Thursday, April 30, 2009

Out Of Houston Courts

Another drug dealer going to prison.
Gil will forfeit his interest in $6 million and several pieces of real estate in Laredo, Texas

What Do We Do Now?

Pearl Jam to Rock ACL

Pearl Jam, Beasties to headline Austin music fest

Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam throws the microphone during his performance at the taping of the third annual VH1 Rock Honors: The Who concert in Los AngelReuters – Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam throws the microphone during his performance at the taping of the third annual …

NEW YORK (Billboard) – Pearl JamDave Matthews Band and theBeastie Boys will headline the three-day Austin City Limits Music Festival in Texas on October 2-4.

Other acts scheduled to perform at the annual Zilker Park event includeKings of LeonBen Harper and Relentless7, Thievery CorporationJohn LegendSonic YouthMos Def, the B-52s, Lily Allen, the Decemberists, and Coheed and Cambria.

Three days festival passes start at $185 (with no service fees) (

Pearl Jam is also planning to tape an appearance on the Austin City Limits television show, the public television series that is the festival's inspiration.

Last year ACL was the fifth highest-grossing festival reported to Billboard Boxscore at $11.8 million, with an aggregate attendance of 218,000.

(Editing by Dean Gooodman at Reuters)

Vieja Hija De Su.....

A man who tried to smuggle ammo into Mexico is going to prison. His family responds.
His family became so antagonistic toward Judge Micaela Alvarez, shouting at her

Zaffirini Speaks

I'll know La Sanbe has arrived when my state representatives return my calls. Judith Zaffirini on college tuition:
"It does have a cap," Zaffirini said. "We are very, very interested
in ensuring that we secure the highest possible appropriations for higher

Caption Contest

Noooooo!!!! You've killed us all!!!!!!

Enter captions at your discretion in the comments box.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hola Cleveland!

Ignorance On Tap At LMT

Lately we've been treated to a special kind of stupid: We've had Governor Perry hint at secession; U.S. Rep. Michelle Bachman can't get the name, or date, of the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act right; And Miss California referred to heterosexual marriage as "opposite" marriage.

Closer to home we have an editorial piece included on page 4 of the Laredo Morning Times that tries to reassure local citizens that the current outbreak of swine flu (H1N1) is no case for panic, but instead takes on a condescending, facetious, and insulting tone.
People aren't very rational when it comes to their health or that of their children

That may be, but talking down to them or downplaying their concerns is not the best approach to take, especially when blown-up photos of pedestrians wearing surgical masks appear on the front page of the LMT. Pushing the hysteria, and trying to tamp it down is a wash.
With no offense meant toward our southern neighbors

Hint: This is going to be offensive.
it should also be noted that, overall, Mexico's medical system isn't as advanced as the one in the United States

Un-fuckin-believable. Stupidity once again makes an appearance.
People who died of swine flu over there might not have died over here. A tough thing to say, but true

It would be true if a toddler hadn't died in Houston today. The writer should've waited before pulling this little nugget out of his/her ass.

In one fell swoop, Mexico's health care system is characterized as something less than first-class. Obviously medical tourism is a subject that this person is not familiar with. Mexico can provide top-notch medical care if one has the means to access it. The more money one has, the more lavish the care will be. Unfortunately, the same can be said of the health care system in the U.S.

And as long as Mexico has no shortage of ills, ethnocentric Laredoans will be here to provide their inane opinion for all to see.


Please Don't Cancel

I'm looking forward to the Margarita Rocks Festival this Saturday, and my wife wants to see the new Wolverine movie. If things fall through, we can always catch up on dusting, or re-arranging our sock drawers.


A mi me gustan los Cowboys! Giddyup.

More In Swine News

The swine flu has been great for the hand sanitizer, and surgical mask industries, but what effect will this health scare have on the local economy?
The border cities of Laredo, El Paso, McAllen and Brownsville will feel the full
impact of the crisis

I haven't heard of any bridges closing in the Laredo area. Tourists will definitely come, and you'll be able to spot them right away - they'll be the ones at the mall with masks.

