Monday, November 30, 2009

Top Story: Rainy And Cold

It was a miserable day today. The temperature dipped down into the mid fifties. And the evening rain made driving more of a hazard. As always, KGNS lead their telecast with news about the weather. But instead of having Richard "Heatwave" Berler tell it, the honor went to lead anchor Tim Gutierrez.

There are no small stories, just big egos.

The Homeless

It is kind of funny to hear the homeless sound picky. Apparently, the downtown shelter is too inconvenient for some.

Still, I would like to see church leaders do more for these people.

Winter Meet-Up

I'll be holding my own sticker party pretty soon. Stay tuned for details.

Hands Across South Texas Pics

Here are the pictures I was sent by a couple of friends. This event is apparently more efficient and worthwhile than the Guajolote 10K. I can't argue with that. I mean, just look at the awesome finish line.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday Night Football

Former Oregon QB Dennis Dixon will start for the Steelers tonight. Roethlisberger will be in uniform anyway, after suffering a blow to the head last week.

UPDATE: 10:57 - Game went into overtime and the "rookie" QB threw an interception at the most inopportune time. Ravens win it with a field goal.

The Bounty

With the biggest eating holiday out of the way, it's time to work off the calories.
Stay healthy.
Fruits and vegetables always help.

Tamales, candy canes, and hams don't.

Towing Uninsured Cars Unjust

Judge Alfonso Ornelas doesn't agree with towing cars when drivers can't show proof of liability. I agree.
the owners must pay a 365 dollar fee, 80 to 90 dollars for towing the vehicle and 10 dollars per day for the time the car is confined

According to Ornelas, the only ones that benefit from this ordinance are the towing companies. They sell the cars at auction if they're not recovered by their owners.

For all the hot air that city hall puts out about helping people, it really comes across as the bad guy on this one.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

He's Good

Bring Your Own Box

One good thing about getting out of the house is that you'll always see something interesting.
CASE in point: while waiting for a table yesterday at a BBQ joint in central Texas, I caught a lady cradling her spirits.

Good times.

Holiday For Bus Drivers

El Metro buses won't be operating on Christmas Day. Employees will have the benefit of spending time with family.

And don't come down too hard on El Metro administrators for denying a few people a ride on Christmas. After all, city officials are to blame for this change. Right?

So Much Potential

Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!! I never noticed the little trash can at the race the other day, but I think that encapsulates what the Guajolote 10K is all about.

Jesus Alonzo's Sugarcane

I was out running errands when I bumped into a friend I hadn't seen in a while, Jesus Alonzo. He's been busy with work but he tipped me off to a little project he completed recently. Check it out. He plays most of the instruments in the song, and he produced the video on his own. Ladies and gentlemen, guitar virtuoso Jesus Alonzo.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Quién Es Más Macho?

Lassie or Reveille?

Liquor in the Front - Poker in the Rear

This bumper sticker has been spotted in Laredo and Austin, TX. Not sure how it came to be or who would feel inclined to make this statement, but it certainly makes the great state of Texas a very unique place.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Guajolote 10K Race 2009 Laredo, Texas

Early Morning At The Guajolote 10K Race

When I taped this video, there were about 100 people milling around the area. I was thinking that there weren't going to be enough participants as last year. The morning was clear and cool. And I had butterflies in my stomach.

Parade Marshals

Texas Speaker of the House Joe Straus will be the marshal for the Washington's Birthday Parade on February 20, 2010.

Elmo Lopez Sr. will be marshal of the Youth Parade on February 18, 2010.


Hector Liendo helped a family for Thanksgiving. Thank goodness there was a camera there to capture the moment.

And even more in political opportunism.

Hands Across South Texas 10K 2009

A friend was kind enough to take some pics of the 10K race that was held in north Laredo this morning. She ran the course and was glad with the event and her time. She said that runners were given a (computer) chip to place on their shoes in order to have their corresponding times recorded. Results were ready in 30 minutes. A friend of ours won a gift certificate from the Laredo Steak House, and somebody else got one from Academy Sporting Goods.

Nice finish line. The clock is clearly visible.

Apparently all the participants were treated to an early dinner the day before the race. Apart from the pasta and salad, pizza was also made available. Good for them.

UPDATE: I uploaded three pictures with this post earlier but two people have told me that they can't view them. Will get assistance tomorrow. Sorry.

