Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Challenger

With his "yes" vote for health care reform, Henry Cuellar is going to have to do some explaining this Fall.

Underwood ackowledged Tuesday that something needs to be done about health care, but decried the vote and the tortured procedural process

Cuellar's Republican opponent, Bryan Underwood, will surely use this issue to go after the incumbent.  Our representative will undoubtedly hold his own; he knows how to play the game.  But unfortunately he's going to spend more time getting out the vote in other parts of his district, knowing full well that Webb County will obediently fall in line with his campaign.

We won't see a lot in terms of campaign signs, and on-air ads, and we'll be lucky if we get one town hall-type meeting.  The community is not without fault, what with its poor showing at the polls.  A meet-up would probably prove fruitless.  But as Laredo's own, we hope he's abandoned the complacency that this town is known for.  

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