On second thought, maybe the mall should close, what with all that money exchanging hands and everybody wearing masks. How will mall security tell the difference?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Some Friendly Advice

A couple in San Antonio arms itself with information when dealing with their local appraisal district. A group of Laredoans have fought against high property appraisals in recent years. What advice could they use from their neighbors to the north?
Pictures, pictures, pictures tell the story better than anyone

NBA Playoffs

The Spurs were eliminated in the first round by the Mavericks. Too bad, so sad.

Letter To The Editor

Clema Owen was so disturbed by her experience at LCC that she had to write a letter to the Laredo Times. And what, you may ask, was all the hubbub about? Answer: chewing gum. Apparently, she was chewing gum in an auditorium and was asked to dispose of it. An usher kept after her, and ultimately Clema left, free to chew as much gum as her heart desired.

Some LMT readers posted comments to her story. The first one was particularly biting:
When we were growing up our parents informed us that the only women who chewed gum were hookers so you can be assurred we never chew gum in public today

Whoa! Funny, but whoa!

Musico Pic Courtesy Of _Ch


The lovely couple is expecting twins. Yay! Will the twins have her chin, or his sideburns? La Sanbe sends best wishes.

Riendo Taco

A non-Kosher Mexican Flu?

Israeli official: Swine flu name offensive

Deputy Health Minister Yakov Litzman said the reference to pigs is offensive to both religions and "we should call this Mexican flu and not swine flu," he told a news conference at a hospital in central Israel.

Both Judaism and Islam consider pigs unclean and forbid the eating of pork products.

Scientists are unsure where the new swine flu virus originally emerged, though it was identifed first in the United States. They say there is nothing about the virus that makes it "Mexican" and worry such a label would be stigmatizing.

Copyright © 2009 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

No School Closures

LISD head nurse Patricia Keck on being vigilant for swine flu:
The experts said we have to have a high index of suspicion

Como dice, index?



Last night my wife and I were laughing our asses off at this picture. All that was missing was a pig's snort.


Traffic was backed up on Zapata Highway this morning. I saw a big rig stalled in the south-bound lane. Later I learned that a man was killed.
A man in his 40s was hit by the tractor-trailer

A brick median was recently installed along Zapata Highway, and a traffic light is one block from the scene of the accident. I don't know that more could've been done as far as safety measures, but I'm sure somebody is going to suggest putting speed bumps on U.S. 83 so things like these don't happen again.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Extreme Dull

Should I Go?

Everybody with a runny nose is going to flock to one of our two emergency rooms now that the whole world is on swine flu alert. And that is going to add to the frustration of everybody involved.

Personally, I'm glad I don't work in the emergency department anymore. It's exciting for a while, but you can only take so many "diarrhea for one week" complaints before you lose your mind. The most common complaint from people who have visited the E.R. is the long wait time. To this day I hear stories from friends and family who report waiting in the lobby for hours before being treated. Naturally, when they learn that I've worked in the system, they want to know why it is that the process doesn't move along more swiftly. When asked, I unintentionally sigh and think to myself, do you have an hour to kill?

First responders, and hospital staff undergo yearly mass casualty drills to prepare for catastrophic events, but luckily I never had to experience the real thing. This swine flu outbreak will surely test the city's response preparedness if the shi'ite decides to hit the fan.

But judging from comments provided for El Manana's story today, I think things are going to be brutal.

Juanita Lopez told El Manana that she took her son to a local E.R. and left after waiting a long time. She was surprised to receive a bill for $200 in the mail to cover registration fees.

Margarita Martinez described the experience as a nightmare. She'll consult her private M.D. for a non-life-threatening condition instead of having to wait 2-3 hours in the E.R.

And Mary Salas says that the only way you will be seen quickly is to get there on a stretcher via ambulance.

