Saturday, April 3, 2010

Laredo Broncos Offer Up A Prize

Water park deal

Broncos put $8 million incentive on plate

By Zach Lindsey
Published: Saturday, April 3, 2010 2:47 AM CDT
If the managers of the Laredo Broncos become managers of a planned new baseball stadium, they may be able to bring a privately financed water park along with them.

When the City of Laredo asked voters to decide on building a new baseball park, I didn't know the whole thing was going to turn into a soap opera.

The Laredo Broncos, who have been playing in town at Veterans Field for some years, were passed over to manage the new ballpark in favor of a company named Ventura Sports Group.  The Broncos and the city have had a rocky relationship in the past, all stemming from money woes.  The Broncos and the public were disappointed over the fact that Ventura would get the rights to the new park.  But like a jilted lover, the Broncos come back offering a token to the city.
a promise by Leisure and Recreation Concepts Inc. to invest a minimum of $8 million in a water park on adjacent property  
Forget that the city and Ventura already have some type of agreement, and that we don't have a secondary water source, and that most people won't be able to afford to go to the water park, one councilman is thinking about it.
The council agreed to enter preliminary negotiations with Ventura, but that does not mean they're tied to Ventura, according to Landeck.
It's funny.  In a talk I had with Dr. Landeck some time ago, he brought up the fact that a water park wasn't always a safe bet, citing a park in the valley that had recently closed.  In this case I guess he thinks that the Broncos and LCR Inc. are going to be taking the risk so....

I feel bad for the Broncos.  I honestly thought they were going to be the tenants of the new park.  But to come back begging for another chance is embarrassing.  Broncos - the city isn't that into you.  Move on.  Somewhere out there, you'll find someone else.
Councilman Hector Garcia has his mind made up after getting some input from the public.
he has received 15 phone calls from constituents regarding the baseball stadium, and they've all been in support of Ventura.
15 phone calls??!!!!!!  Boy, what a mandate!  When the people of Laredo have to go vote, or take part in a census, or decide on the fate of a ballpark, they come out in droves.   

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