Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy Birthday

Air America premiered five years ago today.

Border Patrol Training

The Right

What makes a republican?
Northern white Protestants in the 19th century, married white Christians more recently

I knew it!!!


When did this happen?

Blue Dog Henry Cuellar

Not that I contributed money to his campaign, but I agree with the premise.
The Blue Dogs are an overt obstacle to progressive governance

No funding for centrists.

Another Superintendent Exit

It was learned yesterday that Veronica Guerra resigned as Laredo ISD Superintendent. I guess she got tired of waiting on the school board to present her with her evaluation. Meanwhile, we have Guerra's supporters blaming the trustees for ousting her, when in fact, that didn't happen. Technically.

But now that she's gone, the board saves itself the agony of going through the process of canning Guerra. And they can probably deny any accusation of wanting her fired. It'll be interesting to see if they'll be forthcoming with details of her evaluation, and their protracted closed-door executive sessions.

What I really want to know is how the district fared with the reading section of the TAKS test. My son got his results last week but I have yet to hear a peep from anybody.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Fire Pandit

Citigroup's Pandit should be removed for the mere fact that the interest rate on my credit card went up. Bastards!

Laredo ISD Board Meeting

It's a good thing I don't live-blog district board meetings. The trustees are still in executive session. What's at stake is the superintendent's job. Hopefully we'll find out something in the morning.

Ozzy Audition

I've heard of Randy Castillo and Mike Bordin, but never Papo Talavera. I would imagine this guy didn't get the job..

Saunders Bridge

An actual beautification effort along the Zacate Creek.

Washington, DC

Washington, DC – Congressman Henry Cuellar, the chairman of the powerful U.S. House Homeland Security Subcommittee on Emergency Communications, Preparedness, and Response, will chair a hearing tomorrow to examine the coordination of security forces along the southwestern border in response to recent drug-related violence.
Zapata County Sheriff Sigifredo Gonzalez will join other border experts to testify at the hearing, and afterward, Sheriff Gonzalez and Congressman Cuellar will hold a news conference to offer their firsthand perspectives on the fight against border violence.

Lunes Round-Up

Jobsanger brings us Robot.

Bordertown Blues shows us that the University of Texas loves La Raza.

Laredo speaks - electrician style.

Like me, El Chavo has a fascination with trees.

And L.A. Taco brings the art.

Come And Get It

I hung my socks out to dry yesterday and forgot about them. Suddenly I got a whiff of something burning. I thought somebody in the barrio was starting a fire to grill some fajitas, but upon further inspection I saw that a fire was raging near the Chacon Creek.

Instead of taking my socks inside, I ran to get a glimpse of the fire. Needless to say my socks didn't have an "April freshness" scent to them after that.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tonight's Apprentice

I'm glad Dennis is gone. That guy is crazy. And could he possibly have mentioned that he was a champion one more time? He spoke about it as if he did it all by himself. What an asshole.

Props to Jesse James for calling it as it is: Dennis is an alcoholic.

Making A Buck At The Church

Shouldn't they be out already. It's getting hot out here.

Guillermo Interviews Tom Cruise

2009 Crime Stoppers 5K Run

A friend took part in the 5K run yesterday morning at Lake Casa Blanca International Park. I couldn't make the race because I had to work.

Anyway, she told me that the starting line was near the main entrance of the park. The course ran along the road that leads to the back of the lake. At some point, the runners turned back and finished where they started.

This is where the story gets interesting. Sponsors donated food and water for the participants afterwards.

Water was donated by Coca-Cola; Assorted fruit was donated by the Sheriff's Department; Rudy's provided BBQ sandwiches; Olive Garden provided spaghetti; and DA Chilo Alaniz gave out stickers, and other trinkets. Goodie bags were also packed with other cool stuff.

This kind of organization, and sponsorship highlights the great disparity between this race, and the famous Guajolote 10K Race (pictured) held on Thanksgiving Day. At the Guajolote, it's more about the race and not the swag. I'm almost embarrassed to show you the generic cap I won back in November -- embarrassed for them, not me.

This year, if someone runs the Guajolote with me, I'll participate in the race. If not, I'm sleeping in.

Kudos to the Crime Stoppers. And happy running everyone.

