Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Party's not over - Happy Halloween from 6th St.

6th St., Austin, TX
Where the Wild Things Are

Night's Over

I got a good number of Trick-or-Treaters come by my house to get candy. The cool temperature, the mild haze in the air, and the full moon made it all the more perfect.

This is probably the only occasion where I get to meet people who live in the neighborhood.

Saturday Visit

I got back home just a little over an hour ago. I went over into Nuevo Laredo to visit my dentist. Things are pretty honky dory except for the armed soldiers roaming the streets.

The left side of my face is still numb. I didn't have any pain prior to the visit but the dentist had to perform a root canal. Looks like I'm getting a crown for Christmas.

Next time I go I might stop in to get a haircut at one of the barber shops near Bridge 1. I think they charge $5 for a regular cut. Beautiful day to be out.

Friday, October 30, 2009


Just so you know, it will be Oregon by 2 touchdowns over USC tomorrow. If that's not the case, KeyRose will shave his head. Trick or Treat.

Come Chat With Me

Hey, it's another podcast! Enjoy.

Arnulfo Gonzalez

Here are a couple of this county employee's greatest hits.
"For my balls, I will not sign."

"Are you gay?"

It's that kind of poor customer service we've come to endure in Laredo.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Get Yours

Halloween costume sales come in many forms in the Gateway City. This year I'm going as John Cornyn, fringe jacket and all.

On Tap

Henry Cuellar on health care reform:

Washington, DC – Congressman Henry Cuellar (TX-28) today released this statement following the House introduction of the new health care reform plan:

“I am more encouraged by the new House health care reform bill introduced today. We need a health reform plan that extends health insurance coverage to the one in three uninsured Americans in my district in a responsible, cost-effective way. Beginning today, I will thoroughly evaluate this bill to determine if it is a health care reform plan I can ultimately support.

“Since serving in the Texas State Legislature, I’ve been a long-time advocate for health care reform, and I will continue to ensure the concerns of my constituents are reflected in the final bill. Most importantly, I want to make sure we can provide quality, affordable health care for all while not increasing America’s national deficit. All Americans have a stake in the future of our health care system and I encourage everyone to go online and read the entire bill, which I have already begun to do.”

Sure we may have health care reform on our minds but that doesn't mean other things have gone away.

Random Fact

From 2003-2005, UT has outscored Oklahoma State in the 2nd half by a margin of: 109-7.

Football Injuries

Early-onset dementia in former athletes is gaining more attention. Experts are attributing this condition to head injuries sustained on the playing field. And it's not only relegated to the pro leagues; concussions at the college level, and even in the teenage years are being closely examined.

Nevertheless, players are returning to the field before their bodies are fully healed.
What matters most is the vicarious thrill dad and mom get from their sons and
daughters showing fearlessness and the absorption of agony

Two local quarterbacks saw their share of injuries: Former Cigarroa QB Carlos Cruz tore both of his ACLs in back-to-back seasons, and Alexander QB Jerry Lopez also tore an ACL but continued playing in order to improve on his stellar passing stats. Surely young players possess some notion of invincibility but parents' and coaches' influence must factor in to one's decision to return to play.

Whether signs of head injuries are being spotted by local coaches and staff is unknown. Weekend news reports just bring us scores and highlights. We have no idea about the athletes who are suffering through bouts of unexplained headaches, or dizziness. Still, the game goes on and parents will be there to cheer their children on. But to what end?

Currently, parents of Trautmann Middle School football players are complaining that not everybody is getting a chance to play and the debate is playing out in the pages of the LMT editorial section. One parent wrote in today contending that the coach is only playing his "first-stringers" so as to ensure a victory. Focus is being directed at the players warming the bench during the game's entirety. But what of the wear-and-tear being forced on the better players? Alas, that is just collateral damage to those bent on winning.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Beware of Secret Societies

To young ones out there, ignore any middle-aged man (or anyone in general for that matter) telling you they are the leader of a secret society.

October Ball

The World Series is in full swing and DeLaredo's new sports columnist gives us his take.


Is Levi's making Walt Whitman's poem cool, or the other way around?

Lupita Benavides

Looks like Ms. Benavides, formerly of KLDO, has found a new home. We'll wait to see what her impact is with KGNS and Telemundo Laredo.

On Location

Laredo will never be Marfa, Texas but the powers that be are trying to get this town noticed. It could take just one movie, like Field of Dreams, to put this place on the map.

M. Night Shyamalan could shoot a movie about ghosts in the downtown area. Or the Coen brothers could film some wacky caper on our streets.
If anyone's listening, come check out our town.


We have guys like this here in Laredo but they have a habit of sticking around.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

NCAA vs. NFL Cheerleaders

While we waste away the minutes in order to get to the big showdowns in Oklahoma (Big 12), Florida (SEC) and Oregon (Pac 10) on Saturday, LaSanbe pauses to contemplate the age old question: who has the hotter cheerleaders, NCAA or the NFL?
It turns out others have already taken a stab at that question. As with most complex technical, political or business issues, it is obvious that the right answer quickly becomes: "It depends".

Click here for a state by state comparison.

Damn Tree Huggers

I mean really, environmental stewardship is for saps.

This video is splitting my sides.

The Other Side

South Laredo gets knocked quite a bit, so it's good to hear success stories that prove that its residents are just like everyone else and possibly better.
Cigarroa H.S. alum Sergio Benitez:
Benitez attends Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in Cambridge, Mass.
He is pursuing a double major in electrical engineering and computer science.

Also from Cigarroa, Juan Olvera:
He is in the U.S. Army, stationed at Killeen. He was also accepted at the
University of Texas at Austin. Olvera plans to atend classes part time
while stationed at Killeen.