Now that last one is a myth, but I don't dare get into those kinds of arguments with people. First of all, you'll get stuck with an additional $200 bill, maybe more. And if the triage nurse is a real hardass, he/she will send you out to the lobby to wait. The only way you'll be seen quickly is if your arm is hanging on by a thread, and you're gushing blood. Really.

My advice is: stay healthy, and don't go to the E.R. Good luck.

Stay Home

Tonight's wrestling event in Nuevo Laredo has been cancelled.

75% Off!!

Rap It Up

In a city that touts Norteno and country as its musical cornerstones, Hip Hop is apparently now taking Laredo by storm.

Or, at least that is what I hear.

Obviously musical tastes vary, but the last time I heard there was a "Rock" station in town, I was surprised to find out that Rock and Roll consisted of the band Men at Work.

Anyhow, enjoy the variety, Laredo.

Joe Barton Bringing The Comedy

Joe Barton strikes again
You may remember Rep. Joe Barton, R-Texas, from a recent congressional hearing where he showed off his uncanny scientific knowledge and incredible ability to swiftly and conclusively debunk the theory of global warming. That's the hearing in which -- because he doesn't understand fairly basic concepts regarding plate tectonics -- Barton believed he'd stumped Energy Secretary Steven Chu, who only won the 1997 Nobel Prize for Physics and is as such no intellectual match for a member of Congress.
On Friday, Barton was back at it, challenging former Vice President Al Gore, who appeared at a House subcommittee hearing to discuss legislation intended to help slow the progress of warming. And in the process, he showed that he's not exactly a whiz when it comes to understanding metaphors either.
Responding to comments and a question from the congressman, Gore said, "I believe that it's important to look at the sources of the science that we rely on. With all due respect, I believe that you have relied on people you have trusted, who have given you bad information. I don't blame the investors who trusted Bernie Madoff. But he gave them bad information and..."
It was at this point that Barton cut Gore off to interject, "I've never talked to Bernie Madoff."

Swine Flu

Two cases of swine flu have been reported in Nuevo Laredo, and classes have been postponed in Mexico until May 6.
Meanwhile, long lines were reported at the international bridges Sunday night as
Mexican citizens fled in the face of the spreading flu

Locally, health department officials are keeping close tabs with local hospitals to see if any cases of swine flu appear. LISD, and UISD administrators have been informed of signs and symptoms to look out for.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Apprentice Bull****

Melissa Rivers should not have been fired tonight. She wasn't even project manager on the losing team. Instead Trump keeps the dumb blond on board; that's a shocker.

I just love the way Melissa stormed out of there, cursing everyone out. Ahhhhhhh!

Mmmmmm, Barbacoa

I Wanna Be A Saint

I'm still waiting for the call from Vatican City.

It Begins

I got word that demolition of Shirley Field was still on hold until LISD could get clearance from the City of Laredo. Apparently, the city doesn't want demolition debris to be hauled away through the Civic Center parking lot and disrupt functions held at one of Laredo's oldest auditoriums, and ballrooms.

But yesterday I noticed that some work has started. At the far end of the track, near the new band hall, soil removal is evident. And as you can see, the track is gone; the scoreboard has also been taken down.

I'll stay on top of this, if it's o.k. with you all.

Carrizo Cane Story

Now El Manana has video on its website. Things are changing.

The interviews take place at the Environmental Center located at the downtown campus of Laredo Community College.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Out For Some "Wrestling"

I came close to asking for my money back after sitting through this spectacle. My kid enjoyed it though. And that's what's important, I guess. If we do this again, it'll be because there will be midgets involved, err, small people.

El Pocho vs La Mascara

Looks like I'm going to be spending some quality time with my son tonight.

Mini Derby Boy!

Day Care Centers

These things are all over the place.

Pruning, Anyone?

There's nothing like climbing a tree with a chainsaw on a sunny Saturday afternoon. No harness required.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Man Wanted

Just when you think it can't get any weirder, there's this:
he allegedly solicited men to have sex with his 15 year old girlfriend



I talked to a Webb County Elections Office staff member, and she told me that political signs can be used 90 days before the election. She directed me to Gustavo Guevara's office to check what the city's protocol is as far as electioneering.

