Tuesday, June 30, 2009

So Happy For Al

The Minnesota Supreme Court today called Al Franken's win legit. I can't wait to see him on the Senate floor.

Froggie Strikes Again

More and more political campaign signs are popping up around town. LaSanbe will bring 'em to you.

Things That Go Crack

Have fun this Fourth Of July Weekend.

And, oh yeah, fireworks should be banned throughout the city, unless you're affiliated with the County Club, the Laredo Entertainment Center, or the Laredo Broncos.

Simon Cowell

I don't mind the "American Idol" judge getting paid exorbitant amounts of money, but could he possibly use some of it to fix that poor excuse of a hairdo?

Eight Liners in San Antonio

Looks like we're not the only ones having trouble with gambling joints.

A San Antonio detective was given the task of investigating an establishment accused of promoting gambling after officials received a tip.
the detective continued betting on the machines and accumulated 800 credits,
worth $40

Three suspects were booked and the place was shut down. It took three weeks, from the time the officer stepped into the casino till the arrest was made. I think that's pretty good.

Three weeks and three arrests. Perhaps Laredo can learn something from them. I don't recall anybody being arrested in the last round of 8-liner closures.

Vapour Trails and Soccer Balls

If you like playing soccer with the added feature of airplane tailwinds at your side, then the City of Laredo has the thing for you. Pretty soon you'll be able to "Bend It Like Beckham" along with the noxious smell of jet fuel. Scoring a goal in this proposed park will give you a high like never before.
The land purchase was split between the City of Laredo and the Laredo
International Airport

Most parks around town are located near residential areas, but I can only guess that with limited resources, the idea of having goal posts next to runways was the only option.
a park with trails, soccer fields, and other amenities

Other amenities. Yeah, I don't consider sonic booms other amenities.
And let's take the name of the property: Rash Property. A special name for a special park. But will it compete with another ill-named facility for "worst title ever?" Only time will tell.

Laredo Times e-Edition Will Now Cost You

Cash, grass, or ass - Nobody rides for free.

If You Build it They Will Come

The City of Laredo is up in arms over whether or not to pull the trigger on the proposed golf course outside the city limits.

On the one hand, you have the people that support the course. They say Laredo needs to remain competitive with cities like San Antonio for the ever popular tourist dollar.

On the other hand, you have people that reject the notion of building a golf course with taxpayer dollars when so other many needs take priority. (According to one study, there are 4,000 golfers in the city of more than 200,000.)

La Sanbe may get headaches with the back-and-forth debate, but is entertained nonetheless.

Either way, one of the rumors coming out of City Hall is that the pro-golf course crowd will use Kevin Costner as their pitchman.

Their new slogan? If you build it, they will come.

Stay tuned for how this battle rages on.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Navel Gazing

Truckload O' Fun

OxyClean Still On The Shelves

I'm conflicted when it comes to men with dyed hair. I would criticize the hell out of them if they weren't my friends and family. Besides, maybe now's not the time to heckle men with vanity issues.

Lunching With La Sanbe

There is unrest in Honduras. Their president was removed in a coup. I don't like this story because it's going to be featured on KGNS tonight and our very own Tim Gutierrez is going to jump at the chance to read it on the air so he can say, On-DEW-raaaasssss!

One local candidate was out getting some face time with potential voters. The race for south side J.P. has about six choices. I smell runoff!!! Perhaps once the race nears, La Sanbe can offer its predictions. But please, no betting.

And former billionaire Bernard Madoff was sentenced today to 150 years for scamming his clients out of a ton of money. 150 years. It couldn't have happened to a nicer asshole.

Gambling Goings On

At least we know that law enforcement officials are not fooled when it comes to the activity going on at 8-liner businesses. Sheriff Sigifredo Gonzalez on tourists who come to play:
they're not here to take back a box of detergent

And south Texans have no shame in their game.
they're asking where the casinos are at where the maquinitas are at and who pays

People have balls around here. All this illustrates how tragic our own City Council is when they reach out their hand to these places. And by that I mean they decrease the fees that have to be paid to the city to use the "maquinitas."

But their brilliance doesn't end there. Today they'll be discussing parking rates in the downtown area. They actually conducted a study on the issue.
The purpose of this whole study was to bring the shopper downtown

Yeah, you know what? I don't need bottles of perfume, jewelry that has to be weighed in front of me, and refurbished electronics that bad.