(Quotes via the LMT)
South Laredo: kicking ass.

Monday, October 26, 2009

I'm Just Gonna Ramble

It's late and I'm tired. I'm emotionally and physically spent. Perhaps it has something to do with watching back-to-back NFL games yesterday. It's always tricky at the end of the week. I always plan things for the weekend but things have a habit of getting in the way.

Monday rolls around and I think of all the movies that I haven't watched, all the games that I should've played at the park with my son, and the friends that I should've called. I don't even make the time to buy myself a new shirt.

But it rained today and I can let out a sigh of relief because my plants will be OK, at least for another week, no thanks to my procrastination. And with the new week, I expect to hear some earth-shattering news of something that happened in the world, but instead, I hear about some schmuck in New Mexico who wants his employees to speak English around him.

The same stories and faces are presented to me in the news and I start thinking how this town we call Laredo offers me little except the grueling monotony that should be reserved for those in jumpsuits and shackles. It's a 'quiet desperation', as Pink Floyd puts it, that I have to endure. It's all made worse with over-achieving drivers, and under-achieving media outlets. My sanity on the verge of cracking as I hit that ever-present crack in the road. But I keep my proverbial chin up and appreciate the fact that I have my health. But for how long?

Another serving of whole grains please.

This place has come a long way in the last twenty years but all we have to show for it is an Olive Garden, a neighboring city that we don't visit as much as we used to, and a public that doesn't know what a blog is.
My next gripe is just around the bend. And waiting for me will be my next gray hair. This hell that is Laredo will have to put up with me just a while longer.


A friend of LaSanbe's prepared the following video for a school project. Please have a look and spread the information to those that may need it.

A Green Idea

LMT reader Jim Lacey submitted a letter to the editor yesterday with an idea to make the Waste Management Dept. more efficient.
I would like to suggest that the City of Laredo consider having all residents
roll their trash cans to one side of the street on pickup day.

His rationale is that this practice would lessen the wear-and-tear of the city vehicles and would take less resources to run.

I can see myself getting behind this idea but the public might view this as a nuisance. But maybe not; we already go through the trouble of sorting our recyclables into blue plastic bags.
Jimmy Carter once suggested to the public to put on a sweater and turn down our thermostats to conserve energy.
Would a local politician ask us to go the extra mile, be it with sweaters or trash cans?

Sunday, October 25, 2009


U2 show at Houston's Reliant Stadium
Photo by Piper Maru
The first ever full concert, streamed live on YouTube was a success. Thank you U2 and whoever else was involved for letting me dream the dream again!

I was able to see the entire 2 hour+ concert without any major problems (there was some picture breakage on the last song).

I wonder what the next live concert on YouTube will be...hmmm.

Sunday Evening

I just ordered a large pizza. I said to the guy: half pepperoni and beef, and half pepperoni and mushroom. That just messed him up. He couldn't understand what I wanted. I'll see if it comes out as I'm imagining it.

Cowboys and Steelers win today. Good times in Laredo.

Uncle Jerry

You know, Uncle Jerry can be pretty funny. That's a lot of personality for a pig suey.

Mythical Displays

Bordertown Blues doubts that downtown Laredo is haunted. The Heritage Museum staff would disagree with that assessment. And they'll show you, for the low price of $5.

Pictured is La Llorona, and a model of El Chupacabra. Photos posted nearby include blurry add-ons of supposed spirits that linger at different historic landmarks.

Passing Of Richard E. Haynes Sr.

Residency Status Of Students

United ISD Attorney Juan Cruz on the charge that school district's residency status checks are a mere threat.
"That's not the intention of the district to threaten," he said. "It's just to ensure fairness to the district's taxpayers."

A friend recently told me that the new United High School has reached near capacity and that it won't be too long before they resort to using portables. Residency checks will placate those who pay UISD taxes but it might also help with the challenge of overcrowding.

Quote via the LMT; written by Nick Georgiou.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Friday Night Lights Season 4

I still love this show. I especially LOVE the theme song performed by Austin's own Explosions in the Sky. Can't hear it enough.

New season starts this Wednesday, October 28...that is if you have DirecTV. The rest have to wait for next summer on NBC.

It does really exist:

Swine Flu a National Emergency?

Uh, national emergency "help" does not bode well for the American people as we have seen in the past.


Zakk Wylde is no longer working with Ozzy. I guess Ozzy needs someone that can play better?
Zakk does the Anthem 10-18-09

☠Noah WVa Chapter Black Label Society☠ | MySpace Video


I'm away from my desk right now. At the tone please leave a message.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Blogging Blogs Blogger

It's kinda funny how the anchors at KGNS are emphasizing their (one) blog during their newscast.

Ann: Some of the blogs we've received....
Gato Bonito wrote......
Tim: Chime in on our blogs......

One lady "chimes in" using the pseudonym "Homeless Woman." That's insensitive if you ask me.

Anthrax Scare In West Laredo

El Manana is reporting that a resident of La Bota subdivision received an envelope containing a white powder yesterday. Fire department responded to the scene where they isolated the substance and turned over the investigation to police. Authorities were not too worried yesterday because of the small amount that was discovered and the resident did not appear to show any symptoms.

LISD Welcomes Linda Theret

The LMT's Nick Georgiou reports that Laredo ISD has a new executive director of curriculum and instruction, Ms. Linda Theret. She starts her new job November 2. Along with this new hire comes a little controversy; Theret was a high school principal in McKinney, Texas.
She was accused of abusing her power as principal by allowing the
scandalous behavior of five of the school's cheerleaders, one of whom was her
That's nice, because if it's one thing we don't have enough of it's scandal. We here at LaSanbe welcome Ms. Theret; She's got a hard road to hoe.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hardcore football talk

For those that want the micro-detail of what went on with Texas-OU game and discussion on what may come next, check out this write-up. Again, score watchers and passers-by can save themselves some time by clicking onto YouPorn or something.

