Monday, September 14, 2009


DeLaredo never had the pleasure of experiencing the PlayMor. I remember seeing several movies (Superman) there, dining on snacks, smack dab in the middle of the whole complex, and riding the Go Karts where Walker Plaza now sits. Ah, my youth.

Daily Kos has some cool pics of the loony tea baggers. They're everywhere!

Is it me, or are assaults towards the defenseless more common in Laredo?

Chanfles makes me ask, WTF?!


  1. One of the first 8-tracks (if not the very first) that I bought with *my own money* was KISS Rock and Roll Over at the Audio Systems shop there in the front of the Pla-Mor Complex.

  2. I wonder if the Family Gardens (where Play Mor used to be) has any pics of the old place on their walls.

    Didn't the theater have a slanted entrance? There was a small concession stand at the entrance and then I remember having to walk upwards or something.

  3. If I recall correctly, the ticket booth was outside in the main concourse, then you entered thru glass double-doors into the concession area you mention, and yes, you went up a ramp (or stairs ??? ) to enter the theatre proper. When you entered, you were at the last row in the back, and the screen was to your left.
    A poker buddy of mine works at FG, I'll ask him about any nostalgic photos.

  4. I called Jett Bowl right now.
    The lady told me that the owners of Jett were the owners of PlayMor.

    She said that the elder Vela couple might have some pics laying around. They're not in this week. I'll try next week.

    And the way you described the theater is exactly as I remember it.

  5. During the democratic primary, then candidate Obama delivered many rousing speeches throughout the rust belt, promising protectionist policies if elected.

    He was elected and he has implemented his first protectionist policy, as promised.
    Big labor delivered the vote for him and he is returning the favor.
    When he and Hillary visited the border region, they both delivered far different speeches from the one in Ohio when Obama stated that he would work to repeal NAFTA. What had been promised for decades, NAFTA delivered!

    Despite this dire threat against the one act of law that brought real prosperity to the border region, the heavily Democratic voters of these regions supported him.

    On Friday, President Obama launched his first salvo in the war on free trade with a cascading tariff against the Chinese. This follows on the heels of a hard-fought, 7 year ruling by the World Trade Organization where the Chinese were ordered to open up their markets. Why he would chose to act unilaterally when the courts are now on our side is beyond me, but I do know one thing.

    China today, NAFTA tomorrow.

    You in the border region who so desperately need the flow of trade will reap what you have sewn by electing this man. Granted, there was no viable alternative, but you should have secured assurances as big labor did. But you did not. You offered yourselves up for a taste of the real opiate of the masses; political ideology and party identification.


  6. I'd have to check with my older sister but I think a family named Henry started Pla-Mor and then sold it to Roque Vela. Not sure if that was before or after I enjoyed the scene in my early teens.
    (interesting comment by Mas Triste - not sure which thread it belongs in though so won't reply directly to it yet)

  7. About 70% of Webb County went for Hillary. Either way, I think we'll be OK.

    Yes, the Velas owned it and now own Jett Bowl.

  8. I have vague memories of the PlayMor. It was more my older brothers and one older sister's thing. I can't remember which movie I saw there with them, but we did stick around afterwards to eat at the "elevated?" diner area. I think you could look down to the entrance of the skating rink and hear/see the bowling lanes in the distance.

    BT Blues also shows a picture of the Bordertown drive in movie theater on his blog. I never went inside (only saw the corners of the movie screen from the side streets when my older sister would drive us around.) As a child I was always fascinated by/scared of the giant bull painted on the front of the BorderTown. "Please take me inside sis!!! I must know what is in there!" (To no avail. Then they tore it down and built a "Big G" store that sold hardware or plumbing stuff. I think.)

  9. Yes it was where Family Garden sits now next to the Walker building .

  10. Yup the bordertown drive in theatre was great!