Off To The Race

It's cold outside and I'm about to run a 10K race. I'll has to layer.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Joe Rutland tips us off to a conversation between Mayor Raul Salinas and Fox News.

Are You Fucking Kidding Me?!

I don't know what I'm more upset at: Dana Perino's comment that no terrorist attack occurred during Bush's term, or that the two men beside her didn't react to the comment. This is what puzzles me about Fox News and the people who watch it.

Gimme Some

This pair has the median to protect them, somewhat, from the traffic. But as I drove by, I figured that I wouldn't be able to reach the lady's cup, unless her assistant stepped off the curb to collect the money.

Tony Romo: Is it another good-luck blonde charm?

Gossip from the New York Daily News: "Romo is said to be dating "Gossip Girl" star Chace Crawford's younger sister, Candice."

"Brittney Griner's throwdown"

Tuesday, Nov. 24th, Women's College BB: Baylor vs. Jacksonville State- Griner becomes seventh woman to dunk in a college game.

Slow Day

If you have some time, check out our videos on YouTube.

Not A Happy Camper

Ernesto Guajardo's complaint against LISD did not go as he had planned. He was assigned to a middle school as assistant principal after being the executive director of human resources. Nick Georgiou (LMT) reports:
After the grievance hearing, Guajardo's attorney, Mark Robinett, said he and his client will discuss possible further action, such as appealing the board's decision to the Texas commissioner of education or filing a lawsuit.

Parade Coming

If you're interested in submitting an entry into the next Washington's Day Parade, you have until Dec. 2, 2009 to do it.

UPDATE: July 20, 2019

Parade scene on Flores Ave.  Vintage photo found online.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Elbow Grease

With the holidays upon us, LaSanbe would like to recommend to everyone that they stay healthy, eat right, and watch those food portions. A little exercise helps too.
Here we see my county commissioner, Sergio Martinez, getting busy with a shovel. He took the time out of his busy schedule to install a speed limit sign. Good for him. This exercise is really good for the shoulders and upper back.
If you are going to start an exercise regimen, consult you doctor. And always remember, bend at the knees. Happy Holidays all!

Totally Forgot

With all the excitement and preparation for the upcoming holiday, I forgot to post anything at noon.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Look At Me!

Laredo's Most Imposing Blogger will not be ignored!


First there was the story of a Pittsburgh Steeler fan who said that a Chicago Bear fan poisoned him.

And now there's a Steeler fan who killed a puppy because the dog was acting up before a game.

This season hasn't been all that consistent for Pitt. but the fans are coming through with a fresh brand of crazy.

New Market?

Wrestling masks are making their way in the world.


Sometimes life can be pretty cruel.
Yesterday we had J. Lo fall during her performance at the American Music Awards.

Then Chicago Bear Devin Hester had his gluteus maximus exposed because of a "tackle" from a defending Philadelphia Eagle.

And while having lunch with some friends, I sneezed so violently that my toupee landed on my friend's enchilada plate. With my rug gone, you could totally see the delineation of my facial bronzer. Uggghhhhhh!!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Who's That?

Why, that's our glorious mayor (circa 1991) before he started using womens' frames. This was found in my father-in-law's treasure chest of pics. Even then the mayor didn't shy away from a photo op.

These days he's making appearances at turkey feasts.

Quién Es Más Macho?

John Wayne or Vicente Fernandez?

This Bookstore Issue Again

Local students have taken on a writing campaign in hopes of getting Laredo a bookstore now that B. Dalton will be closing. Their actions, some suggest, might be futile. Still, that doesn't stop one local leader from pushing the issue forward. Roger Creery of the Laredo Economic Development Foundation:
the heavy influx of Mexican shoppers brings fairly substantial register rings

They are not coming to shop for books, sir. The writer goes on to say:
parking lots on any day may have as many Mexican license plates as Texan

Again, when we see Mexican shoppers out and about, they usually stock up on things other than books. B. Dalton didn't exactly cater to the Spanish-speaking population either.
Laredo's literacy rate was 47 percent, according to the 2000 census, the lowest of cities surveyed

It just could be that we're not into the whole reading thing. Sure there are some out there, readers I mean; But I can't recall the last time I talked to someone about a specific book during some informal conversation.

It's going to take one of us to open up an independent bookstore in Laredo and I don't see that happening. Our appetites lean more towards the gastronomical, not the intellectual.