He's Got His Fans

Why?, I have no idea.


Saw this sticker on the back of a car today. Is this offensive or are they sincerely proclaiming their solidarity with saving the ta-tas?

Zaffirini Meets LaSanbe

We here on LaSanbe hope for a continued dialogue.

Senator Zaffirini Announces Funding for Jim Hogg County Improvements

(AUSTIN) — Senator Judith Zaffirini, D-Laredo, announced today (Thursday) that Jim Hogg County will receive a $138,097 Supplemental Disaster Recovery Fund Grant from the Texas Community Development Block Grant Program (TxCDBG). The grant will allow the county to replace the lighting systems at both the Little League and Men's Softball Fields at the Jim Hogg County Park, which were damaged last year by Hurricane Dolly.

"The Texas Department of Rural Affairs (TDRA) was established to administer these funds and to provide this critical recovery support to local communities," Senator Zaffirini said. "I am delighted that Jim Hogg County will benefit from new lighting at its softball fields, thereby greatly improving recreational opportunities and quality of life."

TxCDBG is administered by TDRA for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

He's Insane

DICK Cheney used the word "dithering" to describe Obama's approach to Afghanistan.

Hey, here's an example of dithering:
the Bush White House under-resourced our military efforts, shifted attention to
Iraq, and failed to bring to justice the masterminds of September 11

Harumf! Harumf!


Cesar Rodriguez of the LMT reports that two people are wanted for robbing an eight-liner business. They stole more than $4,000.
two adult men rang the bell of the establishment Wednesday afternoon, pretending
to be customers

Rang the bell? What kind of place is this? No place inspires confidence if you have to ring a bell to get in.


Please stand by.

It's amazing how someone's patriotism would be questioned whenever the subject of Iraq came up. As soon as anybody would bring up the human and financial toll of the invasion, they would be shot down with questions like, "don't you want America to win?" All along the question should've been, don't you want the Iraqis to win?

We personalized the war with only one set of people in mind. We made this about us when we should've been thinking of the Iraqis and their future. It was George W., after all, who thought that all people were entitled to democracy (after the WMD claims didn't pan out). Well, now our self-centered attitude is showing again.

T. Boone Pickens thinks we're entitled to the area's oil reserves because of the sacrifice this country has made. I'm sure it doesn't work that way especially when we destroyed the crap out of that country. Besides, oil rights weren't the reason we went to Iraq in the first place (nudge, nudge....wink, wink).

This invasion can't end soon enough. We need to get out of there with humility in tow.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

For Rent

Old architecture: still present and available.

I Love Pizza

And I love cool ideas too.

'Green Box' Product Promo (Pizza Box) from Green Box on Vimeo.


Via Border Blog:
I return to the boredom of El Paso.

Most in Ciudad Juarez don't have that luxury. 2,000 murders have been racked up.

Vaccine Drive

My son got a note from school asking for our permission to have him get the H1N1 vaccine for free.
I wasn't expecting this since the Health Dept. is expected to get around 40,000 doses of the vaccine.

I reckon they want to avoid a widespread outbreak.

Our Own Shindig

LaSanbe is currently putting together a motivational seminar to take place this holiday season. Guest speakers will include Dr. Ike's spokespuppet Don Chema, local meteorologist Richard "Heatwave" Berler, and former mayor Betty Flores.

Come participate in inspirational sessions such as, "We're MexiCANS, Not MexiCANTS!" Mr. Berler will present his fan-favorite speech concerning barometric pressure and it's effect on mood.

Not convinced just yet? Here's a testimonial from a former attendee:
My life had no direction, but when I sat in on the "Get
Rich" presentation, I was suddenly energized. They said, if life
hands you lemons, turn those lemons into a profitable 'corn in a cup'
business. Today, I have my own snack shack right between Mr. Penguin's
Treats, and the Tropikal Sno. And I owe it all to LaSanbe's seminar.
I recommend it to everyone.

There you have it folks. Proven success. You too can turn your life around by attending this Fall's conference at La Fonda Motel. Tickets are $19.99 (Bring your own chair).

We're not sure what Ms. Flores will touch on but her photogenic smile and bright red wardrobe will dazzle just the same.
So come on down and get motivated. Your new life awaits.

Citibank Bastards

I was going to use my Citibank (Sears) credit card last week but the hotel attendant told me that the card wouldn't pass. It totally shocked me because I had been paying more than the minimum monthly amount and I was sure I had enough of a limit to cover the expense.

And now I read this. Que padre. I wish Citibank (and Sears) an unexpected demise.

It's A Dirty Job

The Laredo Times tells us that a family of four was taken in for drug possession.
Deputies found 55-year-old Juan Abrego flushing drugs in the bathroom,
according to a news release. Officials also found a police scanner and
four surveillance cameras placed on the mobile home to monitor activity on the
Hi-tech mobile homes. Nice.

Law enforcement officials were able to "intercept the contraband from the drainage pipes" but only after they drew straws to see who would be the one to fish out the drugs. A lot of giggling was reported at the scene, and Sheriff Martin Cuellar was heard saying, 'It's good to be sheriff,' reveling at the fact that he was excluded from the selection process.

Hump Day Video

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

For KeyRose


First full concert on YouTube

OMG! It's true! U2-ube!!!