We're used to calling local schools after a heavy rainfall, or cold day to check if classes will be cancelled. Climate control we appreciate. A walk through our very own steamy concrete jungle, mmmmm, not so much.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Late Night

I don't know about you all, but I could take another four days of Michael Jackson tributes.

Meet Henry Cuellar

WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Henry Cuellar on Monday will be joined by United ISD Superintendent Roberto Santos and other school district officials as they announce more than $8.4 million from the federally-funded E-Rate program. United ISD will use the money to expand wireless connectivity and upgrade the district’s computer network equipment. In total, 13 schools will benefit from this grant.

He'll be at the United ISD Boardroom at 2:30 p.m. Monday.

Taking A Hike In North Laredo

I finally got a chance to check out a trail in north Laredo that a friend recommended. It's located off of International Dr., approximately half a mile north from United H.S.

I didn't see any other walkers out there. It was nearing 7:00 p.m. and I'm sure it was still in the triple digit temperature range.
The track differed from the one in San Antonio I posted about last week. Here, parts of the trail have a drop-off on both sides. That might pose a safety concern for some.

The trees along the way are in desperate need of pruning. That little touch-up might add to the trees' height, and eventually offer more shade for walkers.
I don't know how many people have heard about this place but I already noticed some of the lamp posts vandalized with graffiti.

Large pieces of land have been cleared next to the track, probably to install picnic areas. If that's the case, the city is going to have its hands full taking care of the equipment. We'll see how this area is kept up.

Happy Birthday John Cusack

"Say Anything" was never one of my favorite John Cusack movies. (the Mrs'. jaw drops) But I like him nonetheless.

I must've watched "Better Off Dead" a thousand times back in the day. Other favorites include: "Grosse Point Blank", "One Crazy Summer", and "Hi Fidelity".

Feliz cumpleanos, Mr. Cusack! You're 43 today!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Eddie Macon's Run Viewing A Smashing Success

I want to thank my friends and followers who showed up to take a trip back in time with the movie, Eddie Macon's Run.

The acting, the wardrobe, and curious selection of action sequences provided plenty of comic relief.

Whether we make this event a yearly thing remains to be seen.

I think I chose the perfect place to showcase the film - in a restaurant complete with deer heads on the wall, and a Cowboys' helmet in plain view. The movie and the joint have Laredo coming out of its pores.

(pictured is Carl Marzack, played by Kirk Douglas, finally catching up with Eddie Macon, portrayed by Tom Schneider, at La Posada Hotel)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Eddie Macon's Run For Lunch

See you at Cafe Candela's (on Meadow) for La Sanbe's first ever meet-up featuring the movie, Eddie Macon's Run. The movie will start promptly at 1:00 p.m. I will be at the restaurant a short while before that for autographs, pictures, or just a chat. Hope you can make it.

Josh Freese Presents: "Volvo 940"

Martin Alumni

Martin alumni, Veronica Hernandez (nee Ancira) and Janie Martinez (Coss), celebrate their sons' letter of intent signings with college programs.

With so much negativity surrounding Martin High School in recent weeks, there is at least one reason to view Laredo's oldest school in a positive light.

In the last week, two Marin High School alumni, Veronica Hernandez (Ancira) and Janie Martinez (Coss), had a reason to celebrate. Their sons, Aldo Hernandez (Alexander High) and Jeremy Coss (United High), had just signed letters of intent to play college footbal and baseball, respectively.

A hearty congratulations from the La Sanbe crew.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson RIP

Sure his private life got a touch weird, but I can't deny the fact that his early music had an impact on me.

I was kinda impressed that a local radio station paid tribute to him by playing a bunch of his songs this evening. When I heard the intro to Billie Jean, I actually chocked up a bit.

Drought-Tolerant Color

AutMus Fest 2009

Billy Idol and Vince Neil will play Laredo come October 10. Some of us remember when they had just hit the scene.

