Saturday, March 20, 2010

The HCR Vote Coming

It's surprising that so much focus has been placed on the abortion issue when Democrats are on the cusp of reforming the health care system. I attended the local Democratic Convention this afternoon, and of course, the first thing that one gentleman brought up was the concern he had with abortions and how they would fit in the bill. It was a cringe-worthy moment; not just because the issue came up in a table with nothing but men, but because the fate of health care reform seems to be hanging in the balance because of this one thing. Luckily some people see it differently.
she did not believe that the Senate version of the bill would make abortion more widely available

Henry Cuellar was on the fence for a while, but it seems like he's going to support health care reform. We'll definitely watch the vote as it might happen as soon as tomorrow.

I'll post a video of the Democratic Convention later today, as it is still being processed.


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