Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Crabby Update

He's still an idiot..

..according to
A league source tells PFT that there's been "zero communication," which meshes with what beat writer Matt Maiocco has "tweeted" on the matter recently.


LaSanbe is in the midst of a major expansion. Our new Siete Viejo Bureau will open later this Fall.
Openings include:

Blogger - Applicant must be comfortable working in a multimedia reporting environment. Duties will consist of covering Laredo's complacency, misguided politicians, and low-maintenance gardening.

Video Intern - This person should have a working knowledge of cameras and be ready and excited to dive into the world of LaSanbe. You must provide your own camera, and have it ready at all times to capture local celebrities in compromising situations, such as, but not limited to: politicos slobbering over an enchilada plate; people parking in handicapped spots and appearing just fine; and kitties playing the piano.

News Writer - Must be able to write and produce general breaking news coverage. (See Blogger position) Laredo is a dynamic, and fast-paced town so you'll need a big binder to keep all your notes handy. Must provide you own paper and binder.


The 956 specializes in bullies.

Will The Streak Continue?

The first marching band festival will be held this Saturday at the Student Activity Complex. We'll get a glimpse of whether or not Nixon will continue its streak of (24) Sweepstakes awards, which are given to the organizations that receive a "1" rating in marching, concert, and sight-reading competition.


Marijuana is great material for a bed. It'll lull you into a fitful sleep; So much so that you won't even hear the DEA agents come 'round.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Rule: No Sexiling

It's Tough All Over

Via Guanabee:
U.S. sex workers are heading south of the border

Quedando Bien

El Metro bus service raises their fares, and the price of transfers, and all of a sudden, they're concerned about what you and I think.

Land "Gift"

Zach Lindsey (LMT) reports on five groups that want to donate land to Webb County for a new golf course. Commissioner Jerry Garza opines:
"Let's face it: everybody who has submitted, they're not submitting
because they want to give us 200 acres, they're submitting because it's going to
enhance the value of the surrounding land," Garza said.
(Keyrose deeply inhales and exhales) Ahhhhh, so refreshing. Someday Laredo will have as many golf courses as it does Wal-Marts.

The culture of Cheap will live alongside a sport that is known for excess.

A Coming Together

The Border Patrol embraces those that it's trying to keep out. Via the Laredo Times:
U.S. Border Patrol and Customs and Border Protection agents celebrated the
achievements of Hispanics in Laredo on Monday during the National Hispanic
Heritage Month Special Observance Program at the Holiday Inn Civic Center

Bordertown Blues provides a picture of the event.

Stealing Skateboards

This act is truly unconscionable. How could someone do this?
thieves stole nearly $5,000 in merchandise including skateboards

Skateboards?! Is nothing sacred anymore?

Monday, September 28, 2009

Careful on the weight bench

No joke. Be careful out there when pumping iron.

Romo article

ESPN has interesting article on Romo's crossroad status.

It's Gonna Take Money

How much will the Governor's office cost this time around?
Rick Perry used about $28 million to crush his Democratic challenger,
Laredo multimillionaire Tony Sanchez

UPDATE on 5/11/2016: photo


Here are some local football scores from over the weekend:
Martin H.S. lost 48-0
United South H.S. lost 48-8
LBJ lost 49-7
And Nixon lost 77-14

America's Team, the Dallas Cowboys, are Laredo's last hope to cheer up local sports fans. We'll know tonight if Romo gets his mojo back.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

New Diet

I knew there was a reason I stopped eating fast food restaurant burgers.

Another reason to watch Mad Men

Mad Men won the Emmy award for Best TV Drama last week, but AMC also aired a new episode. AND just when you thought you knew where last week's episode of Mad Men was going, we got a shocking bloody scene, right there in the office!

A secretary was riding a sit-down lawnmower during an office party (right there you knew something had to go wrong!). Then she started to lose control and ran over one of the young bosses' feet, spraying some of the other workers at the party with bloody bits.

Image Credit: Viz. and Flikr

Mad Men's writing team always seem to come through with some shock value...Thank you. A new episode airs tonight on AMC at 9pm, then the encore at 10.

Quinceanera Showcase 2009

The Holiday Inn Civic Center hosted this event today for those looking to put a quinceanera party together. A $5 admission fee treated the public to the latest in quince wear for his and hers, photography, and even a sound system. This is the 5th year the hotel hosts the event.

The Evolution of Medicine

"Healer, I have an earache."

2000 B.C. - "Here, eat this root."

1000 A.D. - "That root is heathen. Here, say this prayer."

1850 A.D. - "That prayer is superstition. Here, drink this potion."

1940 A.D. - "That potion is snake oil. Here, swallow this pill."

1985 A.D. - "That pill is ineffective. Here, take this antibiotic."

2009 A.D. - "That antibiotic is artificial. Here, eat this root."

Sunday Conversation With LaSanbe

Saturday, September 26, 2009

U2 to 'go crazy tonight' on SNL

Tonight is the season opener of Saturday Night Live! Megan Fox will be hosting, and the musical guest will be U2.

The band just wrapped up back-to-back concerts at Giants Stadium in New Jersey, so they're extending their East coast stay in New York for their third appearance on SNL.

Meanwhile their 360 tour stage has been packed up and is moving to their next show at FedEx Field, home of the Washington Redskins.

We'll Vote For You, I Guess

Andy Reyes gives us a history lesson and looks to the future in his run for County Judge. A sedate crowd, in attendance at his announcement ceremony, grants him a tepid response.