More In Golf

So now Gary Jacobs has become the spokesperson for the construction of a new golf course. That's interesting considering that he doesn't play golf. He opines:
retirees are heading to areas like the Rio Grande Valley not because of stories
of violence in Nuevo Laredo, but because of a lack of adequate golf courses

Is that what it is? I always thought it was the beachfront property that lured people down there.
The existing golf course, situated just south of the airport, does have its drawbacks. Golfers have to deal with noise coming from airplanes, and the traffic that rushes by on Bob Bullock Loop. I can see how that could be a distraction. And the course really doesn't have much in terms of a focal point that ties the place together. If this proposed course comes to be, the Rio Grande river might add that special "water feature" that will set it apart from other courses.

I just hope the City of Laredo doesn't take a half-assed approach in constructing this sucker as I've seen with other park facilities.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pics From Last Night

Luckily, the license plate of the "hitter" fell off at the scene. They'll nab that SOB soon enough.

Gov. Sanford Admits To Affair

Suddenly everybody is doing the "Jon and Kate Plus 8" thing.

I'm glad I live in Laredo, where no elected officials are sexual deviants.

Pet Peeve Of The Week

I hate it when people at the checkout put the plastic divider on the conveyor belt. Our groceries are clearly a mile apart, but that doesn't stop them from setting that boundary down.

Are they afraid that my nectarines are going to roll down and touch their buns?

Gimme a break.

Car 54, Where Are You?

Last night, while scanning my block for any suspicious activity, I witnessed a hit-and-run accident.

I had just stepped out my front door when I noticed a car passing by with its lights off. I kept my eye on it for some reason. Sure enough, instead of observing the stop sign at the corner, the driver just kept going. But it's funny because the street ends, so I don't know where he/she thought about going. A white Suburban was chasing the little red car so that might've had something to do with it.

Anyway, the car hit a double cab truck. It wasn't a big wreck but the truck's rear tire came off its axle. The tire was flat on the ground, with the truck resting on it. Thankfully, nobody was hurt.

Now comes the fun part: waiting for the cops to show. The crash occured at 10:00 p.m. The victim can't move his truck 'cause it's got one less tire to work with. He makes repeated calls to the police department, and to a wrecker service.

The wrecker gets there around 10:40, but they can't lift the truck because of the hitch sticking out from under the rear bumper. So the guys from Cabello's Wrecker Service leave to get a different truck. By this time, the 911 operator has been cussed out, and we're making snide remarks about Laredo and its police force:

No tenemos shotas, pero Mayor Salinas esta listo para ir a Washington, D.C.

Le pegan a uno, y nadie viene; si fueran chocado con la escuela, ya estuvieran aqui.


Si fuera en el north side, ya fueran llegado

An ambulance is summoned to check the kids riding in the truck. It gets there at 10:49 with a policeman following right after.

Laredo's PD's response time is unacceptable.
I just hope that our (sorta) south side location didn't have anything to do with it.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Who Will It Be?

The Laredo ISD Board of Trustees is in the process of selecting the new superintendent. What I want to know is when did the whole process turn into the game of Clue?
One candidate will be interviewed today at the hotel's Tesoro Club.....Another candidate will be interviewed Wednesday at the hotel's Philip V Room

They're all making the most of the La Posada Hotel.
After each interview, the board will dine with the candidate at the hotel

It's Masterpiece Theater around here!
We'll all be left in suspense till next week.
The identity of the male candidates....is being kept confidential

It's that city-wide transparency we all know and love.

Recovering Nicely

I didn't know Mayor Raul Salinas had minor surgery. Did I miss something?

The Big Time

Reta makes the news again:

He was one of a group of American teenagers from the impoverished streets of Laredo who was lured into the drug wars

Raul Reyes In D.C.

El Cenizo Mayor, Raul Reyes, met with Congressman Henry Cuellar yesterday to discuss grant applications. Mayor Reyes is in D.C. until Thursday.

Doing A Heckuva Job

United ISD is taken by surprise when their very low standards are upgraded to somewhat low standards.
district ended up having a graduation rate of 72 percent

Of course, this is one hell of an accomplishment when you're working uphill. Associate Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction, and stand-in Wonder Woman, Pamela Juarez comments:
we defy all those odds (of having a student population that is largely
economically disadvantaged)

Nice. She, however forgets that she works on the U.S./Mexico border.
We are graduating all of our Latinos

(blogger passes out from an overwhelming sense of confusion and suspicion.)

