Friday, April 30, 2010

Two Kings

Mayor Salinas opines on the new Arizona immigration law:
This law is very much like those first laws passed by the Nazis, slowly stripping individuals of their humanity, stating that they because of their supposed immigration status, they are not citizens of the country they live in. This fundamentally dismisses the basic human rights and dignity of not only the immigrant work force that built this country, but also, disregards the contributions that Hispanic immigrants are making today, doing jobs that most of us, Latinos or otherwise, would rather not do. Those of us in border communities in Texas understand and appreciate the work that our neighbors do in our cities, in our homes. Without them, additionally, many of our economies would grind to a halt for the infusion into our local economies thanks to the money they spend here, because they are able to work here. It is important to take all border communities into consideration when drafting future immigration legislation, because let me tell you something, President Obama, We do NOT have the appetite for racist and hateful laws in this country.

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