Friday, April 30, 2010


This is a form that police officers fill out when they cite someone in Texas.  It was sent in by a blog reader.  The form doesn't look familiar.  It must be something that cops fill out after they drive off from a stop.

It would be interesting to know how Laredo officers deal with undocumented people.  Would they call in border patrol for back-up?  It seems to me that they would be busy with other offenses to go out and profile people for their citizenship status.

With an immigration law like that of Arizona's being considered for Texas, local media outlets have asked their followers how they feel about implementing such a measure.  Que Fregados put up the polls.  KGNS viewers support such a plan, while KLDO's oppose it.  While the accuracy of the polls could be easily called into question,  one wonders if the KGNS poll is more representative of local sentiment.

One person who commented on the QF post relates how local working people would not mind seeing immigration reform resembling what has been done in The Grand Canyon State.  Sure we might have a lot in common with our neighbors to the south, but if they decide to migrate northward, you can bet that most of us would take a stand quickly, and it wouldn't be such a compassionate stance either.

At a town hall meeting a couple of years ago, one lady offered her two-cents worth to city staff when the Slaughter Park was being planned.  Soccer fields were going to be one of the main features of the park.  The attendee said, 'why are you going to build so many soccer fields; the only ones that use them are the people from Mexico,' (paraphrasing)  I think that's the same mentality that a lot of people around here have - - that if somebody from another country is going to come in and benefit from our tax dollars, then something has to be done.  

Again, that KGNS poll doesn't surprise me.  We complain that Mexican tourists can't drive and that they're pushy when we encounter them while shopping, but I think the resentment might go deeper than that.  And it's unfortunate when you think about it.  Most of us were lucky to have landed on this side of the river, and now we have the gall to spite our own when all they want is to be like us.  

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