Monday, June 29, 2009

Gambling Goings On

At least we know that law enforcement officials are not fooled when it comes to the activity going on at 8-liner businesses. Sheriff Sigifredo Gonzalez on tourists who come to play:
they're not here to take back a box of detergent

And south Texans have no shame in their game.
they're asking where the casinos are at where the maquinitas are at and who pays

People have balls around here. All this illustrates how tragic our own City Council is when they reach out their hand to these places. And by that I mean they decrease the fees that have to be paid to the city to use the "maquinitas."

But their brilliance doesn't end there. Today they'll be discussing parking rates in the downtown area. They actually conducted a study on the issue.
The purpose of this whole study was to bring the shopper downtown

Yeah, you know what? I don't need bottles of perfume, jewelry that has to be weighed in front of me, and refurbished electronics that bad.

We're used to calling local schools after a heavy rainfall, or cold day to check if classes will be cancelled. Climate control we appreciate. A walk through our very own steamy concrete jungle, mmmmm, not so much.

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