From The Field

I am live-blogging from a remote location somewhere in Laredo. My employer and my wife do not know of my whereabouts. Everything is fine. I just need some me time right now.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Sitting Pretty

I may not have gotten a recliner for Father's Day, but I can't complain. My wife never misses the mark when it comes to giving me gifts.

My response yesterday was a tad more exuberant than this guy's. In the act of jumping for joy, my gold medallion came loose from its chain and almost hit my son in the eye.

Needless to say, it's in the repair shop so I'm actually buttoning my shirts a couple of notches higher. But that's temporary.

(Photo courtesy of the Laredo Times; Model: J. Cabrera of TX Discount Furniture)

Joy Dollar Gone Down

Perez KO'd and PO'd

We do not condone violence here at LaSanbe. In that spirit, we thought we would pass along the following video explaining what NOT to do if you want to avoid getting your ass kicked by hip hoppers.

Visit Laredo

They're really not piles of trash strewn about the city; It's just that we like to compost out in the open.

New Week Here

City Council will keep their seats warm tonight discussing pressing issues. I, on the other hand, will mill around the house and incidentally find out what becomes of Jon & Kate.

I'm so domesticated it's not even funny.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Music Again

This weekend's music review comes to us from LMT's Editorial Asst. Erika Lambreton.

All good picks, but LaSanbe gives extra points for the selection of Primus, Ween , and Iggy Pop & The Stooges.


I'm Judge Morales And I Approve Of This.....

This poster is located next to one of Laredo's oldest thoroughfares. It's a good spot for those wanting mass exposure.

But with the Democratic primary about nine months away Judge Ben Morales doesn't want to go big - not just yet.
You have to pace yourself.

So for now, simple markers and a poster board will do.

Boy, It's Hot

I would wish you all a joyous First Day of Summer but I'm still trying to collect myself from this triple digit heat.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Luis Uranga - Reportero Urbano

New Feature

I'm going to create podcasts for LaSanbe very, very soon. Apparently all I need is a microphone. Joining me for the broadcasts will be former Sanbe contributor, Piper Maru.

And don't forget, our Eddie Macon's Run meet-up is one week from today - 1:00 p.m. at Cafe Candela's.

Stay classy my friends.

Friday, June 19, 2009

San Antonio Hike and Bike Trail

A friend introduced me to a trail located in San Antonio, in the Leon Valley vicinity.

I appreciated its understated design; one that made little effort to interrupt the native landscape.

During our impromptu morning constitutional we encountered bicyclists, pedestrians, and staff responsible for the upkeep of the trail, who I might add are doing a wonderful job.

Laredo will be getting a trail much like this one, but with added rest areas, gathering places, and lighting fixtures. My concern is that such amenities will be vandalized, or destroyed. That's where we, the public, will come in to maintain an outdoor experience as pleasant as this one.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Laredo's Public Access T.V.

I just watched a scene of a City of Laredo Finance Committee (Jose Valdez Jr.; Johnny Rendon; and Hector Garcia) meeting where a city employee got grilled on the parking situation downtown. They, including City Manager Carlos Villarreal, went on about parking fees at the transit center, parking meters, and the empty trolley that's supposed to take shoppers from La Posada to Jarvis Plaza.

Councilman Garcia wanted to know how to get people to shop downtown, but they all went back to the price of parking.

This is of significance to them because the city ends up pocketing all those nickels deposited in the meters.

But I wonder if they think to themselves that there's really no reason to go downtown. I mean really, why would anyone have to go downtown?

I'm sure a north side teenager could easily school us on the reasons why.

Random Find

I really don't know the story behind this display. The property here is up for sale. And this sign has been up for about a week, maybe more.

Beats the hell out of me, but it has La Sanbe written all over it.

Felix The Bus

El Metro reached out to the public today as part of the "Dump The Pump" campaign. During their press conference, they introduced the community to their new mascot, Felix The Bus.

Ms. Sandy Esparza from El Metro:

Felix the Bus's role will be to teach and promote our transit system to the community and serve as a tool to: provide transit safety tips for kids; provide tips on how to ride the bus; and provide tips on how to use our system map and route schedules.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Eddie Macon's Run Viewing

La Sanbe is pleased to announce its first ever meet-up. Join me for lunch at Cafe Candela's on June 27 at 1:00 p.m. to feast on some local cuisine and watch Eddie Macon's Run, a 1983 film that was shot on location in Laredo.

