Monday, March 22, 2010

What Did We Learn Today?

We learned that a Texas representative is responsible for shouting "it's a baby killer" yesterday as the House debated health care reform. Sadly, with the characters that Texas has to offer (W., Rick Perry, Kinky Friedman, Dick Armey), that's not the most ridiculous thing anyone has ever said.

We learned that Tiger Woods was interviewed by ESPN. He acknowledged that he hurt a lot of people, but I was more hurt by that awful interview. Seriously, I could've gotten more emotion from Steven Wright hopped up on Benadryl.

Also, Glen Beck is still a douchebag.

Laredo is having a birding festival this weekend, so maybe it's not so unusual to have a glut of roosters living within the city limits. Pro8news reported tonight that another rooster round-up was carried out by authorities. That makes three in about a week. Suddenly owning a pitbull is so 2009. Roosters is where it's at nowadays.

And finally, nuns have more balls and brains than most men, and politicians. Nuns came out in support of health care reform, purporting that reform would do more for the living, especially pregnant women. Penguins (borrowing the term from "The Blues Brothers") make me proud, even as priests are dealing with that whole issue of abuse. Can't win 'em all.

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