I haven't gotten this excited since I had my last root canal. I can get more of a response from a epileptic in full swing. A turtle is having more fun than this right now

T.O. Defends Romo

Remember Dallas Fan,
* They lost as a team..
* This loss hurts..
* They did not execute..
* To win, they needed to put points on the board - and they didn't..

Is this Deja Vu or what?

Paying A Visit

Rick Perry and Kay Bailey Hutchison will be in Laredo next weekend.
A spokesperson in Perry's office in Austin confirmed his visit but did not release further details. Hutchison is planning to speak on Saturday...

Looks like an excuse for me to get dressed up. Let's see: La Sanbe t-shirt - check. Cynical outlook - check.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Yahoo Blog, "Shutdown Corner," reports Dorsett dissing Romo

Tony Dorsett's quote:

"I don't know why on God's earth Tony Romo has been anointed a superstar in the National Football League. Tony is very young in his career. Not to say you can't be young in your career and be a superstar because you've got one up there in Minnesota in Adrian Peterson.

"But the thing is this: You have a guy who hasn't done much, and quarterbacks in the NFL, most of them go through this growing curve. He hasn't gone through that growing curve, but he was anointed this great player all of a sudden. Now he's having to live up to that. And obviously Tony has some deficiencies.

"He's a good player who's still learning how to play in the NFL, and I think the media has given him too much credit for doing nothing. He hasn't done anything really in the NFL to deserve all the recognition and visibility he's gotten so far."

Ouch, dude!

Read the blog commentary by MJD here.

Deep Thought Friday

I really wasn't working for the weekend.

Beat It, Karl

Via Dog Canyon.
Karl, you are a tiresome old nag, and I want you to go away

Hard Core Beer Ad

Thursday, September 24, 2009


I've seen these plastic designs on school fences. Where can I get these for my fence?

The Crabs

So, this Crabtree guy still hasn't signed his NFL contract. Us Horns fans remember this guy well from last year. He single-handedly ripped another shot at the brass ring for Longhorn Nation. Now, with a TWENTY MILLION DOLLAR (guaranteed) contract with the 49ers staring him right in the face, he chooses to not sign and deal with the consequences. Time will tell if he is the wiser for his choice. In the interim, we ask LaSanbe Nation, would you turn down a TWENTY MILLION DOLLAR (guaranteed) contract made out in your name?
Michael Crabtree

Canales For Pct 4

Jaime Canales is holding an announcement ceremony tonight at 6 p.m. at the County Commissioner's Courthouse. Refreshments will be served.

I wish him luck with his campaign and better luck with his website.

Belmares: Why Not?

A Republican City Councilman waters down part of a Democrat's speech (Thank you George Bernard Shaw). Via the LMT:
"People see Laredo and ask 'Why?' I see Laredo and ask 'Why not?'"

Gene Belmares briefly stepped down from the mountain top to talk to the LMT's Joe Rutland about his decision to run for mayor.
"We're at a critical juncture about the future of our city and we can't leave it
in this mayor's hands," Belmares said. "He can't relate to the
businessman or to those who work for them.

Strong words for a man named Gene. He goes on with this:
Salinas "wants to kill the KCS (Kansas City Southern Railroad Laredo-Nuevo
Laredo East Loop Bypass) project."

Ackward has been redefined and you can catch a glimpse of it at the next City Council meeting (Belmares and Salinas sit next to each other).

Rediscover Our Indifference

Joe Rutland (LMT) reports that the City of Laredo and PMDG Marketing Communications will no longer be doing business together because of the lack of revenue from hotel occupancy taxes. PMDG was given the task of attracting people to Laredo, along with the Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Blasita Lopez, CVB interim manager, was asked to comment on PMDG's work.
When asked if she was pleased with PMDG's efforts, Lopez said, "We're still
on contract with them right now and I would like to reserve comment on
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Dodges like this usually come from politicians or police department spokespersons.

I would say that her silence on this issue is deafening but I hate that saying, and I think it shouldn't be used anymore. Instead, I'll say that the tension is palpable.
It's been said that "you can't have romance without the finance." Never has this been more true. This professional relationship is coming to an end and Ms. Lopez refuses to offer up some love for PMDG.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Catching up

I've been away. Doesn't matter where or how long. What matters is catching up. With attached vid, I'm up to speed in 3 minutos and 23 segundos.


This house reminds me of all the things I've yet to complete.

Democrats Unite

Two local candidates are appearing at Paradise Island this Saturday. Make it out there if you can.

Spelling 101

I never knew that "Pubic" Options were being mandated by the federal government.

However, I am not sure they are all bad.
Zach Lindsey of the LMT reports on the man who died after being tasered by police. Residents who live along Martingale Lane said that crime is common in the area.
Like Salazar, Martinez said the area see frequent break-ins and escandalos

My home in the Chacon neighborhood has been burglarized a couple of times, but I've never witnessed any escandalos.


I'm glad somebody's watching Delay dance 'cause I'm not.
Congressman Henry Cuellar rated him a 7

Running In Laredo

Bordertown Blues tips us off to a new local site dedicated to running.

I've been slow to start with my own training for this year's Guajolote 10K. I find it difficult to go run in the early hours before work. And by the time I get home, I'm usually not in the mood.

Nevertheless, LaSanbe welcomes RunningInLaredo.