My Morning Constitutional

I was out and about early this morning trying to burn off those two burritos I had last night. At Jarvis Plaza I came across what looked like some public rally. But on closer inspection, it turned out to be some trivia game with respondents getting cups of coffee for their efforts. However, this little exercise had more to do with biblical trivia than anything else.

And here I thought downtown wasn't all that animated. (Keyrose will take the Book of Numbers for 200)

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Guajolote Tee

There's no turning back. I am registered for the 30th Guajolote 10K and I have a t-shirt to prove it. This year's shirt logo has a more patriotic theme, with turkeys. And can you tell that it's sponsored by HAMILTON TROPHIES AND JEWELRY?

It was a bit foggy at the beginning of last year's race (see picture). I only hope it doesn't rain this time. I will be interviewing people afterwards so runners be warned. See you all there.

Laredo's 18th Homicide

Cesar Rodriguez (LMT) reports on the shooting that took place on Jarvis Plaza Thursday. Apparently the 76-year-old alleged shooter got into an argument with another man over $10.
Baeza said Gonzalez then went to his vehicle, parked on Juarez Avenue and
Matamoros Street, to get a handgun and later went back to the plaza to shoot
Reyes Jasso.

76 years old! I know older men can be quite stubborn but for this gentleman, and I use that word loosely, to go out of his way like that is just crazy. It's ten dollars for crissakes.

This situation would've been a perfect case for civil court, and maybe even The People's Court, but being that the suspect is 76, time is a luxury he can't afford. At this age, one can't spend precious moments on the technicalities of the judicial system. Too bad he wasn't better at eluding authorities. That's OK; He's 76!

The Movie Business

If you want to learn what it takes to make it in the movie business, sign up for an upcoming seminar to be held December 3rd at La Posada. You'll be doing yourself and Gene Belmares a favor.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Quién Es Más Macho?

El Chapulin? or el Cepillin?

Bad Football Causes Bad Behavior

LaSanbe laments the truly slim pickings for this week's college football action. This weekend would typically involve several drama-filled, captivating games with national championship implications. Instead, we get a simply bad Ohio State-Michigan match-up, a couple of SEC scrimmages and (oh yeah) Texas possibly punching it's ticket to the Big 12 championship game if they beat an overmatched Fighting Mangino squad. F-U college football gods.

Pissing Contest Continues

Our well-coifed county leaders were out yesterday surveying possible sites for a new golf course. And with every step they took, wealthy land owners got a tingly feeling, for they know full well that their land value around the eventual golf course will rise. But no matter how much we rail against this, it's a done deal.

It used to be that the City of Laredo and Webb County were at odds over the proposed construction of a new international bridge. Nowadays, it's about who is going to build the better golf course.
the county will have to compete with the city's golf course already in the works

Suddenly links are in vogue and our inability to diversify is in plain view. Our fair city is saturated with wrought iron art, and corn-in-a-cup vendors. Soon the same will be said of golfing acreage. However, demand for golf carts remains to be seen.

In the end, Laredo's priveleged will secure their legacy with one more notch in their banking ledger. Our complacent culture will carry on. And non-natives will bypass this town because of the lack of variety. Golf courses are nice, but they can't be our only asset.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I Hear Races

Some clown is going to run against Henry Cuellar.


Our local hardware store, Dr. Ike's, is having a pachanga this Saturday. I'm not really sure what the occasion is, but we really don't need one.

Look for the Don Chema character (with machete in hand) to get extra savings.

More On Tourism

Las Vegas has seen better days. Apparently tourism has been off recently and you can get a good deal on a hotel room if you're diligent enough.

However, here in Laredo we had a hotel occupancy rate greater than 90 percent over the weekend thanks to tourists from Mexico.

The increase in traffic does annoy us to some degree but it's because of them that Laredo remains relevant.

Self-Guided Tours Of Laredo

Visitors probably don't get to experience the heart of Laredo when they stop by. Each neighborhood should be given a focal point to draw tourists into the barrios. For El Chacon, I suggest driving by the world news headquarters of Laredo's Most Imposing Blog, LaSanbe.

Or people could drive by Slaughter Park which used to grow produce. Or they could see the tail end of the Chacon Creek.
I'm sure every neighborhood has a story to tell.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Yard Sale In The Ole Town

These things are a dime-a-dozen but this one caught my eye because of the two commodes out front.

All For Natural Light

When the jig is up, you have to stop putting up a fight.