I actually talked to the city manager, Mr. Guevara. He said that candidates can start using political signs at any time as long as it's not on private property. And anyone can start airing ads on t.v., radio, newspaper, etc. Politicians who are seeking re-election can start posting up their stuff one year before the election.

Now I know.

JP Liendo Is Fed Up With Truants

Justice of the Peace, Oscar Liendo, sent constable Rudy Rodriguez to look for students who have been absent from class one too many times. A total of 15 high school students were sent to the Webb County Jail to serve 12 hours for excessive truancy. All students were 17 years of age.

And if that's not enough, a fine of $200 was handed out to each student. If they can't comply with paying the fine, they can spend up to an additional 72 hours in jail.

No que no?!

Friday Doings

Esther Degollado has taken to the cinder block walls near Dr. Ike's. Other candidates have taken a different approach in announcing their intentions for office in 2010. We hear at La Sanbe want to find out if some of these people are jumping the gun a bit.

I made a call to the Elections Office right now, but nobody answered. The person at the 311 call station told me to call back because they might be out to lunch.

I also want to go down to the riverbanks and see if I can get some shots of the carrizo cane clearing. It started yesterday. I'll post on that development later today.

Also, I want to take some pictures of the old Ochoa Elementary School. It might be the last school standing that has the same architecture of days gone by. If anyone knows of any old photos of Tomas Sanchez Elementary, let me know; I'd like some for old times sake.

Somebody stated that swine flu cases had been found in Nuevo Laredo. An employee from the City of Laredo Health Department said that no such cases have been reported. They will release an announcement sometime today.

That is all.

UPDATE: I went to Ochoa Elem. to take some pictures, but the principal said that I needed to get clearance from Mr. A. Perez downtown. Drats!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Is That A Gun In Your Pocket?

Don't forget to have everyone take their shoes off when going through inspection.
waits at the Laredo and El Paso ports of entry on today ranged from "a handful of minutes" to up to 10 minutes

When has a crossing ever taken so little time? Gimme a break.

Ya Basta!

The senate race in Minnesota needs to get done. Al Franken's people keep calling me up for donations. Norm, it's over buddy.

In The 90s From Now On

Trouble At Gallego Elementary School

Pro8news reported tonight that teachers from Gallego Elem. (formerly Buenos Aires) went before the school board to complain about the spiteful conduct directed at them from their own principal, Ms. San Juana Garza. The teachers were "reassigned" when it was learned that they would appear before the board.

This is not going to be pretty.

Pa' Donde Va?

Fees And What Not

This bill needs to go into effect like right now.
the House bill would, among other things, ban "arbitrary" interest rate increases, prohibit excessive fees


Guns sold in the United States are being used by drug cartels in Mexico. The NRA doesn't think this is the case.
The anti-gun community is trying to mislead people

Yeah, troubel is, the anti-gun lobby is called the ATF.
the U.S. is the easiest place and cheapest place for them to buy their guns

Praising our first responders, and praying for their safety is so September 12th.

Free Food

Local restaurant, Tacolare, will be dishing out free huevos rancheros next Thursday from 7 am to 10 pm. Now, they are only doing it at their north Laredo location. ??? I'll attribute that call to having limited parking, and space at their downtown location.

Look Over There

The new driver license looks like it was designed by somebody who wants attention drawn away from the driver's photo.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009



One thing that certainly scares me is the possibility of severe, irreversible droughts.
have found that almost all of the world's rivers are drying up

Thanks, I'll sleep tight tonight.

Russ Ballard

Don't look back,
look straight ahead,
don't turn away,
hear the voices say

Don't know why this song popped into my head.

I'll Take Famous Laredoans For $100


The Laredo Morning Times has just started to include video with their news stories. And Pro8news, during their 10:00 newscasts, encourages their viewers to check out their blog.