As U2's 360 Tour comes to an end, the band will be featured in the FIRST EVER full concert to be shown streaming LIVE on YouTube!

Tune in this Sunday at 10:30p.m. Central after all your football viewing is done!

People of Wal-Mart

People Of WalmartThere's now a people of Wal-Mart website that collects sights, sounds and smells of what can be found at Wal-Mart stores nationwide. Click on over and peruse their aisles at your leisure.

Snow Pipe Dreams

City Council has its share of characters, so naturally, one more wouldn't make things look off-kilter downtown. Enter a man from "back East" who would come proposing a plan for a skiing resort in Laredo. Now, this man is no snake oil salesman; he just uses it on his own hair.

He comes with promises of improved tourism and the chance to host winter X Games. And of course the public would be able to use the facility just as soon as they would be able to afford the thousand-dollar gear it takes to enjoy such recreation.

In between the presentation, our city manager chimes in by doing his best to speak too closely to the microphone and spitting all over the audio equipment (see video). And there's the obligatory shot of the mayor voicing his approval, saying that this could be good for the city. But my favorite moment is when KGNS decides to provide us with their own push poll wherein they ask the public: would you want a snow park, or a water park?

We know what the public is going to say, yet they continue with their little water park cheerleading. OK, we get it -- KGNS wants a water park.

At this point it seems like City Council is biting off more than it can chew. I mean really, we don't even have a decent skate park in a city that is know for its love of concrete. Show me that you can host the Warped Tour or the urban X Games and then we can talk.


Monday, October 19, 2009

Texas A&M Yell Leaders are Not Gay

Cowboy Pride

It feels so empty not having the Cowboys to kick around this weekend.

Hurricane Ike Trailers Coming


WASHINGTON, DC - Congressman Henry Cuellar on Tuesday will participate in a press conference announcing that Laredo Stepping Stone will be the local non-profit agency that will oversee the mobile home project partnership together with the Texas Facilities Commission (TFC). The TFC has a surplus of mobile homes used to house Hurricane Ike evacuees and is currently working with local government agencies or non-profit organizations who are interested in acquiring the mobile homes. In this case, Laredo Stepping Stone will acquire mobile homes from TMC and will screen applications to determine who is eligible to reside in a mobile home. The project started out as an initiative between Congressman Cuellar working with TFC in looking for organizations who were interested in acquiring the mobile homes.


Event: Mobile Home Project Announcement

Date: Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Time: 9:45 a.m. CST (sharp)

Location: Blas Casta├▒eda Park (Northeast Hillside Recreation Center)

320 Wyoming at McPherson Road

Laredo, TX

Troy is back!

Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu was back with his team in yesterday's defeat of the Cleveland Browns. After missing 4 games due to a knee injury in the season opener, Polamalu was back to help the Steel Curtain.

It was a little scary to see that his first major play back was an interception which made him land on his healing knee. He was in obvious pain, but luckily was able to stay in the game!

Admittedly, Pittsburgh needs a lot of improvement in many areas especially hanging on in the end through those tight finishes. At least now things are looking sunny yellow gold again. Welcome back Troy! Love ya Steelers!

El Chapulin

Our hero returneth in 3D glory.


Perhaps I should fake my own death at the Guajolote 10K to see what the response is.

I'll stay towards the back of the pack (that won't be hard), and then pull a Marie Osmond and fall gracefully to the floor. Someone will take a picture of me being attended to by EMS personnel and the headline in the paper will read: "man dies jogging down Sta. Maria."

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Risky Treks

Immigrants face a lot of obstacles, like beatings, before they make it across the border.
a Honduran man kidnapped in Nuevo Laredo at the Texas border, told investigators that he was close to reaching the United States when he fell for a swindle

RioFest Waiting

Yesterday I went down to the park between the old Riverdrive Mall and the Rio Grande to wait for the boaters to come in all the way from the Columbia Bridge. I left at around 1:30 p.m. and they still hadn't shown up.

Luckily the LMT provides us with some video. The big wooden spools pictured were used for a Parkour demonstration. I would've joined in but I wasn't wearing my headband.

Nixon Delivered At UIL Contest In Alice

Nixon has now won a miraculous 26 perfect ratings in a row. Next up is the concert and sight-reading competitions. From now on, I'll refer to them as the Miracle Mustang Musicians because I don't know if there is another band out there who has won 26 consecutive Sweepstakes (a "1" rating in marching, concert, and sight-reading) honors.

According to my band parent source, all local bands got a 1 yesterday in Alice, Texas.

Road Trip

I really like getting out of town every once in a while.

Bad News Laredo

Two police officers are being investigated for possible drug smuggling. Thanks to LaredoWatch for the tip.

In another story, former hospital CEO Abe Martinez is facing his own investigation stemming from allegations of extortion. KLDO reported the story this week.

Laredo Medical Center is not offering more comment after saying that it acted appropriately by reporting this matter to the proper authorities. They're going to be in the spotlight as well.

Stories have been circulating on the street about the people involved and how it all played out. We won't get more details until somebody actually takes the stand in court. But it makes me wonder why we haven't heard anything from either the Laredo Times or Pro8news (KGNS).

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Running In Laredo

I miss the old days too.

Border Heritage Museum At The Movies

I really enjoyed the feature film, El Santo vs. Las Lobas, last night. The weather was cool and a good crowd came out as well. The movie could've used a lot more dialogue. Large chunks of the flick just had people walking around and awful sound effects to boot.

What Do You Mean?

In La Sanbe's new series, "What Do You Mean?," we explore things that Laredoans might not be too keen on like workplace policies, common courtesy, or etiquette. A common refrain might be, "Oh, was I not supposed to do that?"