Lambert Suspended For Actions Vs. BYU - ESPN Video

New Media In Politics

San Antonio's mayor held the first-ever virtual town hall meeting. The public was able to send in questions via e-mail. Nice.

Most politicians are also setting up Facebook pages, posting on YouTube, going on Twitter.....

But not here. No, we don't have the luxury of harassing our politicos from the comfort of our own nest. We have to do it the old fashioned way (see picture).

I'm Still Waiting

I've been an LMT print subscriber for several years now, and for some reason I can't get access to the online edition. I've made several calls in the last few days to the LMT and left messages for somebody named Mike Castillo.

I think I'm going to start scanning whole stories from their hard copy and posting them on this site. Maybe then I'll get their attention.

My Inner Sarah Palin

Last night I decided to eat out, so I went to one of our many fast food joints near my house. But I was disappointed with the employee taking my order at the drive-thru. Her line of questioning was a bit too perky for my taste. As a Laredoan I'm not used to that. "Would you like to try our new mushroom patty melt?" I hate people trying to come off as highbrow and shit.

I'm just a regular person and all I want is my french fried potatoes.

Then I had to explain my new shirt to my wife. I tried to tell her that I've always dressed with certain tastes in mind, and that comes with a hefty price. She wasn't buying it. Is it my fault if I want to look good on my birthday?

The tipping point came when my boss castigated me for turning in a report with no cover sheet. Oohhhhhhh!!! I didn't know that was a rule around here!!!

I'm a little on edge, as you can see. I'm running the Guajolote Race next week and if a picture of me in running shorts shows up on some local daily, heads are going to roll.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Laredo Kitsch

For the person who has everything.
Prices may vary.

Bilingual Education At LISD

Superintendent A. Marcus Nelson on the bilingual ed. teaching methods:
"With all due respect to campuses, my observations have found a very serious
inconsistency of practices,"

Quote via the Laredo Times.

Ray Gomez Of KGNS

Joey Horta and Mindy Casso just reported that KGNS' News Director, Ray Gomez, has passed away. The news was telecast on their noon broadcast. Mr. Gomez became ill over the past week and died within the last 24 hours.
When I started blogging, I spoke with Mr. Gomez on a couple of occasions concerning the use of their news footage on LaSanbe. He was very helpful, and for that, I'll always be extremely thankful.
My thoughts go out to his family and friends.
(photo courtesy of

Readers' Entry

A LaSanbe reader sent in this entry. Muchos thank yous. Enjoy.

An anonymous reader of this blog has been trying to have this photo added. But due to KeyRose's err, technical difficulties, it has been unsuccessful until now.

That's the cavalry charge you just heard.

Nevertheless, readers sent it to BT Blues only to have it bounce back here because, after all, this is Laredo's Most Imposing Blog.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Lance Does Mountain Biking (too)

Stop Being A Victim

Due to a 2008 crime wave in the Cantaranas neighborhood, the Laredo Police Department is hosting a town hall meeting tonight to help its citizens protect themselves.

Good for them.

Love the frog on the flier.


Props to the kid who won't recite the pledge of allegiance. He thinks "with liberty and justice for all" doesn't apply to everyone.

New Fares Today

El Metro's fare increases go into effect today, capping off the changes businesses have had to make in these tough economic times. Now our dollar doesn't go as far as it used to, no matter what a fast food commercial tells me.

Service, however, will continue to be subpar. And the powers that be will focus on water parks, convention centers, and re-election campaigns instead of creating a centralized transit hub that would be more efficient and beneficial for the public.

Riders will have to pay more because they have no other option, and city officials are all too aware of this. No apology will be forthcoming as it would clash with their self-aggrandizement this coming election year.

The Pot Is Reminded It's Black

Phoenix citizens will not stand for granting amnesty to undocumented immigrants and Nazis are backing them up.
I never would have imagined that Phoenix would be a hotbed for social strife.
Hopefully these people will realize that they have more in common with Nazis than democrats do.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Nortre Dame Loss

It is always a good day when Nortre Dame loses. Last night, they just happened to lose to the University of Pittsburgh.

LaSanbe Man of the Year Candidates

It's time to start rolling up a list of LaSanbe's Man of the Year candidates. We start the list with these two guys.


