Friday, April 16, 2010

More Bad News

There is yet another story of Ben Roethlisberger behaving inappropriately.  It involves him allegedly dropping his pants and making sexual advances at a party he hosted.  This is the third story that's shed a bad light on Ben's already tarnished reputation.

I think I'm passed the point of forgiving ol' Ben.  Now it seems like stories like these are going to keep popping up and the Rooneys are going to have to make a very difficult decision.  Two days ago, Steelers owner Art Rooney Jr. showed his displeasure with the franchise quarterback, and even hinted at the possibility of trading him.  I'm a longtime fan of the team and I have to say that I wouldn't hold it against management if that happened.

Even if these accusations are false, they still can be distracting for the entire organization.  I'm sorry to say, but Ben is going to have to go.  He brought the Steeler faithful a lot of good years and it seemed that he could win one, or maybe more, championship rings.  But that's hard to do now, what with all this negative publicity hanging over your head.

And the funny thing is that Ben was often quick to thank God for the luck he had on the field.  That's always been a sore point for me -- when stars thank God for some good fortune -- but I digress.  We'll know pretty soon where Roethlisberger ends up.  Who knows; he could end up a Cowboy.

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