Kevin Rodriguez - Martin High School

Congratulations to Kevin Rodriguez, freshman clarinet player for La Band del Animo, for making the All-State Band.

His preparation started before the school year began, balancing his marching practices with his own goal of becoming a better musician.

He said he didn't expect to get as far as the state level. But here he is, a Tiger legend (and Laredo legend for that matter) in the making with three years to go.

Congrats Kevin, you've done good.

Pictured with Kevin is Martin High School Band Director, Rodolfo Montalvo.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

At Stubb's In Austin

Chris Cornell will be at Stubb's on Monday, and Neko Case will be there Tuesday. TV On The Radio will play in May.

Remind me why I still live in Laredo.

San Jose Church Jamaica 2009 - El Chacon

Bump In The Night

The superintendent was catching up on Spring cleaning.
Guerra was clearing out her office

So if she resigns, does she get a superintendent pension?

Friday, March 27, 2009

Tiger Legends 2009 - Laredo, Texas

The Tiger Legends of 2009:

(left to right)

Orlando Canizales,
Ramiro Sauceda,
Dr. Antonio Salinas,
Johnny Rendon,
John Peter Montalvo sitting in for Rodolfo Guadalupe Gonzalez,
Judith Reyna,
Julia Muller Ruhlman,
and Ricardo Ortiz

At the podium, several honorees used the famous Martin H.S. cliche: Once A Tiger, Always A Tiger. The students in the bleachers got all riled up every time the words were uttered. Quite frankly, I wish they'd just put that away.

Amparo Acevedo Garcia, and Aminta Perez Tijerina were unable to attend the event.

DJ Ashba

New GnR guitarist, DJ Ashba, provides free guitar lesson (using an iPhone).

Laredo Is Recession Proof

Yesterday I heard Henry Cuellar on the radio saying that Laredo is "recession proof."  I thought my mind was playing tricks on me so I got in touch with Cuellar's staff to clear this up.

His spokesman pointed to an article that lists Laredo as one of the lucky cities in the nation during these tough economic times.  But, lo and behold, the Laredo Times comes out with a story today entitled, More Out Of Work.  

The disconnect is blaring.

A quick glance at the Bureau of Labor Statistics' website shows Laredo's unemployment rate was at 7.3% in January.  For the United States, it was 7.6%.

It's good to present a rosy picture of our hometown but sometimes people need to get out of their bubble to see what's really going on.  I'm not saying that we should paint a doomsday scenario the way Rick Flores used to do.  But for gawd's sake let's deal with reality.  

Thursday, March 26, 2009

El Gusano - Pic Courtesy Of _ch

Fathead On Cousin's Wall

Sports Reporting

Lrd Sports Wire takes issue with a line that Laredo Times reporters included in a story.
"His delicate shooting touch and knack for rebounding, particulary***** on the offensive glass, has already left many scouts intrigued with his potential and growth."

It might be that writers for the Times are checking in with what scouts are saying, or they are acting as representatives for local athletes.

Canned Answers

I wanted to get a comment from Henry Cuellar concerning his position on keeping the Obama administration from levying taxes and fees on oil and gas companies. This (email) is what I got from a Cuellar spokesperson:

The Budget Committee has not yet presented a 2010 budget to the full House, so we’ll first need to see the legislation in order to offer a response to any specific energy proposals.

I’ve attached the letter that yesterday’s newspaper article referred to, which lays out a few basic principles about economic recovery and energy independence. In short, it expresses support for the jobs and energy created by small, domestic U.S. producers, and it expresses the sense that the budget should support domestic energy production as part of a broader energy independence and job growth strategy.

The new administration thinks that the current tax cuts for energy companies keeps them from investing in, and exploring, renewable sources of power.

More directly, I wanted to know why Texas politicians favored tax cuts for these companies when they've been making obscene amounts of money the last several years. I basically got the same response that was printed in newspapers earlier this week.

The Carrizo Cane Saga

It was not long ago that the Laredo City Council gave the Border Patrol the go-ahead to spray a 1-mile section of the Rio Grande with an herbicide to kill the invasive carrizo cane.

Since then, everybody and their mother has picked up the story. The Border Patrol is now on standby due to the protests of local environmentalists, a lawsuit from residents that live near the proposed test area, and push-back from Nuevo Laredo city officials.

