Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Show Me The (Money) Proof

Do you remember how Tax Assessor Collector Patricia Barrera has a case against her where she is accused of selling raffles tickets in her office and using the money for her campaign. Well her attorney is on that case, and he's also having to defend his own billing practices. Apparently he's overcharging for his services and the county attorney's office is not pleased. Zach Lindsey (LMT):
Barrera said she supported Malakoff and that the County Attorney's Office has been "very combative" on the issue.

I'd be pretty combative too if we had to defend her and have the taxpayers pay for it.

In this video the county attorney explains how Mr. Malakoff is charging for time that he didn't actually put in. Mr. Malakoff is the one wearing the Beatles tie. That's suspicious in itself.


  1. 18 hours for texting alone? Where can I get this job???

  2. Those 18 hours paid for that suit and Beatles tie.