Friday, December 18, 2009

Patricia Barrera Wants Summary Judgement

Webb County held its weekly meeting yesterday morning because of some scheduling conflicts earlier in the week. One subject they touched on was that pesky little lawsuit filed against Tax Assessor/Collector Patricia Barrera. Lawyers working on the case suggested settling.
recommended approval of the $950,000 settlement, which was reached in mediation and would be paid by the county's insurance company.

The county attorney reminded the court that if they don't settle, future court costs will be the responsibility of Webb County. Patricia Barrera was clear.
"I am not for settling," she told the court. "There are five individuals who should not be paid a red cent."

I see she hasn't lost her charm. Unfortunately it's that gruff charm that's gotten her in trouble. It's unbelievable how she can act so shameless while taxpayers are practically going to bail her out.

Story, and quotes, from today's LMT.

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