I'm sure I had something to do with all this.


A couple of weeks ago, I ventured out to rate a dive bar located off of S. Meadow Ave. The place didn't have the A.C. on, and had only one other patron at the bar.

After I finished my only beer, I asked if I could take a picture of the bottle. The female bartender stared at me, puzzled. I took the shot and went on my way. Right before I got to my car, the guy who was enjoying his own cool one comes out and asks to take a picture of me with his cell phone. I agreed.

I guess I spooked them a bit.

Segundo Barrio

The lady in red, out to meet.


According to Tom Hoffarth from Farther off the Wall, the NCAA has just approved sand volleyball to be added as an official sport for women at the Division I level.

Do not shoot the messenger.

Kidnapped In Nuevo Laredo

27-year-old Mario Espinoza was kidnapped upon leaving a nightclub in Nuevo Laredo.
he was forced into a vehicle by a group of men in the pre-dawn hours of Sunday
near Africa, a popular night club in downtown Nuevo Laredo

This case will undoubtedly lead to criticism of city leaders on both sides of the border. Mayor Garza Barrios, who recently stated that Nuevo Laredo was safe, will get this new development thrown back in his face. And we'll watch to see if Sheriff Martin Cuellar will make another trip across the border to escort this young man back to his family in Laredo, as he did with two female party-goers.

Personally, I'm not holding my breath.

At any rate, a bad light will once again shine on Nuevo Laredo. Laredoans will use this as an excuse to never set foot in our sister city. At the same time, they'll question Mr. Espinoza's motivation for traveling to Nuevo Laredo in the wee hours of the night.

I, however, will continue to go across because my dentist does great work. And he works on Saturdays, not like the bums here. Now, I have thought about having an implantable tracer placed in my arm, or leg, so I could be found in the event that something happened to me. That would probably settle my wife's nerves a bit, and it would make a great topic for conversation. Maybe.

Happy Earth Day

Now let's get out there and compost our own stool. Good luck!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What The Hell?

Found this at the site formerly known as the Laredo Chameleon.

La Sanbe Now On The Web

You can now follow us (me) at Or not, whatever.

Laredo Entertainment Center Bookings

First the LEC was bringing too many classic rock acts to Laredo. Then they went through their George Lopez, Shakira, Mana phase. Now it's all about hip-hop.
We wanted to continue to build on our recent success with hip-hop events

America's Team Who?

This Day In Laredo: August 2

August 1994 Dr. Zekow passed away

Courtesy photo (E-gor's Chamber of TV Horror Hosts)

Thanks to Louis Campbell for the link:

During the late sixties and early seventies, Laredo, Texas TV station KGNS channel 8 broadcast a horror movie program featuring a host called Dr. Zekow. I don't remember the actual name of the program (maybe one of those generic titles like "Shock Theater" or "Creature Feature" but don't hold me to it). Dr. Zekow was portrayed by Francisco "Frisco" Aguilar. Sadly, he passed away about five years ago, and some of the information I have here was gleaned from his obituary. He was dressed in a black suit (tuxedo?), with a black cape, white gloves, his face greasepainted gray, with popped eyes manufactured from halved ping-pong balls. I shook his hand at a supermarket opening when I was about six and he scared the bejesus out of me, not so much as to what he did, but with my 6-year old imagination running wild and rampant....

(UPDATED  to TDIL on August 2, 2015)

Happy Birthday Robert Smith

You're 50 today. I want to thank you for providing one insecure Laredo teenager with so much great music. In the late eighties, I drew your image on my English class notebook, and quoted some of your words, which my teacher was none too pleased with.


Monday, April 20, 2009

All Things Fiction

My wife dusted off her X Files dvd collection this weekend. We enjoyed several episodes, including the pilot. I'm not sure where my fascination with this kind of stuff started but I'm sure Count Natas and La Mano Pachona had something t0 do with it.

