Friday, April 9, 2010

Who Will It Be?

Today is the last day of early voting for the Webb County runoff races.  The local t.v. stations have been lit up with political commercials and the LMT Editorial Page has had a plethora of commentary both for and against certain candidates. 

Today we get this little nugget from one Rosa Gonzalez:

First of all, we need to get the record straight.  Tano Tijerina does not run a multi-million dollar business that he built up himself.  He married into a very wealthy family and his in-laws are the ones who gave him responsibility.

This nice young man has no government administrative experience.  I also know that he is a great baseball player.  Does this qualify him to be a judge?  How can we elect someone who has no experience at all?  We don't need a nice boy in office!

We need someone like Judge Danny Valdez who is experienced and knows what he's doing!  Everyone should get out and vote and they should vote for Danny Valdez for county judge.  Signed, Rosa Gonzalez

In other words, leave it to the grown-ups; the same grown-ups who throw fits out in public.  Like, let's see, Sergio Martinez having a tantrum at the sight of Jaime Canales' buses.  Or how 'bout the time he sued a painter because he claimed he hadn't finished a job.  And then there was the day that Danny Valdez castigated a VMT Magnet School official when he wasn't allowed to speak on stage.  Yeah, those grown-up, experienced politicos.  The ones that slash department budgets by ten percent and call it a day.

Tano is a "nice boy" who's played pro ball.  GASP!  How can he be let near the mighty county budget?  How, pray tell, can we let this happen?
Ms. Gonzalez' condescension aside, Tano has done well for himself.  And perhaps a nice boy, or girl, would be good for the court.  Civility is not always present during courthouse proceedings.

In four days we'll know the outcome of the races.  Until then, we'll sit through more political commentary and prognostication.  Are you as pumped as I am?

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