Bengals at Steelers starting right now. And it's on T.V.!!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Jelly Belly and the Stache

In tonight's featured match-up, we have an embattled Charlie Weis headed to Pittsburgh to take on Wannstache's resurgent Pitt team. Think it was 5 years ago, these formerly successful NFL coordinators met up with Weis walking away with a win. We'll see if the Wannstache can send the cow onto greener pastures with a win tonight.
And for the record, we here at LaSanbe do not cast stones at obesity or fat people. We do, however, question how a coach can get so fat working around a gym and coaching college athletes every day.. especially this arrogant blowhard with his false sense of entitlement and all.


Santa Maria Elementary Principal Nora Santos was suspended without pay for one month because a case of child abandonment wasn't reported in a timely manner. Three board trustees voted against the suspension, one of them being Jose Valdez:
"the sentence did not meet the crime."

Quote courtesy of the LMT.


I love headlines that hit close to home.

Hector Garcia Can't Help Himself

With the flu season at its peak, health officials are suggesting to everyone that they wash their hands regularly, cough into their elbows, stay home if they're sick, etc. But a certain councilman shows us that he's invincible to any virus. He's been out there shaking hands, touching doorknobs, and not washing his hands after he goes to the bathroom (a majority of males do that; sorry ladies) and he goes the extra mile by nearing his hand to all parts of his face.

At first it looks like he's falling asleep but the "money shot" comes at the :40 mark. Wait for it. Wait for it.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Mike Garza Keeping Busy

Bordertown Blues brought us a snippet of the story of the ground-breaking ceremony for the new road project in south Laredo. But so does Councilman Mike Garza. I gotta admire the man. He makes the time to hold town hall meetings and he keeps a blog.

I wonder if the rest of them know what Twitter is.

It's The Money We're Talking About

The Laredo Housing Authority has not been charging Head Start officials for rent even though portables sit on LHA property. But as Zach Lindsey (LMT) writes, now they want their share because of the ailing economy and because Head Start is paying the City of Laredo rent for other locations.
"They're paying the city, who has millions of dollars; they're paying private property owners, who are making a profit, and we're a not-for-profit organization,"

Executive Director for the LHA, Laura Llanes, went on to say that Head Start serves a small percentage of kids that actually live in housing authority property.

OK, there are two things with that statement. First, housing students make up a small percentage of the total count at Head Start because there might not be enough kids to go around to qualify for the services due to age restrictions. Secondly, if an older child is enrolled in the public school system, their younger siblings will most likely be enrolled there as well to save on morning commutes.

According to the story, Head Start has occupied space on LHA land for twenty years. And all of a sudden they have to pay up. The Head Start Director stated that they will eventually move to other locations. Good luck to them.

And we'll keep an eye out as to what becomes of the vacated property on LHA land. In these tough times, people need help and the housing authority will hopefully someday step in. It's just that right now they sound like petty little bastards.

Video On MTV

A music video shot in Laredo will be featured on MTV at the end of the month. Kudos to the staff at CinedeLaredo.

Great song. Love the dreamy guitar.


Onto a little comic relief.. Rickrolling, coming to an iPhone near you.

Zaffirini To Get An Award

When: Monday, November 16, 2009

1:30 p.m. CDT

Where: Children’s Advocacy Center of Laredo-Webb County

111 N. Merida

Laredo, TX 78043

Background: The Amerigroup Foundation will present its “Champion for Children” award to Texas Senator Judith Zaffirini on Monday, November 16, 2009.

Sen. Zaffirini is being recognized for her outstanding leadership in the Texas Senate on issues of importance to children on many policy fronts—from education to health care. The award presentation includes a contribution from the Amerigroup Foundation to the Children’s Advocacy Center of Laredo-Webb County on behalf of Sen. Zaffirini’s work.

The “Champion for Children” award is part of a national program by the Amerigroup Foundation to recognize outstanding public advocacy efforts by government and community leaders in improving the health and well-being of children in Texas and nationwide.

Industrial Art Potty

Austin shows us that it doesn't take much to get noticed.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Show Me The (Money) Proof

Do you remember how Tax Assessor Collector Patricia Barrera has a case against her where she is accused of selling raffles tickets in her office and using the money for her campaign. Well her attorney is on that case, and he's also having to defend his own billing practices. Apparently he's overcharging for his services and the county attorney's office is not pleased. Zach Lindsey (LMT):
Barrera said she supported Malakoff and that the County Attorney's Office has been "very combative" on the issue.

I'd be pretty combative too if we had to defend her and have the taxpayers pay for it.

In this video the county attorney explains how Mr. Malakoff is charging for time that he didn't actually put in. Mr. Malakoff is the one wearing the Beatles tie. That's suspicious in itself.