Spurs Game 2

San Antonio's team is up with a commanding lead at the start of the 4th quarter.

We Hear A Peep

Our state representative, Richard Raymond, takes some time to check in with the locals.
for Laredo it means the first step towards a crime lab and emergency operations center

I was starting to think that he didn't care about us anymore.

All-Staters Leobardo Benavides& Josue Solalinde

Leobardo and Josue represented the Cigarroa High School Band at the state level this year.

Leobardo, a junior oboe player, qualified for the 2009 All-State Orchestra, and senior percussionist Josue (white t-shirt) made the All-State Band. Both garnered Area slots last year.

They recalled experiencing a sense of excitement when playing with other top-notch band members from around the state. They owe their accomplishment to dedication, having started preparations for the challenge before this school year started. Along the way, Asst. Director Bobby Castro helped Josue with his try-out music, while Leobardo got assistance from Ms. Arriaga.

Josue will be attending Texas State University.
Congrats to both students. They've done south Laredo proud.

Now On Twitter!

You can now follow the Laredo Morning Times sports section on Twitter. See

Yeah, because newpapers are not in danger of going out of business or anything; follow them on somebody else's website.

At Least We're Not McAllen-Edinburg-Mission

One Laredo Times writer reassures us that things are not that bad when compared with the rest of the Rio Grande Valley.
Laredo inched up one-tenth of a percentage for March at 7.5 percent, but
faring a lot better than its fellow border regions


Get a glimpse of the new stadium tonight on The Science Channel.

Boston Marathon

Bordertown Blues is keeping an eye on the big race.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Will DA's Office Pass On This Case?

A 42-year-old man was booked on drug charges.
police found him in possession of trace amounts of heroin
Trace amounts; that's nothing.  I'm sure the DA's office will leave this one alone since Rick Flores' son was found with trace amounts of marijuana and was let go.

Apprentice Domingo

Clint Black is no auctioneer. I hope he gets his ass booted off, just for wearing that stupid hat.

UPDATE:  Oops, no, it's Hershel.  Bye.

Guadalupe Overpass Soon Cometh

Councilman District 1

I didn't know the man had a website.

Slaughter Park Soccer

Now that the goals have been set up, soccer teams have taken to the fields on the corner of Chacon, and Stone Ave. These teams are part of the 14-19 age group of the Laredo Soccer League. League Director, Jose Martinez, said that teams with school-aged players will be formed in the near future.

An All-Star competition will take place here on the 28th. Enjoy.

Best Indie Record Stores

Austin's Waterloo Records was voted 2nd best record store by Spin Magazine.

Someday I hope to own my very own record store. The name is going to be tough to choose. Right now, it's between Chuy's, and Tacuache Records. Judging from some of the names of the stores mentioned - Electric Fetus, Grimey's, Goner - it's not far-fetched to settle on Tacuache.

Cloudy Weekend

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Playoffs 2009

TV Land is having a M*A*S*H Marathon.

Oh yeah, and the Mavs and Spurs are in the first quarter of Game 1.

UPDATE:  It's the 4th quarter and the Spurs are on the ropes.

Councilman Mike Garza

Councilman Garza said that construction of this park should start this summer, and take about a year to complete phase 1. Another project in the works for south Laredo is the construction of a new library near the Santo Nino neighborhood. The current library is approximately 5,000 sq. feet; the new library will be three times as big. It will sit on the corner of Palo Blanco, and Zapata Highway, right across from the Mariachi Express.

I would like to thank Mr. Garza for braving the elements to do my little interview. Thankfully, no hail fell, as it did last night.

Pass Card Or Passport

The City of Laredo is hosting an event today at the main library for people to apply for either a Pass Card, or passport. The Pass Card will cost you $45, while the passport will set you back $115. For information, you can call (956)795-2400.

To apply for these documents, you'll have to present a photo I.D. and a copy of your birth certificate. You'll need a Pass Card, or passport to cross back into the U.S. starting June 1.