The restaurant, located on the corner of Meadow and Stewart, closes at 3:00 so we'll move things right along. Join me, won't you? Who knows; you might just get a free lunch out of it if you get there early.

Hope to see you soon.

(RSVP here if you can)

In A Rut

I need to get myself motivized.

The Price Of Health

Word of the Day:
Recission = pay for health insurance; get sick; insurance is cancelled.

Where Do They Go From Here?

Drug cartels have literally, and figuratively, jumped the shark.
officers found slabs of cocaine inside more than 20 sharks

Of Soaps And Lingerie

Mall Del Norte's General Manager, Ken Beckmann:
We would like issues such as the swine flu and peso to go away and make our jobs

That's easy. Just close your eyes, click you heels, and say, happy-happy-joy-joy.

If that doesn't work, then just give out free hot dogs or something.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Is Gambling A Sin?

To all those who support local eight-liner (money laundering) establishments, I offer Proverbs 28:22:
He that hasteth to be rich hath an evil eye



I love it when people have a sense of humor.

The Next Sucka That Looks At Me Funny....

Just because El Chacon neighborhood is located next to the Heights area doesn't mean we have to comport ourselves like they do. We party hard, and we have the splenectomies to show it.
The incident sent three people to the hospital with stab wounds

And if that wasn't enough, we take things a bit further.
Nurses had to call police to break up a fight inside the ER

Looks like fights are no longer relegated to Laredo's nightclubs and dive bars.

Hospitals should have their own security force to deal with such disruptions. It must've been a doosey if police had to be called in.

El Chacon, keeping it real.


A place like no other.
In our current recession, Laredo is still leading in terms of auto

Monday, June 15, 2009

Land Clearing

South Laredo is getting a brand new sports complex complete with soccer fields, basketball and tennis courts, and a walking trail.

Clearing of all the native shrubs and trees started last week. Now when a wind blows, big clouds of dust fly into the adjoining settlements.

What really irks me is that more of the trees could've have been preserved instead of just a handful in the middle of the complex.

Palo verdes, huisaches, and mesquite trees are low maintenance, and add to the character of the local landscape. Cultivating one of these specimens makes your gardening a lot easier and saves you from using extra water.

Could it be that someday Laredo will be rid of all mesquites? Gawd, I hope not.


Washington, D.C. – Congressman Henry Cuellar (D-Laredo), today with the unanimous support of his House of Representatives colleagues, passed H.R. 2325, a bill to name Laredo’s Post Office at 1300 Matamoros Street in honor of Laredoan, Texan and American veterans.

“Every American knows someone who has served or is serving, and naming Laredo’s post office in honor of their service is the least we can do to honor their sacrifice,” said Congressman Cuellar. “Nearly two million veterans, almost ten percent of veterans nationwide, call Texas home. So we must honor their service with our immense gratitude.”

Congressman Cuellar introduced the legislation on May 7, 2009, and today the House passed the bill unanimously by a vote of 374-0. Once signed by the President, the postal facility on Matamoros Street will officially be named “Laredo Veterans Post Office.”

Slow News Day

I was just listening to "T.J. in the Midday" on 99.3 FM when he and his guest started talking about Autmus Fest 2009. They hinted that a certain blonde rocker, whose lead guitarist is Steve Stevens, and a hard rock quartet that has a lead singer named Vince Neil will be part of the festivities.

Could it be true? We'll find out soon enough. This year's Autmus Fest is scheduled to take place October 10.

Dream Of Blogging

So, you mean, I'm not going to get rich by blogging?

Flags Wavin'

It was Flag Day yesterday and all I did was go swimming. Some Laredoans, however, got into the spirit of things.

I spied this flag on the west part of town, near the Mines Road area. This flag waver got crafty with some PVC tubing.

Bordertown Blues did some flag waving as well. Congrats to him and the Longhorn baseball team on their win yesterday.

And I'm sure a lot of Los Angelinos are waving their own Laker flags today. La Sanbe gives it up (begrudgingly) to them too. I'm glad the Lakers won in Orlando; we're spared having to watch Jack Nicholson's fat head on t.v.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Throw Nothing Away

I commend these people for recycling old box springs and using them to make a fence. I have to wonder if they are in the bedding business because this sucker runs practically the length of the property.