Legacy Of George Washington

Washington, DC – Congressman Henry Cuellar (TX-28) today joined Laredoans from the Washington’s Birthday Celebration Association in Washington D.C. to celebrate George Washington’s legacy at the White House and on Capitol Hill. Approximately fifty representatives from Laredo joined Congressman Cuellar and other lawmakers to commemorate WBCA’s 113th Celebration.

“I am proud to be joined by the good people of Laredo who’ve come to Washington D.C. to celebrate the legacy of George Washington,” said Congressman Cuellar. “Today, members of Congress were in awe over WBCA’s elaborate display of fanfare and costumes on Capitol Hill.”

Today, approximately fifty WBCA delegates, including John C. Galo and Anna Benavides Galo (portraying George and Martha Washington) toured the White House and the U.S. Capitol with Congressman Cuellar. The delegation met with the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi at the steps of the U.S. Capitol after meeting with Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison and other members of Congress inside.

“It’s a great thing for people outside of Laredo to see how our city has celebrated Washington’s legacy for over a century,” said Cuellar. “I commend WBCA President Anselmo Castro for his hard work in bringing this delegation to Washington. This celebration is uniquely patriotic and culturally represents Laredo with pride.”

While inside the White House, Congressman Cuellar and WBCA delegates were able to tour the President’s Oval Office. This week, President Obama is in New York City for the General Assembly of the United Nations.

“We are very grateful to Congressman Cuellar for helping us make this trip to our nation’s capitol. Thanks to his efforts, our group was able to enter the Oval Office of the White House for the second time,” said WBCA President, Anselmo Castro Jr. “This is an honor that few people will have in their lifetime and for that reason we appreciate it all the more.”

The Washington’s Birthday Celebration, founded in 1898, is the largest Celebration of its kind in the United States, recognizing George Washington’s Birthday annually on February 22. Since joining Congress, Cuellar has supported WBCA in making an annual delegation trip to the nation’s capitol to celebrate Washington’s legacy. WBCA’s events attract nearly 500,000 residents and visitors annually.

For more information on WBCA, please visit:

Photo courtesy of

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Say Nay to Jay!

Join me in banning mediocrity and repetitious blather by turning off Leno. Now I realize that the older folk are happy to be able to catch their guy sooner so they can get to sleep earlier. BUT...the "new" Jay Leno show, which premiered last week, is really the same thing: same formula, same band, same worn out ideas for jokes, and same bad interviews.

Is there anything different, you ask? Yes. The audience high-fives Jay when he comes out before his monologue, he added a segment to show off his cars, and he got rid of his desk! Gee. Wow.

NBC had admitted that it's cheaper to produce Jay's show than devoting resources to new primetime drama shows. But is it really worth it? Afterall, anything else that's on at 9pm is more creative and entertaining than this talk show. That includes your choice of syndicated re-runs, Nancy Grace and the Weather Channel.

The new Fall shows on the other networks are finally showing up, and last night Jay was rightfully knocked out of the #1 spot by CSI: Miami. Yes! Thank you David Caruso. This trend must continue with more show premieres like tonight's The Good Wife (CBS), and The Forgotten (ABC).

Old primetime faves like CSI: New York, The Mentalist, Grey's Anatomy, Numbers, and hell yeah, even 20/20 are coming like a tidal wave ready to flush Jay away.

Independence Hills Regional Park

Councilman Mike Garza, and other city officials, presented the public with plans for a 72-acre park to be located in the Century City area. Phase 1 construction could start by the end of the year.

One of the features discussed was a skate plaza, where an area, made of concrete, would come complete with rails and benches for skaters to shred to their hearts' content.

A pavilion with picnic benches, and a concert stage with a sloped seating area will also sit on the land. But the most requested item, according to Garza, was a dog park. It will be situated right next to the baseball field, and have equipment for the dogs to use. Yes, a fire hydrant will be included. People will be able to put their own stamp on the facility by donating a tree, bench, or trash can. Nice.

The other project mentioned was the El Eden Recreation Center that's located behind Perez Elementary School on Sierra Vista in south Laredo. That facility will have an indoor elevated track for runners.

After the presentation, citizens were encouraged to voice their concerns on anything related to city matters. Here's a clip of a man frustrated with the Public Works Department; apparently their maintenance schedule is erratic.

Man Dies

Yesterday, police officers were called out to confront a man who was allegedly up to no good. The individual was tasered by police and became unresponsive. EMS spokesperson Eloy Vega commented to the LMT:
Vega said that incidents of complications from stun guns are rare

KGNS is reporting today that the gentleman died. An investigation by the police department is inevitable, along with the short answers to the media and the public.

Flu Season

Have your Kleenex handy and wash your hands.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Obama On Letterman Tonight

David Letterman: I haven't seen the president since he invited me to the White House to have a beer with Sarah Palin.

Road To Prosperity

Hank Gilbert will be in Laredo tomorrow morning.

Urban Scene

A gasoline station owner blogs from the comfort of a small marquee sign. Apparently he's not cool with panhandlers.

Kay Bailey

Our very own senator takes on the subject of czars in a Washington Post op/ed.
It was filled with errors of fact and judgement, including the notion that
having 32 "czars" is "unprecedented" (Bush had 36).

Bomb Threat

Pro8news just reported that the Webb County Justice Center is being inspected for explosives.

Are You Here Legally?

