Thursday, April 8, 2010

Odd Week For Laredo Cops

It must be tough to work in any law enforcement capacity.  People who carry a badge never know what's coming next.  Personal safety has to be on their minds at all times, and of course, their family members must be sick to death with worrying about what can happen.  But this week has brought us some cases that would be perfect for the show "Cops."
  • We spoke of the man who was fully exposed in his truck
  • A patron of Rumors Bar & Grill spit in an officer's face
  • A man was arrested for leaving six children at home unattended
  • There was the car thief who fought off an officer with a (heroin) syringe
  • And somebody crashed into a motorcycle cop
It's not always so glorious being a cop, especially when you have people spitting on you.  We hope that our first responders don't have to go through this every day.  But one things for sure:  Laredo is full of knuckleheads, and this week has proved it.

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