Local barrio ingenuity never ceases to amaze us here at LaSanbe. Kudos to you, citizens.

What To Do?

It's 101 degrees out. Time to hit the pool next to La Martin.

Martin H.S. Class of '79 Reunion

The Tiger Class of '79 got together last night at the Center for the Arts. The dinner and dance was open for alumni and their guests.

Video footage of Friday's event, held at the LIFE Downs Restaurant, will be available soon. Those interested in obtaining a copy can request one at: MHS_Classof79@yahoo.com.

Planning Committee Pictured: (front) Mario Valadez, Gabriel Castillo, Julian Rios. (standing) Danny Tijerina, Tomas and Olivia Maldonado, Florencio Garcia, Geraldine Vela, Luis Vergara, Gaby Chapa, Lety Villasenor, Celeste Tijerina, Gloria Salinas, Yolanda Vigil, Mary Martinez, Ceci Flores, Cesar Ochoa, and Diana White.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Penguins Win Stanley Cup

It must be nice to be a Pittsburgher right now.

Pay No Mind To Man With Sharpie

At a local convenience store, some products have their price smudged out. Even the packs of Wrigley gum have a black dot on them.

That takes a lot of patience, and a lot of markers too.

This bag of chips, which runs for $1.29 at any other store, goes for $1.50. I don't want to reveal the identity of this place, but rest assured that it is not located at the corner of Corpus Christi and Lexington Ave.

In a tough economy where we're on the lookout for a better deal, one local grocer makes us go that extra mile so we can get our munchie fix on.

No Es Bueno

Not too long ago, Jobsanger wrote about the drop in interest for hybrid cars because the cost for a gallon of gasoline had come down. Lo and behold, gas prices have been inching up again, making it difficult for Laredoans to fill up their (status symbol) trucks and SUVs.

With this jump in fuel cost, cops towing the cars of uninsured drivers, and the possibility of law enforcement traps, there will be no cars left out on the road.

All the better for LaSanbe to try out its bicycle cam again.

Some Good News

Well, at least a little bit. Via the NY Times.
what makes Nuevo Laredo so remarkable now, however, is the relative calm

Laredoans, including me, still go over to Nuevo Laredo to run errands. Still, this part of the country has its problems to deal with.
the haul at the bridges connecting Laredo and Nuevo Laredo, for example, has included nearly three tons of marijuana and cocaine

Friday, June 12, 2009

Culture Shock

In today's Que Pasa section of the Laredo Times, staff reporter Taryn White writes about some of her favorite songs. Of Neko Case's "The Needle Has Landed" she writes:
No matter how you feel about country music, no one can help but be astounded by Neko Case's vocals. She has one of those voices that sounds so good, it doesn't seem real. It is very easy to get caught up in her melody and simply forget what you were doing.

I too have quickly become a fan of Case. Her voice is easily discernible - strong but with a certain weightlessness to it; angelic dare I say.

What I have found interesting is that, basically, all of the Times' reporters have shared their musical interests with us in the last several weeks. And they have been musical picks that are considered indie, or alternative: Calexico, Elliot Smith, The Black Keys, etc.

Shame, though, that they have to work in a community that barely knows about these artists. Neko Case will never, ever, ever be played on Laredo's airwaves. In a way that's a good thing. I can consider myself a member of an exclusive "underground" musical scene - one that's being drowned out by Norteno accordions and tuba-driven polkas.

(The Needle Has Landed is on the Fox Confessor Brings the Flood LP)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

This Concrete Jungle Laredo

Why Coldplay Sucks - episode 4,969

Die hard metal heads are getting a kick out of the resurrection, passion and never-say-die ethos of Canadian heavy metal band, Anvil. Their documentary is a smash hit and they are finally getting their curtain call after decades of scratching bottom amongst the ranks of has-been rockers. Adding to the groundswell, they have been named as AC/DC's opening act for an upcoming tour.

Just when metal-heads everywhere were set to pump their fists and rejoice, along comes Coldplay and their gay parade to splash cold water on this hot mess. After viewing the documentary, Chris Martin stated: "There's a scene in it between the drummer and the singer which makes you cry, especially if you're in a band and you know what it feels like to love another man so much."

The horror.


I would like to wish Milwaukee native Jerome Silberman, aka Gene Wilder, a Happy (76th) Birthday.