La Sanbe will continue to follow this story to see how big this thing gets.
Meanwhile, read more on this subject over at XicanoPwr.

Guns In Cars

Can't we ban ammo, seriously?

Laredo's Bravest

Local firefighters just can't stay out of trouble.
Mendoza is accused of firing a weapon into the air during a gathering at his


El Vez does Merengue on the Plane

Elvis "the pelvis" Crespo did his thing on a plane recently. His exploits do not exactly meet the requirements of making the 'mile high club'. In failing to make the club, Elvis got off the plane.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Henry Flores On KLDO

Former Webb County Clerk Henry Flores was on the channel 12 (cable) newscast tonight giving us his side of the story. He was charged with soliciting a minor earlier this week. His statement (paraphrased), in Spanish, went like this:

I picked up the boy on a boulevard; he looked tired. I told him that I had to go home to check my messages. The boy asked for cigarettes. I hadn't smoked in a long time but I bought some. He had trouble lighting the cigarette so I lit one for him.

At home, I was in the kitchen when the boy walked into my bedroom and saw an open pornographic magazine on my bed. He dismissed it. Then the boy asked me if I had any magazines with women in them, so I showed him one.

I then sat the boy on my lap and advised him to get his life straight and go back home. It was always my intention to take the boy back to his own home. I didn't know what I was going to do because the boy was on some medication.

Upon leaving a restaurant, I hugged the boy from behind and gave him a peck on his neck. He asked me if I was gay. I said no. I just told him that I was glad to have known him.

I apologize to the parents for the grief they experienced during the boy's absence.

Field In Pfleugerville, Tx

Our friend took us out to the spot where some scenes of Friday Night Lights are filmed.

News Shorts

Laredo Entertainment Center favorite George Lopez will have his own late-night show on TBS in November.

Mrs. Matthew Broderick had a birthday today.

Coming in 2011, you'll be able to follow La Sanbe on Twitter.

That is all.


Seven-Foot Picture

This looks nothing like me.

Martin v. Nixon

Martin and Nixon will play at the Student Activity Complex in east Laredo on August 27. Mark your calendar.

Herbicide Spraying Delayed

Score one for local envirnmentalists.
that date has been pushed back to allow for further negotiations with Mexico

One former councilman points the finger.
The problem started at City Council

And Mary Wyers also weighs in.
We live in a polluted city, and you're talking about getting rid of the carrizo,
which is a filter for the pollutants

We must have other filters; I'm sure of it.

Tax Cuts For Oil And Gas Industry

How can we give the oil industry tax cuts when they made outrageous profits during chucklenuts' administration, and have no new refineries to show for it.
the group warned that proposals in the budget to slash tax incentives used by
oil and gas developers could increase the costs of energy production "and reduce
our energy supplies."

Laredo's own Henry Cuellar is included in this group of corporate tax-cutting champions. I've e-mailed his spokesperson for a comment. I'll wait.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Yay Football

PITTSBURGH – The Steelers will open the 2009 NFL season with a home game against the Tennessee Titans on Thursday, Sept. 10, it was announced today by the league office.
The Steelers will entertain the Titans at Heinz Field to kick off the 2009 NFL season, a game that traditionally features the defending Super Bowl champions.
NBC will air the Thursday Night game. Kickoff is at 8:30 p.m.

Via Steelers.com

Good Eats On Santa Maria Ave.


Mayor Approves Of Poisonous Spraying, Then Leaves Town

Coincidence? Perhaps. (Mayor Salinas is currently in Washington, D.C.)

Border Patrol will start spraying an herbicide to control an invasive cane this week. Mayor Raul Salinas was assured that this poisonous chemical wouldn't end up in the water supply.
"But let's do it in a sensible, reasonable way to make sure humans won't be
harmed, nor the vegetation, nor the animals, nor the environment.

Yeah, like from the safe confines of a helicopter, high up in the air.

This whole spraying technique just reeks of laziness. It reminds me of the commercial that has two men facing off with a weed-killing spray in tow. Both men spray the weed on their respective driveway, and then we see that one product is quicker than the other. I could've easily beaten both men, and sprays, by bending down and pulling the weed out, root and all.