El Empty (LMT) Sinks To New Low

I get the online charging thing. But, charging for obituraries? Are you kidding me?

As far as I know, these obituraries are paid notices for public viewing. LMT now has the indecency to charge the public (including out of town relatives and loved ones) for these viewings. To hell with you LMT. Going broke is the least your worries.

Feel free to contact LMT's editor (small e) Diana Fuentes over at or 956 728 2581 if you have something to add to this..

A Parade

LaSanbe reader _ch shares some pictures of the Veterans Day Parade.

Up In Arms

I'm sorry, I didn't get the memo that said that life is supposed to be fair.

Faux News

I really don't know why people believe anything said by Hannity, O'Reilly, Beck, etc.

Trees and Such

Laredo loves its trees.

Just a little over a year ago Laredo was recognized for its arbor practices.

I guess the awards committee never made it to the Heights.

Veterans Day Tribute

Students, staff, and faculty of Daiches Elementary honored our veterans yesterday. The event was sponsored by the fourth graders.

Special attention was given to Juan Rodrigo Rodriguez, a former student, who was killed in the line of duty in the current fight in the Middle East. (parents pictured)

Mayor Raul Salinas made an appearance to say a few words about those who have worn the uniform.

De Shopping En Texas

Here's a new campaign to encourage Mexican tourists to shop south Texas.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lack Of Loyalty

I too was bothered when Lloyd Blankfein said he was "doing God's work." He's forgotten who he really works for.
Satan refused to say exactly what if any punishment he had in mind for the
Goldman Sachs chief

I'm not suggesting that he be exiled to the Netherworld, but he surely needs to be slapped upside the head a little.

Justin's Story

One thing Laredo is not in short supply of is drugs.
when his probation officer sent him to get treatment, a bed was available in
Laredo. Many addicts, though, have to travel hours from home to find the
next available bed

A sad reality in this town.

Monday, November 9, 2009

18-Wheeler Pride

Posting from phone

Steelers are up in Denver. Good times.

UPDATE: Game over. Steelers 28-10.
Kansas City Chief running back Larry Johnson was released from the team today. There was speculation that Pittsburgh might pick him up because of Larry's interest in the team. But Pitt's running game doesn't seem to be hurting.

Come Visit, Please

Joe Rutland wants suggestions as to how we can improve Laredo's image. His objective is to come up with a way of attracting more people to the Gateway City. But how do you do that when you have a former hospital CEO being accused of extortion and money laundering and the local media doesn't make a peep about it. Also, you have two police officers being investigated for allegedely working for a Mexican drug gang. And let's not forget that our only bookstore is closing.

Now, the local Univision (KLDO) news station did report on the civil suit filed against the CEO, but it doesn't count because competing news anchor Tim Gutierrez says that KGNS is the "Most Watched Newscast" in town. KLDO is just no match for Tim's alto-voiced prowess. LareDOS, a monthly publication, also reported on the extortion scheme but they don't charge for their work. Once they start charging for their online content will they be considered a legitimate news source like the Laredo Times.

So we've got a media blackout, the possibility of more corruption, and anti-intelectualism on our hands. "Rediscover Our Flavor" suddenly takes on a whole different meaning. But let's get back to the CEO story.

Here we have an event that is the stuff of 60 Minutes. It's a story that's bound for national attention and the Laredo Times, which employs Mr. Rutland, has nothing to say on the matter. Our image is in the care of those whose professional credibility is shot. My brain can only take so much irony. Seriously, how can we improve our image when our own media outlets can't follow through with what they're charged with -- reporting the news.

It's this false pretense we want to convey to people. By not reporting on this, we want to make people believe that Laredo is some border oasis with upstanding citizens, when in fact it's just another sleepy town, a pit stop on someone's itinerary.
The veil is lifted, and all we discover is that we're just as corrupt and complacent as the next guy. We purport to be a tight-knit community anchored in family values but the recounting of cops convicted of taking bribes from 8-liner businesses a few years back is a tale that just keeps repeating itself. Our family values are constantly being put to the test, and as of late our darker side is prevailing.

How one goes about improving this town's image is beyond me. Laredo is a concrete jungle with little going for itself. Sure I could entertain a visitor with a viewing of a movie at the Border Heritage Museum featuring El Santo. Or I could take him/her to a hockey game, but that can get old pretty quick. After that, there's not much left except the nachos.

