Friday, March 26, 2010

Abe Martinez Pressured His Former Employees

In tonight's newscast Univision Laredo (KLDO) presented statements given by two former employees of Abe Martinez, the former Laredo Medical Center CEO currently accused of taking money from two doctors in return for contract renewals.  The report explains how Abe Martinez met with Jose Gonzalez and Gracie Rangel in an Austin hotel after the physicians filed a civil lawsuit against him.  There, he coached both Gonzalez and Rangel as far as what to say to authorities.

Gonzalez was told to stick to his initial story given to investigators, even if it was false.  Martinez didn't want Gonzalez to contradict himself.

Ms. Rangel gives her account:

Were you ever questioned about the checks during Laredo Medical Center's internal investigation?
G.R. - Yes

Did you give true statements?
G.R. - No sir.

You lied to them?
G.R. - Yes

Did someone tell you what to say?
G.R. - Yes

Who did that?
G.R. - Mr. Abe Martinez

Did he meet with you 3 or 4 times and tell you to lie?
G.R. - Yes

What did he want you to say?
G.R. - That somehow we all had the same story as far as saying that the doctor game me the checks.  I met the doctor occasionally, and returned cash to him.

Is that the true story?
G.R. - No sir.

Did you voice your concerns to Mr. Martinez as far as investigators believing your story?
G.R. - Yes

What did you tell him?
G.R. - How are they going to believe it?  The story has too many holes...You know...I never met the doctor and the doctor doesn't know my number.  He never met me.  He doesn't know me.  How can you say that?

How did Mr. Martinez respond?
G.R. - Not to worry; there was no proof of that.


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