Thursday, June 11, 2009

Uninsured Motorists

Local ACLU President David Almaraz comments about Laredo's towing ordinance in the Beaumont Enterprise.
He explained that a number of people who live in border towns need their cars to
go to work because there isn't a more reliable public transportation system

That's a good point. I used to take a three-mile bus ride to work, but had to make a connection at the downtown transit center. It's what you would call the scenic route.

My morning communte would take about ninety minutes. Nowadays, if I want to take the bus to my current job, which is five miles away, I have to bike, or walk about seven blocks to catch the bus that takes me directly to my employer. For that I have to be out the door an hour before I have to punch in. It's a hassle.

The only other option I would offer people who can't afford liability insurance for their cars is to drive a motorcycle, but that comes with a host of other concerns.

(See "ACLU and tow companies challenge towing plan" in the Beaumont Enterprise for complete story)

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