In today's episode, we take a look at four employees of the local bridge system who were caught looking into someone else's computer and classified files.
Laredo police said the workers, who were employed as cashiers at the World Trade Bridge, accessed a supervisor's computer and viewed confidential and restricted personnel files.

That's courtesy of the LMT as reported by Nick Georgiou.

Of course, there are many more cases like this one. Can you name one? Tune in again next week when we'll look at more people behaving badly.

Please Stand By

Off to witness a river race. Posting will resume around noon.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Pinto Pinata

This probably isn't a pinata at all. If it is, you're going to need a huge tree.

El Santo vs. Las Lobas

It's movie night again at the Border Heritage Museum on 810 Zaragoza (right next to Bridge II).
El Santo vs. Las Lobas starts at 8:00 p.m. tonight. For more info. call 727-0977.

If the weather holds up, I'm making it out there. The movie is in Spanish with English subtitles -- all the better to channel my inner Tom Servo from Mystery Science Theater.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Horror

Blame The Ass

LaSanbe reader (_ch) brought up the story of Alejandra Guzman's (pain in the ass) predicament.
She blames the clinic's director for her infection after a gluteal procedure.

Here's a tip, why don't you blame your lazy ass for not doing lunges and squats like the rest of us? And while we're at it, we can bring in your shallowness into this.

The life of a cougar must be hard, but before you go around blaming anyone for your cosmetic surgery mishaps, perhaps you should do what you know best and look in the mirror and blame that person.

Getting The Word Out

LaSanbe needs to become a household name. Somehow I need get the name out there.

I was thinking of going with a roaming hot air balloon but that was done today by somebody in Colorado. Damnit!

Mums For All

I didn't think these things could be more horrendous, but apparently, they can.

Dirty Dave and the Search Warrant

Not that we're nosy here at LaSanbe, but since one David Letterman decided to take his set of 'issues' to authorities, those 'issues' are now a matter of public record. Our friends over at the Smoking Gun have the most recent search warrant executed for the home of Robert Halderman. Halderman is the accused blackmailer that lived with Dirty Dave's mistress. Who knew that our favorite clown could & would engage in such a tawdry mess.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

OU weak

Word has it Stoops will only suit up 34 players for Saturday. The rest will have to suit up themselves. It's getting late on Wednesday and OU still sucks..

It Goes On

A truancy officer is fired for not reporting a case to Child Protective Services. Let the outrage begin.

U2 in Texas!

Irish rockers U2 finally made their way to the Lone Star State. This past Monday they were in Cowboy country a.k.a. JerryWorld, where the "claw" was left unharmed by the notorious Jumbotron.

Tonight the band rocks Houston's Reliant Stadium. Here are Bono and The Edge having some fun at Johnson Space Center.

Photo: > News > Bono and Edge:Space Talk

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Abe Martinez In The News

Former Laredo Medical Center CEO, Abe Martinez, has allegedly been shaking down medical staff for several years. KLDO reported the story last night. See it here.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Podcasting Fiend

And now reporting the news, as only LaSanbe can.

Reading Is Fun

Our cuddlesome mayor appears in a new ad campaign that promotes reading. That's good. But the book he's holding is entitled, The FBI!!!

It's just another attempt on his part to remind us that he was once an FBI agent. As if that's the only high point of his life.

And yeah, let's try to promote reading to local kids by holding a text that goes through policy and procedure. That'll work. Forget Poe, Steinbeck, or Miller; I want to know about the intricacies concerning jurisdiction.

James Parkey Had His Hand Here

Parkey made prisons sound too good to be true. Hardin, Montana was the latest casualty.
Parkey promised the town's brass that his team would take care of
everything. The project would generate 150 solid jobs.
What does this have to do with Laredo.
Webb County commissioner, David Cortez, was convicted of funneling the bribes to
"several" county commissioners.

Corplan was in the middle of all that wheeling and dealing. That's Corplan, as in James Parkey's Corplan.

Shopping Season

The locals are keeping an eye on upcoming consumerism. LMT's Joe Rutland gets word from Miguel Conchas, Chamber of Commerce President:
"If we see a good number of people coming over from Mexico shopping and
staying in town, then that would be a good indication of how the holidays will
be here."

Come Ride With Us

If you're thinking of spending the holidays with us, make plans now to take a tour of our humble little school system, the Laredo Independent School District. You can ride in the spacious comfort of our brand new Pope mobile.

Once on board, you'll be taken on a tour that features our storied campuses. Come discover the rich tradition of Laredo's oldest schools. Why, the district is a favorite with superintendents. We know; we've had 30 in the last five years.

But don't take our word for it; Reserve your spot today. The extra head room will let you keep your hat on so your scalp won't get cold in the chilly 68 degree Laredo conditions. (hot cocoa and a concha are extra)

Call now and get a 10 percent discount. (Discount requires some heavy lifting and envelope sorting. It is a mail truck after all)

LISD: we'll be waiting.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday Night Wow

Sanchez (Jets) and Henne (Dolphins) threw some sweet passes tonight. And Ricky Williams had a good night as well. Dolphins prevail.

Flat Landscape

The Guadalupe/Chihuahua overpass will arrive someday.

It's All Been A Pack Of Lies

With this day being a national holiday, I thought I'd take the opportunity to talk about the greatest song ever written, Phil Collins' In The Air Tonight. The cloudy and cool conditions outside make it all the more appropriate.

Now, this song is one that never gets old, at least for me. When I hear it for the 10 millionth time on the radio, or t.v. commercial, or played during the intro to some do-or-die playoff game (can work for any sport), it feels just as brand new as it did back in 1981. Its debut was timed perfectly as I was getting ready to make the transition from grade school to junior high. The soundtrack of my life was falling into place.

