Thursday, March 18, 2010

Is there really an Oscars curse?

What is going on? There is a vicious rumor swirling around Hollywood that Sandra Bullock's husband Jesse James has been stepping out on the current Oscar winner for Best Actress!

This is sad for me to hear because I like them both. got me thinking that this is a continuation of a bad trend. Many Best Actress winners end up splitting up from their husbands or long-time partners. Some of these men have cheated! Other couples' break-ups were just due to ongoing "irreconcilable differences."
Here's a list:
Hilary Swank (Won 1999 & 2004) and husband Chad Lowe
Susan Sarandon (Won 1995) and Tim Robbins
Halle Berry (Won 2001) and Eric Benet
Reese Witherspoon (Won 2005) and Ryan Phillippe
Charlize Theron (Won 2003) and Stuart Townsend
Helen Hunt (Won 1997) and Hank Azaria
and most recently Kate Winslet (won 2008) and Sam Mendes

What a shame! Listen to Tim Gunn and "make it work!"

Update: Jesse James has all but admitted to the affair in a Tiger-esque apology. Jerk!
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