Ah, Women.

What do Sarah Palin and Britney Spears have in common? Their fans take them too seriously.

Palin is outraged that the words "In God We Trust" on coins should not be meddled with. Her following will surely take it to heart.

Meanwhile, fans at a Spears concert demanded their money back because her lyrics were not live.

It seems to me that people should've walked out on Palin and not the other way around.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

It's Late But

The Cowboys won. Good times. Romo and Co. are for real and they have the sweaty pants to show for it.

Earlier this week we heard of the shooting at Ft. Hood. Question: Couldn't authorities find some other footage of the suspected shooter besides the one of him buying a Slurpee at Circle-K.

In today's Lifestyle section of the Laredo Times, mention was made of a boy who recently celebrated his fifth birthday. The heading read: Cincoanero. OK, whoever made that up, cut it out.

So Shakira is on the cover of Rolling Stone and she's going to conquer the world? Whatever.

Update Later

Blogging has been lean this weekend; Am taking care of some personal matters. Will check in later tonight.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Saturday Wrap-up

Looks like (former Cowboys Defensive coordinator) Dave Wannstedt and his Pitt Panthers are for real (finally?). LaSanbe pauses to pay tribute to his 'stache..

You Won't Hear This In Laredo

After the 10K race, I'm going to chow down on some broccoli.

Manly Michael and His Little Buddy


Saturdays were made for listening to deep tracks on satellite radio.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Blinded By The Sun

One needs privacy, even when relaxing on the porch. These residents put three sets of blinds to good use. Now if we can only get them to match the house paint with the pearly whites.

Health Care Vote

Washington, DC – Congressman Henry Cuellar (TX-28) today released this statement in advance of a health care reform vote expected to take place in the House this weekend:

“As the House nears a vote on health care reform, I continue to read and evaluate the final changes and I am deeply encouraged by what I read. From the beginning, I’ve supported health care reform, asking serious questions about what it would cost, while advocating on behalf of the needs of both the uninsured and insured.

“I share in a fundamental belief that all Americans should be treated with dignity when it comes to securing their health, and no American should be put in a position where they have nowhere to turn for health care. This is why I support reforming the private health insurance system and why I support health insurance options to improve coverage for those who have it and to provide choices for those who don’t.

“I will continue to read the final version of the House health care reform plan because it is the responsible thing for a member of Congress to do. This is a historic piece of legislation and I will consider how it answers the needs of my constituents. I will carry their concerns with me to the House floor when I vote.”

All In The Name Of Work

Sen. Zaffirini was the big spender and has not one town hall meeting to show for it.
about $58,800 on her daily stipend and travel costs over a year and a half

Must be nice not to have to worry about paying for gas and stuff.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Behaving Badly

This meeting at the Webb County Courthouse took place in July but it doesn't get old. Children, please pay attention; the adults are talking.

Working While Sick

I'm sure there are a lot of major employers who pay their staff poorly and sanction them if they miss work, but I'll pick on Wal-Mart with much more disdain because they actually suck.

Tejano Achievers

I humbly accept the nomination for this award.
(Keyrose wonders why LMT didn't post a different picture of Ms. Galvan -- you know, one with clothes on)

Bus Rules

This whole thing with the buses not being allowed onto mall premises is starting to get on my nerves. The mayor, and city council, wants to negotiate with mall representatives to get the buses to drop off people at the mall's doorstep again.

They think that's it's unjust that customers have to walk two blocks from the bus stop while big delivery trucks can freely go on about their business. They dare suggest this with a straight face as if those delivery trucks have no financial stake in the upkeep of the facility. Currently the elderly can be dropped off at the door with the help of El Lift. And if the city wants to help more of its riders, it should tweak the bus routes. All this can be done and the city won't have to provide financial assistance to maintain the roads on mall property.

But no, we have to endure city hall's impotent outrage so they can appear empathetic to the public. They call this an unfair tactic by the mall even after bus fees were raised in recent weeks. If fare increases can be justified, passing on the cost of operation to the public, then the same can be said of mall ownership wanting the public to pay a little more -- in this case, having them walk a little extra to get to the door.

Henry Flores

The former Webb County Clerk has pleaded guilty and is facing an eight-year prison term for solicitation of a minor. Camera crews were at the scene as Flores was exiting the Justice Center. His mood was somber and provided little comment for the media.

Tort Reform, Really?

Cuellar keeping it real with hospitals and insurance companies.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I Am Them

There's hope for humanity.

