Monday, April 5, 2010

Afternoon Thread

Like Bordertown Blues, I spent my Easter holiday close to home.  I didn't travel thirty miles to someone's rancho only to be annoyed by the countless flies hovering over my plate.

Regarding Michael Steele:
Republicans needed someone who could be the point man for bashing Barack Obama while being immune not only from charges of racism but any discussion of the fact that the current GOP is a party made up pretty much 100% of white folks.

My 'At-bat' song would be Neil Young's Cinnamon Girl.

John McCain was always a maverick; now he says he never was.  And amazingly this man keeps getting invited back to the Sunday morning talk shows.

Jobsanger, this is what's called the trickle-down theory.  Some day my salary will be raised 51% as well.  I just know it will.

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