Soon I was to let go of old acquaintances, and surroundings for a whole new world on another part of town. Mystery was now upon me, much like the song's opening sequence: the creeping effect of a drum machine loop punctuated with a sustaining guitar chord. Keyboards entered to settle the unease.

My years at Christen Middle School were ones of discovery. Sure there were a couple of embarrassing moments in there, but for the most part a happy era. There I met new people, learned to play an instrument, and got to appreciate a brand new media outlet called MTV. His video for the song was one of the first aired on the all-music network.

In it Collins is featured throughout the production. There's a face-only close-up, dark lighting, and low budget -- very common in the early days of MTV. Production was low, and effects limited, much like my wardrobe at the time. The song's tension grows slightly with the lyrics leading us to the eventual climax, all while the guitar echoes in the background. It's the Stairway To Heaven for the Jeans West generation.

Farewell bell bottom jeans. And farewell John Bonham. Your skills have served us well but the thundering drum fill gets a makeover and a new anthem is born. Music, as with my own life, is on its way to rebirth. The faces will not look the same but the air drumming spirit will live on.

On the other side of Collins' classic drum fill we hear a funky bass groove that locks in the tempo along with the snare backbeat. The singer's signature percussive sound is evident in the subsequent fills. The intensity levels off as the song fades away. It ends somewhat as it began.
The song possesses an ominous and tense quality, perfect for my teenage years. The lyrics don't offer an uplifting message. Our only consolation is being slapped into awareness by descending drum tones and the writer's emotional release at the end.

It's a song born of minimalism that crashes with catharsis. The song's appeal easily made the crossover into television and other music genres. It lives on with the same vengeance as other arena favorites.

It's staying power aside, I'm thankful it was there to see me along the way. It has truly been one small pleasure in my life. But the future remains and the song will reside in my iPod. We'll keep meeting each other, possibly another million times, until the day my physical release comes.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Paris Hilton of the NFL

It's official. The modern day Boys are the Paris Hilton of the NFL.

1) They're famous for Nothing.
2) They get used on weekends.
3) They have a Rich Daddy.


One of the reasons I bought a house in the barrio is so I could do with it as I please, not having to answer to a Homeowners' Association. Case in point: laundry lines, otherwise known as tendederos in the Gateway City.
Ms. Saylor was forbidden to dry her laundry outside because many people viewed it as an eyesore, not unlike storing junk cars in driveways, and a marker of poverty that lowers property values

Really?! By the way, Ms. Saylor lives in a trailer park. A TRAILER PARK! and she's getting some heat from neighbors. I have my own laundry lines but they're tucked away in the backyard.
Opponents say the laws lifting bans erode local property rights

Property rights, as in my property, for me to do as I please (within reason of course).

It's unbelievable that laundry lines could spark so much controversy.

Eddie Macon's 30th

If the end of the world is coming, it'll put a serious damper on the release of the Eddie Macon's Run 30th Anniversary dvd release.

Watch the movie here.

Sunday Filler featuring a Douchebag & Nancy Grace

So I guess Nancy Grace is now in the middle of all this. I'm still waiting for the dancing bear and the midgets..

Immigration Reform

The House is looking into dealing with the millions of undocumented immigrants.
The Congressional Hispanic Caucus staunchly supports citizenship measures

Where is Henry Cuellar in all this?

(picture of Border Patrol agents on bikes along Chihuahua St.)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Water Dreams

It's estimated that a water park for Laredo would cost $10 million.

Teen Suspect

Katherine Cardenas' alleged killer has been taken into custody and El Manana gives us a peek. We might not get the full details of the crime from the local media; But for those who have a morbid fascination with this sort of thing can look to the print media in Nuevo Laredo. I'm sure we'll get all the brutal details from them. Bordertown Blues has a take:
The failure to quickly solve the case had frustrated many Laredoans, including la jefa, who lives nearby where the murder took place.

See full story here.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Killer Songs

I didn't know the airwaves could be so dangerous.

The program Killer Corridos airs each afternoon on Radio Papalote in Edinburg, Texas, about 20 miles north of the Rio Grande. It's one of the stations along the U.S. side of the border that broadcasts prohibited corridos deep into Mexico. It's the flip side of the famous border blasters that thrived in Mexican border towns from the 1930s through the '80s. High-powered transmitters broadcast preachers, hucksters and rock 'n' roll into the American heartland.

Disc jockey Jose Jaime Zavala says it's dicey playing certain types of corridos — for example, those that mention the name of a cartel or a particular trafficker. A rival cartel might take offense.

Shirley Field Demolition Begins

Looks like the stands at Shirley Field are finally getting torn down. On the home side press box I noticed that the windows have been taken out.

And on the visitor's side, the concrete foundation and metal seating is starting to disappear. Welders are busy removing the iron fixtures . Could this place be ready for the start of the 2010 season?

Nobel For Obama

Heads are exploding on the right.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Nothing special about this picture; just a body shop next to someone's house on Laredo's most imposing boulevard.

Demint Sucks It

Washington, DCCongressman Henry Cuellar (TX-28) today announced that a costly border fence amendment authored by Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) has been dropped from the FY2010 Homeland Security Appropriations Bill. Congressman Cuellar and other border lawmakers urged House leadership to block the proposal which called for 700 miles of pedestrian border fencing.

“When the Government Accountability Office tells you this would cost Americans $6.5 billion, I say those dollars are better invested into supporting the manpower and resources at Customs and Border Patrol and local law enforcement,” said Congressman Cuellar. “The DeMint amendment represented an unproductive and inefficient border security strategy. We need to invest and secure our border and our land ports without being tied down to an amendment that is out of touch with border needs.”