"Do it in a sensible, reasonable way;" yeah, let's do it in a way that won't put us out physically. The mayor can surely identify with this. He doesn't strike me as the outdoorsman type, nor the salad-eating type, nor the evironmentally conscious type.

Xicano Pwr writes about the spraying here.

UPDATE: Pro8news just reported that the date for spraying will be delayed. Apparently our neighbors to the south have something to say. Negotiations are underway.

O'Reilly The Loofah King

I will now walk out in broad daylight and wait for O'Reilly's people to stalk me. It'll be good for publicity.

Councilman Garza Wipes His Hands Clean

Being questioned by KGNS' Joey Horta and Mindy Casso, Councilman Mike Garza said arrangements for trips to D.C. are made by other people, and that public officials are the last to know where they'll be staying at when traveling on city business.

Casso even brought up the idea of having councilmen sharing rooms, but Garza didn't give specifics on room and board.

Garza and Mayor Salinas are justifying this current trip to D.C. by bringing up funding granted for the Cuatro Vientos road, which, according to them, is a result of their hard work during their last trip. But that's not what happened exactly.

Henry Cuellar invited them to Washington during Obama's inauguration to meet with federal officials in order to obtain money for "shovel ready" projects.
Everyone was surprised when it was learned that Laredo would not get any funding for the Cuatro Vientos project. Plan B had to be implemented, thanks to the fine work of people at City Hall.

Our city officials need to get over themselves, and I really hope they're brown-bagging it in D.C. right now.

Monday, March 23, 2009

D.C. Trip Part II

The mayor and members of city council won't be back until Thursday. I want to see receipts. I want to see proof that they shared a motel room.

March Madness!

Train At Lake

Wedding Bells

El David Letterman got married!

Beware Red Meat Eaters

The largest study of its kind finds that older people who eat large amounts of red meat and processed meats face a greater risk of death from heart disease and cancer.

The locals hate fruits and vegetables, and they hate taking pills even more. Our local carne asada-loving culture is fuct.


LISD Director of Communications Veronica Castillon (left) is not keeping a low profile out and around town. Yet, the LMT has yet to fully grill her in what is going on at Shirley Field. Photo courtesy of LMT's Art of Living Section

In yesterday's editorial, Sports Editor Dennis Silva spoke of a revamped LMT focusing more on local athletics versus the usual litany of AP wire stories.

This is due, according to him, the preponderant amount of evidence that indicates most Laredoans are fed up with the incompetent lazy a**es down at the Times.

Anyways, the sports guys/gals at the LMT are emphasizing local coverage and their newspaper blogs are quick to note a few groundbreaking stories here and there. And, of course, there are plenty of pictures of local athletes posing (sort of like The Art of Living, but with uniforms).

Yet if they want to be taken seriously as a real newspaper, where are the opinion pieces? Where are the investigative stories?

As KeyRose wrote weeks ago, construction at Shirley Field is stagnant. And while Lrd Sports Wire and others have reported that there is "contaminated soil" under the orange track, what Laredoans do not know if that is causing the construction/demolition delays. After all, didn't LISD have a grand ceremony back in December to mark the end of Shirley?

Meanwhile, the LMT is silent on this matter, hoping, perhaps, that someone at LISD will call in with a report. Heaven forbid they actually make a few phone calls or *gasp* even drive the 5 miles to the LISD offices downtown and ask LISD Director of Communications Martha Washington Veronica Castillon for an interview.

As the photo above attests, Ms. Castillon is obviously out and around town, posing for the society pages. Why the LMT does not simply just ask her to explain what is lurking underneath the stadium bleachers and if any former Martinites will glow green in the near future is beyond me.

What Recession?

T.J. Maxx, Ross, and Best Buy are opening new stores in north Laredo so the villagers have more choices of crap to choose from to fill up their houses.

Meanwhile local county, and city governments are talking about hiring freezes, million dollar shortfalls, and pay raise halts. Ah, the beauty of it all.

Pro8news' Blog

KGNS reporters have been touting the station's new blog during their telecast. One reader's comments were even read on the air.

Both Pro8news, and the Laredo Times have beefed up their websites after I started my blog over a year ago. I like to think that I had something to do with it.

Monday Morning MashUp

Laredo Speaks visits Bank of America.

El Chavo! gets annoyed by police helicopters.