Nick Georgiou (LMT) reports that United I.S.D. is going to look into students' residency.
UISD officials said a higher level of enforcement could entail the district's 33
attendance officers conducting more thorough investigations such as entering
alleged students' homes in search of evidence showing they do in fact live there

Del Rio school officials recently started a crackdown on students who didn't reside within their district. They stood at their border crossing and handed notices to students and parents, ordering them to show proof of residency. Closer to home, it'll be different.
Cruz and Campos said UISD would probably not go as far as the Del Rio public
school district did. "We wouldn't go to that extreme," Campos said.

Yeah, we'll just invade their homes.
Bordertown Blues gives us his take.
But I could completely understand why some folks would want to curb this
practice because it does not appear fair as tax rates increase

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Cowboys Game

George W. Bush flipped the coin before the game. Bad karma right there.

The 'boys just had two turnovers within 30 seconds. Not good. Giants up 10 - 7.

A Little Update

Podcasting on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Jamaica Time In The Barrio

Emmy Awards tonight!

The Emmy Awards will air tonight on CBS at 7pm. So you can go back and forth from your Cowboys game to find out who the winners are.

There are always lots of shows and actors/actresses left out of the nominations. And you always have many of the same ones winning over and over (This year that will be 30 Rock!) But I love Hollywood award shows: the red carpet interviews, the fashions, the bad hair, etc.

Some of my "happy they got a nod, but they won't win" faves include Friday Night Lights (best casting) and LOST (best drama). I'm looking forward to Mad Men or Breaking Bad taking a few statues home. And on the comedy side I hope Kristen Wiig from Saturday Night Live beats out Tina Fey and everyone else in her category.

Update: Red Carpet arrivals are on E! Jon Hamm is looking good. Lots of red and purple dresses and neutral shaded dresses.

Update #2: Neil Patrick Harris is doing better than I expected, very nice job so far.

Main Winners Update (Main and supporting categories):
Mad Men wins for best drama (woohoo); 30 Rock for best comedy (told you!)
Brian Cranston (Breaking Bad...YAY!); Michael Emerson (LOST!...YES!!!);
Glenn Close (Damages); Cherry Jones (24);
Alec Baldwin (30 Rock); Jon Cryer (Two and a Half Men...way to go Duckie!);
Toni Collette (U.S. of Tara); and Krisin Chenoweth (Pushing Daisies)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Congratulations! 3 years!!

CORRECTION (9-21-09)
: Happy 2nd, Ev

I'll have to make it a point to not post at such late hours. All the best to and friends.


Here we have our glorious governor joking about the current economic situation, the way rich white people can.

Poor Choices

New commercial property went up along Meadow Ave. One design choice that caught my eye was the tree selection.

Forget about the fact that the area near the curb was almost entirely paved; the trees are already doomed to a life of improper pruning in order to avoid the utility lines above.

The landscapers could've gone with something a little more drought-tolerant and more appropriate for the setting. Even some of the shorter variety trees bloom with colorful accents -- something that can add a little color to the bland barrio look.

Tense Moments

A meeting to discuss nuclear power in San Antonio got heated, but not for the reasons you might think.
Instead it was language, specifically the use of Spanish by a student and environmentalist, that got some members of the audience riled up, allegedly sparking comments such as, “This is America, English only,” “You can't speak Spanish,” and “You sound ignorant.”

Tough crowd.

UISD Public Relations

We're on a first (nick)name basis already
Roni is a Laredo native and graduate of Texas A&M International University

Friday, September 18, 2009

Our Health

Love Bill Maher.
President Obama has identified all the problems with the health care system, but there's one tiny issue he refuses to tackle, and that's our actual health.

The Cavalry

Should I be looking out for men in 10-gallon hats?
While federal and state authorities wrangle over resources, border leaders complain that help their communities really need -- like beefing up local police departments -- is being overlooked. "We were not consulted," said Laredo Mayor Raul Salinas, a Democrat.

More boots on the ground definitely help but this looks more like a political stunt to set up the primaries early next year.

Fun At JerryWorld

Out And About Downtown

White People Are Mad!

Stay tuned for details.

UPDATED @ 17:30.
Check out this Bill Moyers (he rocks) video. He calls out a certain Dick.


Why isn't it that speeding citations ever go missing?

Money For Boulevard

The 2010 Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, and Related Agencies Appropriations bill will send some money Laredo's way. In the LMT:
The measure includes $500,000 that Hutchison secured to help restore San
Bernardo Avenue

Whether La Sanbe(r) will become a one-way street, as has been proposed recently, remains to be seen.
The funds will provide restriping, bus stop spacing intervals, new medians,
rebuilt sidewalks, wheel chair ramps and signal improvements along the

Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Cry For Help

If this is true, this man needs help.

Lend Me Your Pesos

I'm going to start saving my pesos to get my Frosty fix on.

Black And Gold

The Steelers are an international team.
The team came to a deal in the offseason to have the games broadcast in Spanish on Grupo Radio Acir

Happy Birthday Kyle Chandler

Not only is it's 2nd anniversary, I just realized it's Kyle Chandler's birthday today! He plays Coach Eric Taylor on "Friday Night Lights." (I'm waiting on Season 4 to start.)

He's gorgeous, talented, and oh so cool. FNL is a show that will always be close to my heart, and Mr. Chandler is a big reason for that. Hope you enjoyed your day Kyle.
Lots of Love, Piper

No Honor

Several years ago, I signed up my son for karate lessons with this guy. Seemed harmless enough. I thought my son could learn a thing or two about defending himself. Little did I know that the guy was going to turn into a demon.