Independence Park

Laredo's Park and Leisure Dept., and Keep Laredo Beautiful staff, along with students from various high schools, got together to clean up the grounds of what is to be a new park for south Laredo. This particular stretch of land is located just east of Century City.

The soggy conditions put a damper on some of the activities. Branches that the students cleared around the pond weren't able to be mulched. But they did manage to pick up a lot of trash. By the time I got here, they were all seated under a tent because it started to rain. Then somebody from the Times got there, and wanted a picture of the group, so they all ran out and posed with the result of their hard work.

Damage to the trees along the pond is the work of some critters that lurk in the area.

I got a chance to speak with Councilman Mike Garza (yellow polo shirt); I'll post video later today.

Friday, April 17, 2009


Who are you people?!

Coachella 2009

Morrissey, Silversun Pickups, and Beirut are playing right now out in Indio, CA. Tear, sob.

Guilty On Five Counts

Javier Carrera was found guilty of sexual assault, and indecency with a child. He'll now have to spend 50 years in prison.

I met this guy at least once back in our high school days. It's truly a shock what has happened with this guy, and what is about to happen.

Morning Encounter

Is it bad luck to have an opossum pass right in front of you?

At any rate, I'll be watching my back all day.

Brittany Talamantez Signs With UT-Pan Am

La Sanbe would like to congratulate Brittany Talamantez of United High School for signing a letter of intent with the University of Texas - Pan American. Way to go! But what's interesting here is the way the story has been presented. First we have the press release from the school's website:
Lady Bronc Track & Field Sign Talamantez to NLI

April 16, 2009

The University of Texas-Pan American men and women's track and field programs announced on Thursday (Apr. 16) that Brittany Talamantez (Laredo, TX/Laredo United HS) signed a National Letter of Intent and will join the Lady Broncs for the 2009 Fall campaign.

Talamantez joins the squad as a thrower. Talamantez at Laredo United qualified for Regional's in 2007 in the discus and secured 3rd in the state in power lifting. In 2008 she was the 29-5A district champ in the shot-put and also earned a return trip to state in power lifting where she finished second, and in 2009, Talamantez was the state champion in power lifting. In addition to track, Talamantez also was a three-year letter winner in basketball.

"We are very excited that Brittany will be joining our program. She is a very talented and hard working athlete who is going to develop into a very successful thrower at the collegiate level," said assistant coach Jennifer Leatherman. "I feel she will have an immediate impact in the Great West Conference in the throws next year as a freshman for the us."

Then we have the same story, with some minor changes, appear on the LMT sports blog. It was posted by Dennis Silva, Sports Editor.

EDINBURG — The University of Texas-Pan American men and women’s track and field programs announced on Thursday that Brittany Talamantez, of Laredo United High School, signed a National Letter of Intent and will join the Lady Broncs for the 2009 Fall campaign.

Talamantez joins the squad as a thrower. Talamantez at Laredo United qualified for regionals in 2007 in the discus and secured third in the state in powerlifting.

In 2008, she was the District 29-5A district champ in the shot-put and also earned a return trip to state in powerlifting, where she finished second.

In 2009, Talamantez was the state champion in powerlifting. In addition to track, Talamantez also was a three-year letter winner in basketball.

“We are very excited that Brittany will be joining our program. She is a very talented and hard working athlete who is going to develop into a very successful thrower at the collegiate level,” said assistant coach Jennifer Leatherman. “I feel she will have an immediate impact in the Great West Conference in the throws next year as a freshman for the us.”

Talamantez's brother, Michael, is currently playing football at the University of Texas A&M-Kingsville.

Mr. Silva makes an attempt to cite the source of the story by including the name of the city, Edinburg, at the beginning. But then why would he alter it and add the last sentence about Brittany's brother? He's basically trying to pass it off as his own since there's no link to the original source.