DeMint’s amendment would have required at least 300 miles of new pedestrian barrier fencing to be completed along the border by December 31, 2010. Last year, the Government Accountability Office estimated that each mile of border fencing would cost $7 million to construct.

In July and again in October, Congressman Cuellar spearheaded a letter with the support of other border lawmakers from Texas, Arizona and California. Lawmakers referred to DeMint’s amendment as “wasteful spending” which would come at “enormous taxpayer expense.”

“Today, I join other border congressmen in commending House leadership for striking this amendment; they’ve decided to increase the funding for CBP and ICE, investing over $15 billion into securing our border through manpower and technology at the federal, state and local levels,” said Cuellar. “This is the kind of flexibility we need at a time when we’re adapting to the evolving threats along the border. We have to secure our border with a sensible, effective strategy.”

Border lawmakers who have been working to remove this provision since July include Representatives Henry Cuellar, Silvestre Reyes, Ruben Hinojosa, Solomon Ortiz, Bob Filner, Raul Grijalva, Gabrielle Giffords and Susan Davis.

“I want to thank all my border colleagues for their efforts, in particular Congressman Ciro Rodriguez, in removing the DeMint amendment from the final homeland security bill,” said Cuellar. “As a member of the Homeland Security Appropriations Conference Committee, Rodriguez provided a crucial voice for the border and carried our concerns to the conference.”

Laredo ISD Athletic Director

Mr. Rene Ramirez is determined to oust certain head football coaches at L.I.S.D. He appeared last night on KGNS (story doesn't appear on website) commenting that a coach's tenure should be determined by his record, just as a teacher is held accountable for his/her, and his/her students', performance.
Superintendent Nelson seems to be on board with this approach. LaSanbe will keep an eye out on where exactly the ax will fall first.
(Photo courtesy of

Glad I Stayed Home

I missed a lot of great bands at this weekend's Austin City Limits Music Festival but....
the new grass at Zilker was put down with an organic mulch that included...
sewer sludge!

Nice. Zilker Park: come enjoy our Shawshank attraction.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Flamingo Catcher

LaSanbe would like to speak out against the use of chain link products. Together we can stand up and protect the flamingo population.

One day they can roam free and not worry about getting caught in our nets.

Join PFFAUD (Protecting Flamingoes From An Unnecessary Death) now, and make a difference.

If we save just one flamingo, we still have a long way to go.

Health Care Reform

Washington, DC – Congressman Henry Cuellar (TX-28) today announced his support for a measure requiring Congress to make the final health care reform bill publicly available online 72 hours in advance of a House vote.

“This unprecedented measure will set a new standard for transparency now and in the future as Congress considers legislation similar to the scale of health care reform,” said Congressman Cuellar. “Americans want to see the final bill before we vote.”

Last week, Congressman Cuellar co-sponsored H. Res. 554 which requires that all non-emergency legislation and conference reports be made available to the general public via the internet for 72 hours before being voted on by the House. Cuellar supports reforming the health care system to ensure the uninsured and insured have access to quality, affordable health care.

Since July, the current House proposed version of health care reform, H.R. 3200 America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009, has been available to the public online at the website of the Legislative Information System of the U.S. Congress,

Recently, the Speaker of the House indicated that she will allow 72 hours for review before any final version of health care reform is voted on by the House.

“Millions of Americans are watching and waiting and have a right to know what health care reform can do for them,” said Congressman Cuellar. “As Congress proceeds on health care reform, this measure will help inform Americans through the final hour.”

Goose Is Cooked

Police are still upset that they had to chase after geese. According to reports, the lady did not have a permit for said geese.

Bottoms Up

If I opened up a bar, I'd have the place double as a barber shop or maybe even as a laundromat.
the prices aren't cheap, but you can do laundry there!

Convention Center

El Manana reports that City Council is looking to build a convention center in the downtown area. According to Councilwoman, Cindy Liendo, a new convention center would bring economic development to the area, but not everybody on the council shares her enthusiasm.

Councilman Mike Garza thinks the area doesn't have the space needed to build a convention center and parking facilities. And at this time, it wouldn't be a priority.

The project would cost somewhere between $50-$90 million. That would include the purchase of private property to make way for the facility.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Two Suspended

Two Laredo police officers have been placed on administrative leave. To make matters worse, the FBI is conducting an investigation. Ya estufas que we're not going to hear any details for a while.

National Night Out 2009 Laredo, Texas

Councilwoman Cindy Liendo hosted the National Night Out event on the Civic Center grounds tonight. Local law enforcement organizations were on hand to offer Laredo's youth an entertaining outlet, and to reinforce the importance of leading productive, upstanding lives.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I was there to see some mascots dance, and I wasn't disappointed. Check it out.

Trains In Our City

I'm all for getting trains out of the central part of the city. If they're routed to the south, they'll be somebody else's problem. City Councilman Mike Garza:
Garza criticized the implication that rail traffic brings economic development,
asking the council how many "million-dollar houses" will be placed by the rail

Passage from LMT, written by Zach Lindsey.

Bringing The Tact

The mayor of this great town was just on the teevee saying that panhandlers need to be dealt with because of safety concerns. Gawd forbid somebody should be run over.

(safety concerns are not the reason they want to get rid of panhandlers)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Define Tacky

Subliminally Yours

I think City Council has the right idea in wanting to ticket the homeless.

I mean, they really don't contribute much (city council). They're a bunch of drunks (JPs). And overall they are just nuisances (waterline breaks, potholes).