Jobsanger pleads with Blue Dog Dems.
And Hasta Los Gatos looks into doing things with animals.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Apprentice Sunday

The show is back to two hours long and I now hate both Rivers girls.

Safety Glass

And the street vendors shall inherit the earth.

Movies With Rush

Rush performs Limelight 150 times.

I'm Back

I got back from Austin this afternoon.

Yesterday, I took Austin's Metro from the Dell Park and Ride (Tech Ridge) all the way to the corner of Congress and Barton Springs. Traveling down Lamar was a treat; I now know where Taqueria Las Chivas is located.

On the way back to the park and ride, some "homie" turned on his little boom box for everyone to hear his favorite cumbias. It's that SXSW spirit that just took over the city, even on city buses.

His pal was carrying a little Igloo ice chest. The dudes were actually drinking on the bus; Lighthouse tall boys, I think. Endejo, he almost forgot it on his way out.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Volsung rock Stubb's during SXSW

Many a struggling band were in Austin this week to showcase their wares, gain some exposure and perhaps even get signed. One of those bands was Volsung - a metal band from Norway. They played a 90 minute set last night at Stubb's BBQ. Somehow Volsung strikes a resemblance to another band popular amongst LaSanbe's crew.. nah.

Dear Superstar

Geddy Lee is in rehab?

Friday, March 20, 2009

Good Night

How We Do

Must Be A Rush Fan

I'm getting tired of Judd Apatow movies but this one might be funny.
a guy's guy whose masculinity is so secure he wears Ugg boots and shorts to walk his wee dog

He-hehe. It's like I have a twin.


I can't believe Sears raised my interest rate after all we've been through. Fuckin' bastards!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Landscaping At The Main Post Office

They are going all out with the greenery at the post office on Saunders.

This is landscaping 3.0

You've never seen so many petunias in one place.

They had to sell one of their delivery trucks to buy the planter sitting in the center.

Their water bill is about to blow up.

People driving by are crashing into each other because they're overwhelmed by the scenery.

The artist's rendering of this design took two whole pages.

And I don't even want to mention the amount of manure needed to make this work.

The guy who's going to oversee this masterpiece better have two green thumbs.

You can see this from space, and from El Chacon, when the train is not in the way.

I pity the shovel who gave its life for this.

Take a good look people. It's said that they hate us for our freedom. I say, nay! They hate us for our ambitious landscaping.

(Cue Ode To Joy)

Viva Laredo!

March Craziness

Texas beats Minnesota.

Drug Smuggling

If you conceal drugs like this, you're just asking to be caught.

Bryan Welnetz

Via Lrd Sports Wire:
Bryan defeated Tyler Brown, New Braufels , TX , 6-4 6-4 and then defeated Harry Seaborn, North Salem , NY , 6-2 6-2. Tomorrow he plays John Yetimoglu, Miami , Florida in the Quarterfinals Qualifier in the back draw.

Real Or Hoax

This text message has gone viral in the Gateway City.
Make sure no one goes to any wal mart they are havin a zeta invation and they are going to shoot up the place spread* Wh@t'S uP*

Allegedly, this message was a response to the sentencing of a Zeta hitman in Laredo this week.
Earlier today, Pro8news confirmed that this was all a hoax.

The End is Near

This thing is back. God help us all.

Webb County

CommiTed to public trust.


No more catcalls please.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Shirley Field Still Standing

Some soccer players were using the field this afternoon.

I'll bring you more pictures, if you want.

Flying A Kite

Country music really gets me in the mood to fly a kite.

Kite Festival 2009 - Laredo, TX

Coldplay In San Antonio

The group is playing at the AT&T Center on June 10.  Will I go?  Maybe.

Quote Of The Day

Mayor Salinas on letting the public speak before the City Council:
It's a time management thing, but it's very delicate, because if you don't let someone speak, they'll be running all over you


Veliz 2010

Lately I've seen a lot of cars with campaign stickers on their windshields. Some decals are bigger than the one pictured.

Politicians in San Antonio are setting up their MySpace pages, putting up videos on YouTube, holding online forums, inviting bloggers to document their platforms, etc.

But here in Laredo, it's stickers. And once the election nears, we'll start to see campaign signs on fences. If we're lucky we'll see actual t.v. ads.

