuffed in her cleavage.  The other employee was wearing some two-piece lingerie ensemble.

Traffic was brisk.  Oh, and by the way, I bought some spicy peanuts.  Anyway, enjoy the drive-thru.

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