They really need to get real jobs (Louis Bruni). And someone needs to help them with their choice of clothes (Louis Bruni again/urban cowboys). I mean, they're going to have to realize that they're not wanted (Mayor Salinas).

If we start giving them tickets, they'll learn a lesson (use it as toilet paper). And in the end, we'll take back the beautiful streets of Laredo (shithole). For this is a wonderful city to raise a family (quick, run to the north!). Laredo: come see what we're about (hypocritical Christians).

Unity In CommUnity 2009 - Laredo, Texas

Ms. Lynne Nava, of Keep Laredo Beautiful, sent me some pictures of last weekend's clean-up event. Volunteers managed to pick up 21.5 tons of trash, and 318 tires from local parks, waterways, and railroad routes. 200 shrubs were planted in the process by civilians and an additional 500 by City of Laredo staff.
Big ups to all the volunteers at this event. It's good to know that there are people out there who take pride in their community and want to make it a better place to live.


**I agree with Bordertown Blues: beer should be a part of the AutMus Fest this weekend. I'll be out there to soak in the atmosphere, if only for a little while.

**Our cuddly mayor admires a good head of hair. He knows a good thing when he sees it.

**Astronaut, and son of Mexican immigrants, Jose Hernandez calls for immigration reform and a rethinking of our priorities.
we shouldn't spend so much time going out with friends drinking beer and
watching telenovelas, and should spend more time with our families and

Via Tex[t]-Mex.

Monday the 5th

And a top of the morning to you!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pittsburgh Won!

Pinches Tacos

Pinches Tacos is a mexican restaurant in Los Angeles recently featured on the season premiere of MTV's "The Hills."

The owners, who are actually from Mexico, have prime real estate for their establishment.

And if there is any truth to the restaurant's name, those must be some pretty frickin' good tacos.


The Cowboys are barely hanging in there. Marion Barber's diving theatrics have grown tiresome.

Bust A Vein

So I made a stop at the HEB on Guadalupe to pay some bills for my mother and it's the usual scene at the place: there's a line at the Customer Service office and kids are running amok. I try to block everything out to no avail.

Then I make my way to the produce section to pick up some high-fiber snacks. No problem, but the area is a bit crowded. I head out towards the check-out line and there are two ladies in front of me. Awesome, I think; it shouldn't take long.

Then out of nowhere this lady (red blouse) comes in and asks the person (with ponytail) in front of us if she can cut in. I guess she figured that she would be allowed because she only had four candy apples with her. Anyway, the lady let her in, but she quickly glanced back at us, pausing for a moment and wondering if she did the right thing. Inside, I'm thinking, THAT SHIT AIN'T RIGHT!!!
She let her cut in line to avoid appearing rude, and I can understand that. But the candy apple lady should've asked all of us if she could cut in. She made eye contact with me, but so what, she was on her way out with her sweet apples. Todo lo que le falto es preguntarme, "How you like dem apples?"

I chilled out, Zen-like, as if I was Phil Jackson. I start thinking back to all the moments that lead to this point, and try to convince myself that I should stop coming to this bloody store.

As I exited the place, I saw a man wearing a Romo jersey, with his child in his lap, playing with a motorized scooter. I smiled, trying to forget what just happened. Then I thought to myself, what the fuck is a grown man doing playing with a scooter at HEB?!!!

THIS IS NOT A FUCKIN' PLAYGROUND!!! (see "kids are running amok" above)

Old Stuff

Old things don't get discarded, they just get a new assignment.

(Satellite dish covering weight machine)

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Somewhere up along I-35, people are having fun.

Gente Mendiga

America lost out -- Yayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!

The Awwwws Have It

Local marching bands took to the Student Activity Complex today to be judged on their halftime shows. The official contest is coming up in a couple of weeks in Robstown. Here, judges give each band a rating and a list of things to work on.

Anyway, while each band is getting ready and warming up, the announcer plugs some organizations and then goes into some shout-outs. The crowd picked up on the sappy comments and responded with sarcasm. Take a look.

You Have To Distinguish Yourself

A Rolex watch with 50 diamonds is gaudy but it works.
Perhaps the flashiest gangster of them all was Pedro "Master P" Gil III, who got 25 years, records show.

If his nickname is Master P, does the III (third) cancel out?

Friday, October 2, 2009

The Adopted LaSanbe Dance

Another Short Term Goal Accomplished

I really like going to barber shops, but it's like going to the doctor's office with these guys. Yeah, their work is meticulous and you leave satisfied with the resulting do, but the wait time and the surroundings leave something to be desired.

There's no hint of modernity at these places, at least not in the ones in Laredo. The age of our barbers has a lot to do with it. The seating really does a number on your rear, especially when you're there for nearly two hours.

Nevertheless, these gentlemen will probably last another ten to fifteen more years, and then, that's it for the art of barbering in our fair city.

Craiglist Postings of the Weak

It's Ropa Usada and a Big Truck


~Ropa Usada~ by the bale

Date: 2009-09-30, 11:32AM CDT

We have used baled clothing in 1200 lb bales that comes out of Richland Mississippi.
No rips, tears, or heavy wear are in the bales.
We get approx 240 bales per month and are looking for buyers.
Please call Jared with any questions


2004 INTERNATIONAL 9400 I - $43000 (USA)

Date: 2009-10-01, 3:40PM CDT

I have ALL the SPECS for this TRUCK
Excellent Running Condition
Tandem Axle, 12000 FA, 40000 RA SE HABLA ESPANOL<>
  • Location: USA
  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
  • image 1401799701-0image 1401799701-1
    image 1401799701-2image 1401799701-3