It's a pay-as-you-go process down here. Unfortunately the pay part is not in abundance in the Gateway City, and it shows.

Bush In Words

Even when he writes his side of the story, he's a dick.
when the history of this administration is written at least there's an authoritarian voice saying exactly what happened

Either that, or the cocaine, and the booze did some serious damage to his brain cells.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lounging - Laredo Style

By The Way

I really thought Dennis Rodman should've been kicked off the Apprentice Sunday night.

Big Cowboy Fan

I got a chance to visit my cousin this afternoon to get a gander at his collection of Cowboy memorabilia.

He stated that it's a work in progress. Eventually every inch of wall will be covered with some sort of merchandise.

What didn't make it to today's post is the artificial Christmas tree decked out with Cowboy-themed ornaments. Perhaps I can visit once more during the holidays to take that baby in.

We talked about the opening of the new stadium in Arlington this Fall. He, his co-workers, and their families - 21 families in all - will make the trip up north for the opening game of the regular season. He assured me that despite the tough economic times, they will be there to kickoff the new era for Dallas, no matter the price of the tickets.

The Dallas Cowboys are definitely Laredo's team.

We Were Just Kidding

So what happens when NAFTA is tinkered with? Mexicans make threats by imposing tariffs on goods exported from the U.S.

Kurgan brought this story to my attention. And it's always a hot topic since I live on the border; Mayor Raul Salinas never misses a chance to bring up Laredo's role as a trade route.

Now, Barack Obama said during his election campaign that NAFTA provisions were going to be revised. Lo and behold, Mexican truckers were not allowed to travel deep into the United States as before. This makes sense on some level: road safety concerns are considered, and U.S. truckers don't have to compete with their Mexican counterparts. But then Mexico gets all catty about it and retaliates against U.S. industry. And it looks like it worked. Mexico might gets its way in the end.

Surely, this will set Laredo's fears at ease, at least for a while. After all NAFTA has been good for this sleepy border town.

Obama will have to hold off on making any changes to NAFTA considering the economic slump we're experiencing. This, of course, will be seen as a flip-flop by the GOP, but then again, they don't have a leg to stand on.

Obama's getting a crash course in global politics in the most troubling of times. How all this will pan out is definitely on the minds of local businessmen and politicians. They love NAFTA. I, on the other hand, could see it changed a bit. When? That's another matter.

Stand Up And Be Heard

Laredo ISD Board Member Guillermina Montes goes to bat for Superintendent Veronica Guerra, Ph.D. She calls on the natives to support Ms. Guerra on the 25th at a "special called meeting," and to call to report shenanigans currently underway in the district.
intervene by contacting TEA to look into serious situations

She does not mention, in her LMT Op/Ed page writing, the "serious situations" taking place. Click here for the full text.

I looked in the phone book, and the LISD web page to get her contact information in order to get her to expand on her concerns, but she's not listed. How convenient.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Fundraiser For The Sheriff

Sheriff Martin Cuellar is inviting his supporters to help him with legal expenses racked up during last year's recount battle with one former Wrangler-wearing Webb County official.

A dinner will be held at Monte Carlo, located at 6415 McPherson, on Thursday, April 23, 2009.

A table of eight will range in price: $800 (Bronze); $1600 (Silver); $2500 (Gold).
Individual seating is also available for $100.
For more information, please call 220-3725 or 251-8826

La Sanbe's got some aluminum cans to recycle to make it to this special event.

Mother Cabrini

Henry Cuellar Talks Money

U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar was a guest at an IBC Bank meeting this morning.
I got a chance to get his thoughts on bailout money, and things. See the video here, wont you?

Tony Romeo Strikes Again

Call CNN! Mobilize the National Guard! Let the sirens wail!

Dallas Cowboys stalwart Terrence Newman says Tony Romeo Romo was distracted by Jessica Simpson.

Per this Profootballtalk story, the veteran cornerback said the following:
You know, he’s got this girlfriend, so …’ I think that once he inherited the starting quarterback job and his relationship got into the national media attention, I think that that was something that definitely hurt and took away from Tony Romo being a great quarterback.”

Finally, someone on the roster and not in the media came out and said it.

Since the Cowboys are America's Laredo's team, let us sit back and wait for the fireworks, now sans T.O.