I'll try to get some clarification from the Times.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

An ex-Sheriff's Nightmare


Laredo Firefighter's Association

Margarita Rocks
Park and Ride
5290 Daugherty Ave
Laredo, TX
May 2, 2009
4:30 PM to 2 AM
Tickets sold at Fire Station #1 on Guadalupe, Old #2 at 313 W Village Blvd, Danny's Restaurants, Tortamex, La Roca and Border Media at 107 Calle Del Norte Ste. 212.

El Muro

The border wall goes up in Brownsville and it's not pretty.



OK, this makes sense. Pamela Anderson is reportedly ready to wed again.

Call CNN! Or, the looney bin!

Violent Vaquero Fans

While the Dallas Cowboys may lay claim to being America's Laredo's team, the AP wire is ablaze with a story emanating from the nation's capital.

No, it doesn't deal with Texas secession, it focuses on sports. Specifically, a Dallas Cowby fan was driving down the road, his vehicle afixed with those team flags that are so popular, when someone approached his vehicle, grabbed the flag, and threw it on the ground.

No way, Jose. The Cowboy fan exited his vehicle and punched the man in the face!

Full story here.

Tea Party In Laredo

Laredo actually had a tax protest yesterday in front of the Taco Tote restaurant. From the KGNS coverage, it looked like 20 people made the event. Nobody was interviewed leaving me to think that they were all camera shy. And the Laredo Times didn't bother telling the story. I can't blame them; after all, the event took place three whole blocks from their offices.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

George And Martha 2010

Ladies and gentlemen, John and Anna Galo.


I came across this little statue this weekend. It's displayed at a house on the west side of Laredo. It reminded me of the story Bordertown Blues did last month.

(New) Martin Band Hall

Martin H.S. band members have had a new band hall for the past two years but the facility was just dedicated (yesterday) to the band's first band director, Elmo Lopez, Sr.

I didn't stay for the whole presentation because everybody and their mother got up to share their thoughts with those in attendance. At one point, the LISD chief financial officer spoke. I'm thinking to myself, let's get this thing going, it's after 6 and I want to go home. So I did.

Now, I don't want to say that I wasn't impressed with the place, but it's just a big room with extra closet space. Perhaps someday I can take a closer look at what makes this band hall a "state-of-the-art" building. At any rate, congratulations to Mr. Elmo Lopez.


This is reason enough not to build a water park.
Bright sunny days have cost billions for ranchers

New NFL Schedule Out

Local Steeler fans are walking a little too proud these days. I try to keep my admiration to a low-key setting.

Anyhow, the 2009 schedule is out and I'm disappointed that the Steelers aren't coming to Dallas or Houston. Some locals go all the way to Pittsburgh but I've made other plans for a cross-country trip this year.

As far as the schedule is concerned, it's not a tough one, in my opinion. The first game is on Sept. 10 against the Titans.

4.5 Million For Sheriffs

Washington, DC - Congressman Henry Cuellar will announce on Thursday that the recently enacted 2009 Omnibus Appropriations Act has awarded $4.5 million in new funding to the Texas Border Sheriffs’ Coalition. The funding will be distributed to sheriffs’ departments across the Texas-Mexico border, including the Webb County Sheriff’s Department, through a formula that will be established soon.

Since 2006, the Webb County Sheriff’s Department has received over $1.3 million in federal funding through the Texas Border Sheriffs’ Coalition.

Pot Case Dismissed

The case against Rick Flores' son won't be followed through thanks to the crack team (no pun intended) of attorneys who came to his rescue.

That's right, I said team, as in it took three attorneys to get drug charges dismissed.
officer found a couple of seeds on the seat and a little piece of stem that
police believed to be marijuana

What does this say about the local legal community if three lawyers had to get involved in a drug possession case. And you have a former sheriff involved also. You'd think he would be able to assist in the clearing of his son's good name. But no, he hired three attorneys.

Steak plate sales are sure to follow to take care of the legal fees.

LMT Goes With Horrible Title For Story

"LISD names band hall after old director"

He knows he's old. We know he's old. There's nothing wrong with old people.