Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's Not The Same

Republicans have been victims of violence in the recent past:  W. had a shoe thrown at him by an Iraqi journalist; Ann Coulter had pies flinged her way by U. of Arizona students; and Dick Cheney shot a guy!
But for Eric Cantour and John McCain to dismiss what's been directed at Democrats, in regards to violence, is just plain stupid and reckless.  Cantour says that Democrats are "fanning the flames" by pointing the finger at the other side of the aisle.  Really?!

I guess when Sarah Palin encourages her followers to "reload," it's just motivational and not a literal call to arms.  And when Michael Steele suggests that Nancy Pelosi be placed on the "firing line," he's really just recommending that she be relieved of her duties.  And when Mike Vanderboegh of Alabama wants people to break the windows of Democratic offices, it's just a way of saying hello.  That's a friendly greeting in Alabama, I guess.

We can't expect John McCain to call out Palin for her speech; they were on the same ticket once for crissakes.  And Republicans aren't about to ding anybody on their side -- not if Rush Limbaugh has anything to do with it.

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