Friday, October 23, 2009

LISD Welcomes Linda Theret

The LMT's Nick Georgiou reports that Laredo ISD has a new executive director of curriculum and instruction, Ms. Linda Theret. She starts her new job November 2. Along with this new hire comes a little controversy; Theret was a high school principal in McKinney, Texas.
She was accused of abusing her power as principal by allowing the
scandalous behavior of five of the school's cheerleaders, one of whom was her
That's nice, because if it's one thing we don't have enough of it's scandal. We here at LaSanbe welcome Ms. Theret; She's got a hard road to hoe.


  1. What in the world is wrong with the board and the super. How could they even consider a person who would let a group of cheerleaders run a highschool while she was a principal. One word DUMB!!!!!!!!!1

  2. ___cheerleader Power !, let them run our schools . . .

  3. Laredo: Land of second chances...

    a police chief with a sex scandal...

    a business school dean with a political scandal...

    and a school admin with her own baggage...

    I think we do not need any more outside help...

  4. ___Laredo, Land of Opportunity . . . for outsiders

  5. what police chief with a sex scandal...I've been out of the loop

  6. Lot's of local talent being ignored, but our school board hired an outsider as super. to make a "Fashion Statement" more outsiders will follow.

  7. What a shame, put a local and so much hatred towards our own. Place an outsider of different race so much love for that. We are own worst enemies ! Crabs in a bucket syndrome still plaques this city.

  8. On this one I'll give Nelson and his judgement the benefit of the doubt.