He was demeaning, and bullying the kids left and right. He was barking at them, I suppose, to make them tougher or something. Needless to say, I didn't take him back.

Instead of Mr. Miyagi I got some asshole with a chip on his shoulder.

Water Use

Controlling excessive water use in this town is going to be harder to handle. Via the LMT:
But the city is in the business of selling water, so when the water is
available, it should be sold, according to Councilman Gene Belmares.

So it's a business they're running? All to make a profit?
Belmares thinks we should conserve water only during the drier months.
you can come back in October, we're in our wet season, so you go back to selling

Why would I need water if it's the wet season?
And Utilities Director Tomas Rodriguez also has problems with parts of a proposed ordinance.
Rodriguez said he sensed the concerns of developers and builders regarding
xeriscaping, especially because of the difficult economic times and the
increased up-front expenses involved with xeriscaping.
Developers need to leave the land as they find it, and work around it. If they leave the huisaches, palo verdes, and mesquites intact, they have done their xeriscaping part.

Memo to Newspaper Editors

Two Years Already

I forgot to mention other sites that link to my site:,,, and Also, thanks to the person who used to comment under the alias, _ch. Hope to see you all in December for this site's meet-up.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Prison Of Prescription Pain Pills

Get well soon Burt.

Nothing Special About This

Just wanted to let you know that you can get elotes and chihuahuas on Zapata Highway.


She won't vote but she'll cuss the hell out of you.

Ooh, Doggie

Some choice words from the fat one.
We need segregated buses

This is your Republican party.
why does racism being inborn not make racism acceptable?

It always struck me as weird when I heard family members say that they listened to Rush because they loved his sense of humor. Oh, he's a riot alright.


My horoscope in today's section B of the LMT reads:
Don't overreact with parents, bosses, teachers or authority figures
today. It's very easy to do this. If you do, you'll only make
matters worse.
OK, so I'll refrain from calling our city manager a cranky old fearmonger, and our mayor an imbecile who never met a doughnut he didn't like. I'll play it cool (juegalafria).

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Scooper Poopers

Maybe they were on their way to the Capitol.

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Candidates down here aren't very creative.

But this guy is on Twitter, Facebook, etc.


Henry Cuellar voted Yes to admonish Joe Wilson and his little stunt last week.

El Grito

I never do much on a school night. Shame. I could be out partying right now.

Proudest Moment

ACORN can't be all that bad, as some would lead you to believe.

"Tano" In Limited Engagement

Bordertown Blues writes about the nicknames that our local politicos and politicos-to-be use. Quite frankly, I think the whole idea is childish.

At first glance, a "Tano," "Keko," or "Wawi" appear to be hanging on to every last shred of their youth by using names that only their close friends would know of. It's a sort of Peter Pan Syndrome with ties and bling.

But as politicians, it might go deeper than that. Their cute little names suggest a populist persona that might help them win over voters. They're announcing to the world that all the formalities of holding office are just that. In their eyes, they are still the ones who grew up playing tag on Laredo's hardscrabble hoods - very accessible and informal.

But when it gets right down to it, it's a different story. Take, for instance, Sergio Martinez' spat with County Treasurer Delia Perales concerning direct deposit for county employees. Ms. Perales suggested going paperless with regards to paychecks; Martinez didn't like the idea. His respons was, "you going to tell me, a county commissioner, that I can't get a paper check?!" He then proceeded to throw a five-dollar bill at Ms. Perales to cover the cost of printing his check. A rude, and arrogant act from a person who should be more humble.

Then there's Rosaura Tijerina. Her nickname is prominently displayed on her black, German-engineered, luxury ride. It's Mother Teresa in Gucci. Yes, she truly does a lot for the community, just don't mind the excesses; they're just for show.

And now we have Tano "I have no idea what his real name is because it's not in the ad" Tijerina. Tano: A man for the people; taking out a half-page ad (with color!) in the LMT; and announcing his candidacy for office at the swanky Paseo Real.

I might be all wrong. They're probably using these names for reasons unbeknownst to me. And perhaps I'm making much ado about nothing.
Still, I can't shake the idea that they assume to be "Jenny from the block" but still demand top billing, or respect, as J-Lo does. Some day I'll find out the truth behind their aliases. Until then, I'll refer to them by their gawd-given names.

Bus Fares

Will it cost more to ride El Metro? Zach Lindsey reports for the LMT:
"I think we have a moral obligation to do what we can to keep raises at a
minimal, but sometimes it's going to be a tough decision," said Laredo Mayor
Raul Salinas.

Yes, please keep "raises at a minimal."
"I am very sympathetic and understanding, especially of our senior citizens,"
Salinas said. "We do give them a consideration with discounts."

The mayor is a good person and we should take his word for it.

County Business

Zach Lindsey (LMT) reports on the limited cemetery space:
the court formed a committee to discuss the possibility of either operating
a new cemetery or offering incentives to the private sector to operate a
cemetery in Webb County.
When I die, I want my ashes scattered on the banks of the Zacata Creek in the Puente Blanco neighborhood. Whether my better half will abide by my wishes is another thing.

