Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Snow Pipe Dreams

City Council has its share of characters, so naturally, one more wouldn't make things look off-kilter downtown. Enter a man from "back East" who would come proposing a plan for a skiing resort in Laredo. Now, this man is no snake oil salesman; he just uses it on his own hair.

He comes with promises of improved tourism and the chance to host winter X Games. And of course the public would be able to use the facility just as soon as they would be able to afford the thousand-dollar gear it takes to enjoy such recreation.

In between the presentation, our city manager chimes in by doing his best to speak too closely to the microphone and spitting all over the audio equipment (see video). And there's the obligatory shot of the mayor voicing his approval, saying that this could be good for the city. But my favorite moment is when KGNS decides to provide us with their own push poll wherein they ask the public: would you want a snow park, or a water park?

We know what the public is going to say, yet they continue with their little water park cheerleading. OK, we get it -- KGNS wants a water park.

At this point it seems like City Council is biting off more than it can chew. I mean really, we don't even have a decent skate park in a city that is know for its love of concrete. Show me that you can host the Warped Tour or the urban X Games and then we can talk.



  1. Anyone have any idea who voted for and who voted against wasting this $75k?

    Damn, this makes Louis Bruni Provaqua rainmaker almost look reasonable.

    Oh, and f KGNS for not putting a "NEITHER" option on their poll.

  2. Let me make a phone call to find out who voted for it.

  3. they are more idiots per square foot in Laredo than
    anywhere in the US,, lack of education spawns
    generations of incompetent self-serving politicians
    who think it is their duty to waste other people's money entrusted to them by taxation.

    police and fire protection should be the only government services necessary.

  4. Don't forget garbage collection.

  5. What about sewer systems, Anon?

    Just when I thought politicians in Laredo couldn't get any more dumber than voting to put poison in our only water source.....

  6. << Just when I thought politicians in Laredo couldn't get any more dumber than voting to put poison in our only water source..... >>

    What was this about? I seem to recall but forget.

    I recall many years ago when either SA or Austin had a ferocious debate on adding fluoride to their public water system, I asked why didn't Laredo consider the same thing given the large numbers of people without dental insurance, etc. and I found out that the Rio Grande has abundant levels of fluoride naturally. At first I was "Ewww" but then found out it's because from all the minerals it picks up running through the canyons. Whew.

  7. Let's place this snowpark right next to our arena thats at ten percent capacity and losing money for the city by the truckload and build an expressrail to the new bridge we're gonna build with a stop at the two new golf courses that will be opened soon.

  8. Poison in the water: Homeland Insecurity's bright idea to get rid of the cenizo on our side of the Rio Grande by dumping herbicide directly into the river. The Mayor & most of the city council voted for it. I recall that Cindy Liendo voted against it & one other, but can't remember who.

  9. is this "Fantasy Island"?