Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Our Carne Asada Footprint

Laredoans know how to start fires.  It's something we learn early on, for it will come in handy when we have to prepare one of our favorite food groups, fajitas.  But burning stuff is useful for other things too, such as eliminating household trash and creating energy in the process.  Europeans are utilizing this technology while keeping it eco-friendly.
The plants run cleanly that many times more dioxin is now releasesd from home fireplaces and backyard barbecues than from incineration.
We may not be shipping our trash off to other states like New York does, but our landfill is close to reaching capacity.  Burning our trash (don't try this at home) could be a viable alternative.  Of course, the money to build such a plant would probably be hard to come by.  Nevertheless, this idea is something the younger crop of decision makers should contemplate, if not for its usefulness, than simply as a talking point.  Talk of new jails and bridges can only take you so far.

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