Different Times

Things were different back in the day. People would get away with a lot of things. Nowadays, you can't drive a car with an open container of alcohol present. Everyone has to buckle up while riding in a vehicle. Smoking is prohibited indoors. And if a child wanders off from home, a swarm of police officers responds to the scene. All good, don't get me wrong.

But when we hear of incidents where a toddler goes missing, I always recall the time when my then 3-year-old brother walked from our house one afternoon and showed up at my Head Start trailer to say, "vengo por mi hermanito."

My little brother crossed the Zacate Creek, walked about four blocks, all in the middle of the day. We laugh about it today only because things worked out in the end. And as far as I can recall, my mother was never reported to the authorities.

The media would be all over this today faster than you can say child endangerement.
Now I'm a parent and I barely let my 4th grader walk the whole half a block to school by himself.
Some things definitely change.

Obama & Kanye

Monday, September 14, 2009


The movie Roadhouse is pretty ridiculous on so many levels but I'm sucked into it if it's on. R.I.P Patrick Swayze.


There are certain places that change identities every so often; and I'm talking about commercial properties.

This one on Saunders is lucky because of the traffic it gets, but the lack of parking and ease of entry might be counterproductive.

In a month or two, this place will be a dog grooming business.

County budget

Everybody seems to be suffering from budget shortfall right now. Webb County might not have enough money, even after making a ten percent cut in all departments. Commish Jerry Garza:
"We were going to deal with our financial issues internally and not pass the
financial burden onto the taxpayers," he said. "Even if we've got to cut
more, or we've got to find ways to move money around, we're going to do it."

Via the LMT's Julie Daffern.


DeLaredo never had the pleasure of experiencing the PlayMor. I remember seeing several movies (Superman) there, dining on snacks, smack dab in the middle of the whole complex, and riding the Go Karts where Walker Plaza now sits. Ah, my youth.

Daily Kos has some cool pics of the loony tea baggers. They're everywhere!

Is it me, or are assaults towards the defenseless more common in Laredo?

Chanfles makes me ask, WTF?!

Dr. Jose A. Ramirez

Bordertown Blues suggests some reading material this Fall.

Dr. Ramirez, Cigarroa H.S. alum, is an instructor at Laredo Community College.

My birthday is coming up. I will gladly accept a copy of this book. LaSanbe wishes continued success to Dr. Jose Ramirez and hopefully we'll meet in the future.

Things This Weekend

There were several things that happened this weekend that I never got around to mentioning.

On Friday we learned of the passing of entertainment great, Larry Gelbart. He wrote and produced several works, but what I remember him mostly for is his work on M*A*S*H. It's one of my all-time favorite shows and it's great that I can still catch reruns on cable t.v. How can I forget him when his name is so prominently displayed on the show's opening title sequence.

Saturday was Neil Peart's 57th birthday. For those that don't know, he's the drummer for the rock band Rush. My earliest recollection of the band is hearing, and seeing, the songs from 1981's Moving Pictures on a little channel called MTV. Peart has been playing with the band since 1976 and they're still going strong. His hands might not be as fast as before, but his drumming videos truly showcase his evolved skills.

And yesterday we had nothing but football, yet, we got word of Serena Williams' little tantrum at the U.S. Open in N.Y. Even tennis is not immune from jerk athletes. But hey, the Cowboys won and that's all that matters.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

First NFL Sunday

The 'boys managed to pull out a win today; Donovan McNabb got injured; and Chicago's Jay Cutler sucks.

Bus Riders' Union Meeting At Library

About 30 people showed up to organize efforts for the Laredo Bus Riders' Union at the Main Public Library this afternoon.

The group agreed that our local bus transit system, El Metro, needs to operate more efficiently, be more transparent, and keep from raising route fares.

Discussion got heated at times when some attendees couldn't agree on the methods of carrying out the group's mission.

Steven Sullivan and Emily Sanchez shared some info. with me.

"We want the people to help out as much as possible," Ms. Sanchez said. "We do want to organize a march to let City Council know that we are out here. There's a presence here that needs to be heard. This involves everybody, not only students. It's the working class, students, the elderly, everybody who works for minimum wage; This is a big deal and it's affecting them."


Off to a rally at the library on Calton Rd. to talk about bus fare hikes.

Sunday TV Watching

Plate sales are a usual sight in Laredo on any given Saturday. They're organized to raise money for someone in need or for some local organization. But on Sundays, barbecues take on a different role. Smoke plumes can be seen from private residences as people add to the football-watching experience with a little charcoal and skirt steak.

9, 10, and 11 a.m. masses are usually full as people want to get home early before the game starts.
As of this writing, The Cowboys have gone up 3 to 0. Why they ran the ball on 3 and long is incredible. Predictable, but incredible.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Friends We Keep

Recently I've visited several dive bars in central Laredo for research purposes, of course. Some are said to be frequented by politicians current and former, but I've never seen it.

It's like the donkey show at the red light district - I've heard things but I've never had the pleasure.

Anywho, this bar right across from the Civic Center Pool sports a Valdez 2010 campaign sign. I have to wonder: is it at his request, or just the work of his supporters who patronize the place?

This is, however, commonplace in this town. It adds to our cynicism; to think that our politicos associate with places where drunkenness occurs and where you can hire a private dancer is mind boggling.


A Texas con man is in trouble up north.
Verlin Swartzendruber has pleaded not guilty

That name doesn't strike me as one from Laredo.

U2 back in the arms of America

After wrapping up the European leg, the U2 360 Tour makes its North American debut tonight in beautiful Chicago. U2 will play Chicago's Soldier Field for two nights!

