Wednesday, September 16, 2009


My horoscope in today's section B of the LMT reads:
Don't overreact with parents, bosses, teachers or authority figures
today. It's very easy to do this. If you do, you'll only make
matters worse.
OK, so I'll refrain from calling our city manager a cranky old fearmonger, and our mayor an imbecile who never met a doughnut he didn't like. I'll play it cool (juegalafria).


  1. Gonna be an interesting mayoral race. Seems like I'll be choosing whichever candidate makes me less violently ill.

  2. I voted for Salinas but I'm looking elsewhere this time around.

  3. Yeah, I voted for Salinas last time, and now am in ABS mode (anybody but salinas).

    I've heard a definite, and alot of maybes, but no one that makes me say "Yeah, he (or she) would be a great mayor!"

    Then again, our mayor is relatively powerless unless they can influence a few members of council, which Salinas had right after taking office but not so much anymore.

    We do need to get Landeck out - he always seems like he wants to run the whole city himself. He should push to get Carlos Villarreal fired, and then apply for the City Manager job. At the minimum he'll stop whining that the City doesn't pay him enough to be an effective councilman.