Friday, March 26, 2010


I was bothered (big surprise) by Tim Gutierrez's interview of the Consul General the other day.  Mr. Heflin was taken to task by the Pro8news anchor for not divulging any information about the recent wave of violence in Nuevo Laredo.  According to Gutierrez, Consul authorities should've been more forthcoming with details.  Heflin shot back by saying that KGNS never asked them for the information.

Tim insisted that it's the reponsibility of the agency to get in touch with the media.  At that point, I wondered if Gutierrez has come to rely on others to feed him talking points.  The City of Laredo sends out press releases, which I post sometimes, to all media outlets.  Is this what he expected?  I ask this question because he didn't refute Heflin's claim about not placing a call to the Consul. 

We were all pretty concerned when the shit hit the fan in Nuevo Laredo.  All we had to go by were second-hand accounts of violence in our Sister City.  The media, naturally, wanted something to report.  But just as KGNS was not about to travel across the border, they should cut Heflin some slack for not knocking on their door with the scoop of cartel wrongdoing.  Fear goes both ways.  Fear intimidates people into not talking. 

I hope KGNS reached out to authorities on the other side, but from the report, I didn't get that feeling. 


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