Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bicycling Good For The Brain

It's amazing how the body works and what a little bicycling can do.  Researchers have found that riding a bike several times a week can improve symptoms associated with Parkinson's Disease.  Tremors and instability can be lessened significantly after cycling.  Of course, the stage of the disease determines how successful the treatment will be.  But even then, those who have been afflicted with the disorder for many years can benefit from the exercise.  In a NY Times story, an elderly man rides a bike with ease even though he has trouble getting around on a day-to-day basis.

This story intrigued me because I always wonder about the condition I'll be in once I hit my golden years.  Naturally I'll be weaker and my response time won't be as quick, but this information gives me hope.  I've always been a bike enthusiast.  I mainly ride for fun, but I'm aware of the healthy benefits that I derive from riding.  I'm sure I'll be hopping on a bike and navigating through the streets of Laredo later in life; if it can help my heart and mind as well, all the better.

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