Say It Ain't So

The 'boys are on a roll right now. They don't need a distraction like this right now.

I mean, don't complaints arise when teams are losing?

Laredo Delegation

The LMT (Zach Lindsey) reports on city leaders going to South America to seek business partnerships. Councilman Gene Belmares:
"This is a great opportunity for us in terms of bringing in ready-made
business. There's people who are willing to do business with us

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Little Kiss To Those Opposed

20 Bs and dale shine my ass. What I want to know is when school really lets out.

Tonight's Races

Looks like New Jersey and Virginia have new republican governors. Owens in New York's 23rd looks like the winner.

Progress On Field

The stands at Shirley Field have been totally demolished. The area where the tennis courts used to be has been cleared as well. The old gazebo is no more.

Charging For Content

I wonder if charging for online content has proven successful for the Laredo Times.
it may be possible for publishers in isolated markets to execute a strategy that
retards the shrinkage of their print readership until the last generation of
print-oriented readers dies off

The manner in which the news is presented to the public in Laredo has changed in the last couple of years. Improvements have been made; charging for online content is not one of them.
an entire generation of those under the age of 30 has been conditioned to expect
the news to be free


Monday, November 2, 2009

A Former Cruising Mecca

8-Liners Permit

A downtown business owner wanted to get a permit from the city to convert the old Hunan Restaurant, at the corner of San Bernardo and Houston, into an 8-Liner establishment. Proponents of the business argued that the increased traffic would be beneficial for area businesses because more people would visit the area. And with more activity, vandalism and thefts would decrease.

But opponents were quick to note of an 8-liner business in north Laredo that was just busted for handing out illegal cash rewards. They also questioned the rationale of having 40 parking spaces for a place that would house 100+ machines. Neighboring business owners cautioned that patrons would spill over into their properties.

The Planning and Zoning Committee had denied the request for the permit, and city hall agreed to uphold the decision at tonight's council meeting.
My question is: when did 8-liners become the lowest common denominator in the business community? Once all business ideas fail, the go-to venture seems to be a slot machine haven. Many businesses that were turned into gambling spots saw some success in the past -- the old Pic and Pac Store on Saunders; The Pelican's Wharf; The Mystic (raided this weekend); and the list goes on.

Our misguided approval of these places speaks volumes of what we've become: indolent pawns amused by the flashing colors, bells, and whistles. Little effort is necessary, much less brain power. And those who watch from the sidelines allow it, telling themselves that nobody is getting hurt. Even the proprietors don't have to do a lot of heavy lifting. These places practically sell themselves. The only ones that are being strained are the undercover investigators who have to work a site for months on end hoping to make a bust.

Our intellectual brain trust (if Laredo ever had one) slowly erodes with the inauguration of another 8-liner business. We can't find the means to support one book store, but we'll rationalize the opening of a mini casino till we're blue in the face.

Quality of life offerings are few to come by in the Gateway City. It's a consequence of our complacent character. As long as we allow these businesses to thrive, we'll have nothing to show for ourselves and this town.

Bus Amenity

San Antonio public transit is going to offer some of its customers WiFi capabilities. In Laredo, we can't even be dropped off at the city's only mall.

Halloween Wrap-up: Best Costume

The results are in, and it's time for LaSanbe to officially award this year's Best Costume award to Baby Mangino. For those that don't care about or have lost track of the Big 12 North (and who can blame you), Mangino is the over-sized coach over at Kansas. We look at the real thing and then the LaSanbe Best Costume winner.

Navidad En Laredo

Laredo is reaching out to Mexican tourists with a new website. It's some cutting edge design stuff.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sports Update

The Steelers have a bi-week this weekend. They're probably out getting haircuts or something.

Cowboys are up 35 - 10 late in the third quarter.

Visiting The Neighbors

Going into Nuevo Laredo is not bad; it's the coming back that can be brutal. Crossing by car can take up to 45 minutes. A good pair of walking shoes can take care of that.

What's In A Name?

I posted about my experience with a Pizza Hut employee several days ago. A LaSanbe reader suggested that I place my orders online to avoid any confusion with multiple topping requests.
Anyway, after I gave the person my phone number he asked if my name was "queros." I agreed in order to end the back-and-forth. Lo and behold, my name appears as "QUEROS" on the receipt. My surname can be so much fun.

I'm Keyrose and I'm out.

Dance Party You Ese