Thursday, March 18, 2010

Martinez Flier

Sergio Martinez's supporters were out in the Mines Rd. area today handing out fliers.
They include a list of his supposed accomplishments, and he takes jabs at his opponent, Jaime Canales.

For some reason, he's peeved that Canales is using buses to run a campaign.
"The mask is off with huge billboards and operating empty buses parked next to "Casas de Cambio".

My wife and I have taken our red pen to this thing. And it's appropriate since Martinez seems to like the color red. On the other side of this handout, the incumbent is pictured in different settings, wearing a suit and a red tie. What is this fixation with red? Red is all over his campaign.

Could it be that this is how he wants to run the county, in the red?! Tan-tan-taaaaannnnnn!
You be the judge.

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