Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Commissioner Misplaces His Files

I've been known to lose my keys and even my wallet.  Luckily they've always turned up.  So when Commissioner Sergio Martinez recently lost his paperwork, I sorta could identify.

As it turns out, our resident pugnacious commish misplaced some documents while making the rounds at the Webb County Justice Center.  And instead of keeping it to himself and looking for the files on his own, he announces it to the world via a deputy's two-way radio.  And if that wasn't enough, he proudly, and elegantly, proclaims where he was and what he did moments before.

Margie, this is Commissioner Martinez.  Can you go to the fourth floor, el bathroom, see if they found any sobres mios.  I went there to take a leak.  And I need to find out if you found an envelope...

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     I think I can hear somebody giggling in the background when he says, "I went there to take a leak."
Anyway, I wonder if this is a common practice for him -- using a walkie-talkie for his own personal business.   The Justice Center has had some security issues in the past few months.  I would hope that the communication devices are used for legitimate reasons and not for retrieving folders for commissioners.

Part of me thinks that this is, on some level, an abuse of power.  But another part of me thinks this is comedic gold.
In an age when every little bit of information is caught on tape, you would think that people would act accordingly.  Not our commissioner.  He goes out there with the wits of a simpleton and revels in his own impetuous nature.  Suddenly Joe Biden doesn't seem so nutty after all.

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