I'm waiting for the Irish quartet to make their way down to Texas. They will play in the new Cowboys stadium and in Houston's Reliant Stadium. I hope that infamous Dallas jumbotron doesn't get in the way of the "claw"!

I'll be fortunate enough to catch the band's intimate little setting in Houston on October 14th! 31 days and counting...

Photo courtesy of

Saturday Blogging

...will be light. See you later this afternoon. Good day.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Hello Troy...goodbye

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said before last night's game: "The more violent team usually wins." Well the game was brutal, but the Steelers eked out an overtime win versus the Tennesee Titans in the season opener.

That's the good news. The bad news for many Steelers fans (and for me personally) is that defensive beast Troy Polamalu (#43) will be out 3 to 6 weeks due to a knee injury...Nooooo!

Before that Titan jerk who is actually named Crumpler pounced himself on Polamalu's knee, my favorite NFL player had some amazing highlights including a spectacular one-handed interception near the endzone. Get well soon Troy!

Rally This Sunday

A group that is calling themselves the Laredo Bus Riders Union is having a meeting this Sunday at the Public Library on Calton Rd. at 1:00 p.m.

Discussion will revolve around the proposed bus fare hikes. The LBRU wants to keep this from happening. LaSanbe will be there to cover the event.


Traffic in Laredo is not as bad as other places, but when it rains, EMS personnel know that they are going to have to respond to a lot of fender benders.

I was expecting more rain today, but it cleared up real fast.

This shot was taken on the Chacon Bridge on S. Meadow.

Eye Rolling Friday

My head is spinning at the fact that the golf course will be named for a local banker.
The course will be named the Max Mendell Memorial Golf Course.

The elite carry on.


Via Salon:
If the Republican right manages to kill healthcare reform this year, then perhaps some brave Democrat should introduce a new kind of bill -- cutting off every member of Congress from the "public option" that protects them and their families.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


A friend advised me not to go in to this little dive bar on Sanchez St. A lot of suspicious characters live nearby and they would spot an outsider in a heartbeat.


Just a little political rambling from your friendly neighborhood blogger.

NFL Game One

Tim McGraw is on my teevee. Let the game begin.

UPDATE: the game is tied at 7; it's halftime. Troy Polamalu has had several penalties, and he's a bit hurt.

UPDATE: Steelers win in overtime. They could've won if Hines Ward had not dropped the ball late in the fourth quarter.

Up next, the Cowboys.

Little Girl's Life

A two-year-old girl was found dead Saturday. Law enforcement officials have slowly given us hints as to what happened. Once the full story comes out, it's going to be quite a shock for the community.

City Council Doing People Favors

Local (idiot) Councilman Hector "I won't call him Tito" Garcia is determined to bring in more cash for our mediocre bus system.
One council member even suggested that the city do more to make businesses,
colleges, and universities pay up if they want to use the transit system.
Yeah, that's a good idea. Let's start with La Posada where Gene Belmares works. And let's charge your former employer, United I.S.D., where a small percentage of students take advantage of El Metro. Once we do that, then we can ask Mall del Norte to pitch in to the city's coffers for doing the mall the favor of transporting customers to them.

And not to be left out, City Manager Carlos Villarreal takes a cue from the Laredo Morning Times, which compares itself to major national media outlets. Villarreal says that larger universities, like U.T. or A&M, charge all students a bus fee even if they don't use the service.

Yeah, that'll work. Because local colleges and students don't have enough to worry about. They'll have to put up for a new tax. Meanwhile, city council can boast that it doesn't raise taxes.

The Talk Today

Everyone is dumping on Wilson for calling Obama a liar, but what about Eric Cantor texting in plain sight during the speech?
These guys are just not that into our president.


Jobsanger brings us a story out of Arlington. Apparently, students did not watch Obama's speech Tuesday, but they'll have a chance to see Bush at JerryWorld.

Breaking News

I would like to make a major announcement at this time: Paula Abdul will be a contributor on LaSanbe. That is all.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tucked Away

Growing up in El Puente Blanco, I would get my haircuts from a barber (Mr. Martinez) who had his shop tucked away in a shed-like structure to the rear of his property.

I'm sure the majority of those who frequented his establishment lived in the neighborhood.
His shop is long gone, as is Mr. Martinez, but the locally-owned businesses still thrive even if they're not allowed under zoning laws.

You never know what's out there until you get out of your comfort zone.

President's Address

Who in the hell called Obama a liar? I can't wait for the post-coverage.

UPDATE: Response from Henry Cuellar.

Washington, DC – Congressman Henry Cuellar (TX-28) released this statement following President Barack Obama’s address to a joint session of Congress this evening:

“Tonight, President Obama reminded us how he’s not the first President to take on health care reform, nor are we the first Congress to draft a reform plan. But if we find common ground, we can move forward collectively and be the first to pass meaningful health care reform. So tonight we move forward. We proceed on a path to reform, and I join the President in his willingness to not let this fail.

Common ground? Yeah, I don't think much common ground will be found when you have republicans calling the president a liar during his speech to the nation. Politicians have to stop kidding themselves that they can, and should, legislate from the center.

People voted for change, not to work with morons who act like children and peddle fear. They've been using fear even since Willie Horton and they continue to do it.