Dr. Frauwnkenschteeeen, you're my hero.

Jon And Kate

It's like I have a twin. Weird.
He is a sullen 32-year-old layabout whose skate-punk sideburns and gelled
forelocks signal boring bad news

Uninsured Motorists

Local ACLU President David Almaraz comments about Laredo's towing ordinance in the Beaumont Enterprise.
He explained that a number of people who live in border towns need their cars to
go to work because there isn't a more reliable public transportation system

That's a good point. I used to take a three-mile bus ride to work, but had to make a connection at the downtown transit center. It's what you would call the scenic route.

My morning communte would take about ninety minutes. Nowadays, if I want to take the bus to my current job, which is five miles away, I have to bike, or walk about seven blocks to catch the bus that takes me directly to my employer. For that I have to be out the door an hour before I have to punch in. It's a hassle.

The only other option I would offer people who can't afford liability insurance for their cars is to drive a motorcycle, but that comes with a host of other concerns.

(See "ACLU and tow companies challenge towing plan" in the Beaumont Enterprise for complete story)

Laredo In Details Magazine

If Mayor Raul Salinas didn't like the way Laredo was depicted in the latest issue of Esquire, then he's not going to take kindly to Gabriel Cardona's story in Details. La Azteca neighborhood, where Cardona grew up, is mentioned.
It is a neighborhood of grinding poverty. Laundry dries on fence lines,
thick oaks and saplings cast long shadows

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


There are a lot of things going on in this picture and none of them are good.

Here you have a business on San Dario that obviously is in need of more square footage.

So what do they do? They spill unto the sidewalk, making it difficult for pedestrians to navigate down the road.

And to cap it all off, they obstruct the realtor's sign of the property next door. Both the white building and the corner car lot are for sale but with the cars blocking the sign I wonder if they want to keep the property from being sold.

Laredo, gotta love it.

I Hadn't Noticed

Via Latino Politics:
materialism is pretty apparent in the Latino community.....an emphasis on the
car culture instead of investing in other things that might be more enriching

That reminds me: I have to get the rims on my Prius polished. Hey, I have to look the part when I cruise down San Bernardo Ave.

90 Determining The Fate

Bordertown Blues has an excellent take on Martin High School's plan to turn things around. The school has missed Average Yearly Progress goals for the last six years.

I totally support their efforts of correcting the problem by having everybody converse in English, but then what do you do about the truancy problem, and drop out rates? One thing at a time, I guess.

Like "A" points out in his blog: there might be more factors at play than just langauge barriers.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Three Months Till NFL Season

PITTSBURGH — A limited number of individual game tickets for the Steelers 2009 home games are available through Ticketmaster beginning on Saturday, June 20, at 10:00 a.m. This marks the third consecutive season fans will be able to purchase tickets through Ticketmaster.
Fans may buy up to four tickets total for the regular season while there is no limit for the two preseason home contests. A majority of the tickets will be priced at either $59 or $62. However, there will be single seats available at prices ranging from $59-$240.
Tickets will be sold either on www.ticketmaster.com or by calling Ticketmaster’s new toll free sales line 1-800-745-3000. Tickets will not be sold at Ticketmaster Outlets.
All Accessible seating will also be available through Ticketmaster starting at 10:00 a.m. on June 20th.
Since there are a limited number of tickets available, tickets will be sold out very quickly.

2009 Pittsburgh Steelers Home Schedule


Thursday, Aug. 13 vs. Cardinals 8 p.m. (ESPN)
Saturday, Aug. 29 vs. Bills 7:30 p.m. (KDKA/FSN Pittsburgh)


Thursday, Sept. 10 vs. Titans 8:30 p.m. (NBC)
Sunday, Oct. 4 vs. Chargers 8:20 p.m. (NBC)
Sunday, Oct. 18 vs. Browns 1 p.m. (CBS)
Sunday, Oct. 25 vs. Vikings 1 p.m. (FOX)
Sunday, Nov. 15 vs. Bengals 1 p.m. (CBS)
Sunday, Dec. 6 vs. Raiders * 1 p.m. (CBS)
Sunday, Dec. 20 vs. Packers * 1 p.m. (FOX)
Sunday, Dec. 27 vs. Ravens * 1 p.m. (CBS)