Sunday, March 21, 2010

Another SXSW 2010 Encounter

Aside from the awesome show, there was another "side show" across the street that I got to experience by necessity. There was a show promoted by an online mag at the Longbranch Inn bar also on E. 11th. They showcased some Brooklyn bands, and my friend and I were fortunate and unfortunate to hear a band called Total Slacker. To me, it was fortunate since I got to experience what seemed like culture shock. It made me re-evaluate my hipness. Was it something new I just didn't get? Am I losing my ability to stay open-minded to different genres of music I've never heard before? Just. not. getting. it. After showing the video to a few trusted friends and co-workers, I am relieved to find that my gut feeling, my instinct, was right, They sucked! The unfortunate part is that there were people listening to this band getting into their reverb suckiness. NOW one can ask what people are smoking. What tha'??

As we were leaving, I asked one of the reps by the door what type of music was playing and he said, "rock n roll." Riiigghhht. Good thing they're young and have lots more time to experiment and practice? Maybe?

I thought I'd share the spectacle with ya'll. It just serves to reinforce a sweeping belief I have about Austin as the live music capital of the world. Sure, there's tons of live music but 90 percent of it.. makes like a Hoover.

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