And Obama was disrespected (called a liar) tonight all for saying that undocumented immigrants would not be covered under the proposed health care reform bill. So what if they're covered? If they're contributing to society, they should damn well be covered. But leave it to the right wing to act like assholes.

For JJ Binx

Double bass drumming entertainment for ya' by self-taught Daniel Kostenko at six yrs.

There are quite a few crazy playing kids on the Tube. Here he is at seven, (longer vid).

The most absolutely sick player I've seen in a while is Jacob Armen. He started performing at 18 months. He's now about 24.

Jacob 7 yrs. on Carson (the poor quality vid is the only one available, sorry).

More recent video here, a teaser for upcoming CD. I haven't seen a set-up like that in forever!! Dang!

Bateristas, enjoy!

Patricia Barrera - Untouchable

Ms. Barrera appeared before the judge yesterday and left doing her best Tom Delay impersonation. Her attorney managed to get a continuance.
The Attorney general is obviously trying to rush into a trial

Sure. This thing has only been around for the last two years. Of course the judge is trying to rush things.

Sanctity Of Marriage

O.K., I know this is gratuitous, but it's too freaky to pass up.
'I know you like spanking me.' I said, 'Yeah! Because you're such a bad girl!'

I just thank my lucky stars that no local politicians take part in such adulterous activity in our fair Laredo.

It's A Great Day

It's Wednesday and it's 9-9-09. All day, I'll marvel at the fact that I can multiply by 9 with my fingers.

(Keyrose puts his ring finger down, and sees three to the left and six to the right. 36!!!)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


We all have to start somewhere. Our dreams might not pan out. But, at least, we can say we tried. I just hope I don't end up like this establishment.

Steven Sullivan Gives His Take

A lone supporter of health care reform was in attendance at yesterday's T.E.A. party. He states that Obama's plan carries no semblance to Socialism.

Kurt Cobain's Worst Nightmare

Barack Obama's Speech

Students at Laredo I.S.D. got to watch Obama's speech today and the universe didn't implode. Meanwhile, over at United I.S.D., staff is dealing with permission slips to hopefully screen the speech tomorrow.
Here's Henry Cuellar's take on it:

Washington, DC – Congressman Henry Cuellar (TX-28) today released this statement following President Barack Obama’s address to our nation’s schools:

“Today, President Obama reminds us how education is the gateway to getting ahead; he echoes a message of personal responsibility. He reiterates the tremendous value in working hard. He reminds our children how life circumstances can challenge them but not define them; how they can defy the odds with education and dare to dream big,” said Congressman Henry Cuellar. “More importantly, he reminds us how education brings opportunity to every corner of this country, to big cities, small towns and to people of all backgrounds, like Jazmin Perez from Roma, Texas.

“I am immeasurably proud of this outstanding young woman for having been nationally recognized by President Obama, as he shared her story with the rest of the country to illustrate how education can help defy the odds. A 2005 graduate of Roma High School, Jazmin studied public health at Brown University and is now pursuing her master’s degree at the University of Texas Health Science Center. With the utmost praise, I join Texas State Representative Ryan Guillen and the City of Roma in congratulating Jazmin and her parents for this presidential recognition, and I applaud the hard work behind Jazmin’s personal story. Jazmin, her parents and the Roma Independent School District are a shining example for South Texas, and we’re immensely proud to see the President of the United States recognize Jazmin.”

Lawrence Berry Vs. J.C. Martin

It was about thirty years ago that J.C. Martin's reign, as mayor of Laredo, came to an end thanks to Larry Barry.
Barry and a handful of locals looked into the financial irregularities of the City of Laredo. The street department was the hardest hit with several employees and its director facing charges of criminal activity.
Martin himself had to deal with charges of corruption as well. He did not seek re-election.
For Larry Barry, his story is rarely told. He faded from this town, never getting the recognition he so well deserved.

UPDATED: October 19, 2019 -- Laredo Jury indicts 15

"A grand jury investigating an alleged scandal in the city streets department Tuesday indicted 15 more persons on charges they received pay checks without performing any work."

Indicted: Jose Rodriguez and Luis Guardiola.

Dirt streets - Two children play on a dirt street in Laredo, Texas while a city grader attempts to level it.

Laredo Street Problems Tied To Political Corruption.  (June 17, 1979)

"The dust comes from an unbelievable 2,700 blocks -- 150 miles -- of unpaved streets.  That's more than half of the streets in the 224-year-old city that has become the nation's largest inland port of entry."

Paving the streets of Laredo.

"But the immediate problem, said Tatangelo, is the dust he is convinced adds to the city's already serious health problems, which include a higher than average rate of respiratory diseases."

Steelers Fans on Edge

Laredo has its fair share of Pittsburgh Steeler fans. No doubt about it.

But today, Deadspin wrote about why the Steelers suck. Down on the list was something that I always wondered about, the "Steel Curtain" concept. Well, it is taken to the woodshed by those guys at Deadspin.
The Steel Curtain is the worst metaphor ever. They're curtains. They either open in the center, or they can be drawn upwards to allow you to pass through. That is the function of a curtain. It doesn't matter what material it's made from: steel, adamantium, chiffon. ALL CURTAINS ARE EASILY PENETRATED SPECIFICALLY BECAUSE THEY ARE DESIGNED THAT WAY. Call it the Steel Wall. Or the Steel Monolith. Call it something that connotes impenetrability. A curtain intimidates no one, retards.
Ouch. If you want to look at more stuff, hit the link here.