Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Always One Missing

One of the perks of being mayor is that you'll always be guaranteed a shovel for a photo-op during a ground-breaking ceremony.  If I was mayor, I'd take the shovel with me like people take centerpieces home after a wedding reception or quinceanera dance.  I'd mount all my shovels in my office at City Hall.
It's funny:  somebody is making sure that every shovel has a tacky bow on it but they can't provide enough shovels for everyone in attendance.  There are always more people than shovels.  This is one scenario that I would like to see occur at the local voting booths.  The media would report that the county didn't have enough ballots for the amount of people who showed up.  They would interview some random person.  "They ran out of ballots.  There's too many people.  Somebody said they were giving out free shovels."

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