La Sanbe's Hookers, Part XII

The "No Prostitutes T-Shirt" will now become the official shirt for La Sanbe.

Another weekend, another prostitute sting on La Sanbe.

Last fall, La Sanbe focused on the anti-prostitute campaign being waged by Martinite (Tiger Legend), City Councilman, Mayor Pro-Temporte, and Morality Guru, Joe Valdez.

Well, Valdez's name is in the paper again thanks to a roundup of four prostitutes on the seedy side of Laredo, the West Side.

You can read the Laredo Times' account here or if you prefer pictures, check out El Manana here.

Reading the LMT story, I was surprised to find that the 4500 block of La Sanbe is considered "downtown." Last I checked that was central Laredo and by a Chinese restaurant and a bank, not necessarily havens for the seedier elements of the world's oldest profession. Either that or the reporting is off.

But hey, what do I know.

Monday Morning Roundup

Update on Bryan Welnetz from Lrd Sports Wire:

The Laredo United Longhorn won his Sunday's match.  Bryan defeated Michael Alford, Tampa, FLA   7-6 (5) 6-0 at the USTA Spring National Championships.  Tomorrow he plays Toki Sherbakov, from Mountain View, CA in the round of 64.

Happy Birthday to Jobsanger.  It's been three years.

A over at Bordertown Blues looks at Texas' indoor track meet showing.

Hasta Los Gatos loves the new Michelle Obama comic book.

And Tex[t]-Mex talks Rita Hayworth and Orson Welles.

Good morning everyone!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dennis Silva On The Times' Border Olympics Coverage

On Saturday, the day of the track and field meet, we had two reporters working. We had one working on desk, taking calls from other sports action we had going on that day, and the other went to the SAC to actually get the full meet results. It took so long that she stayed long after all the parents and athletes met to get the full results.
She then had to come back, type them all up again (their format does not complement our system's) and make it to where it all would be readable and able to fit on B2 (that's where the full results were posted).
Basically, she worked specifically on the meet results from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m., while our other reporter wrote roundups, took calls and handled the rest of a section that is easily our most comprehensive of the week.
I do understand the disappointment in regard to the coverage. But while I felt we may have done more, a couple of photos with front-page listing of the winners, and then complete, full results (which is extremely hard to get and many papers disregard entirely) was sufficient considering the staff we had on hand.

Thanks go out to Mr. Silva for answering my e-mail.

Stopping In To Say Hello

A friend dropped by on Monday. He told me of his visit to our alma mater, Martin High School, that day. But his story is a bit unusual, and disturbing at the same time.

He, his wife, and two kids walked in through the old gym before lunch time Monday. Nobody stopped them at the entrance so they proceeded to walk to the back of the gym, and into the main building. Once there, they toured the upstairs, then made their way back to the first floor, and back out through the gym. Through all this, they never came in contact with anyone at the campus.

They lamented the fact that this "security breach" could have had serious implications if they weren't the upstanding citizens that they are.

They did, however, love what they've done with the place. Go Tigers!

AssClown Of The Day

It's remarkable how Cheney can be so arrogant when 9/11 happened on his watch.

National Security is something the GOP should not brag about.

Slaughter Park Update

I ran into the Parks and Leisure Department Director earlier this year and he said that the park was to be completed by March. As you can see, they are still working on some details.

The foundation seems to be taking shape for what appears to be a walking trail.
This is definitely something that Laredo needs. It'll give us a chance to walk off the empanadas, and conchas.

I'll bring you more as it develops.

Spring Break Plans

A kite festival is taking place Wednesday from 3 - 6 p.m. Parking is available at 9901 McPherson.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Nixon HS Band State Championship Reunion

Former members of the Nixon High School Band got together tonight at Hal's Landing to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of their State Championship win. Teachers, administrators, and all band alumni were invited.
Mr. Arturo Valdez (third from right) was the Head Band Director during the '83 - '84 school year. Mr Carlos Luna (far right) was an assistant at the time.
Mr. Valdez spoke of the students' determination, and drive. He credited them with setting the goal of winning the state title. His response was, "what do we have to lose."
Attendees were treated to a video of the state marching competition performance, as well as a recording of commentary from one of the judges, Leroy Montgomery.
From L to R: Tony Alvarez, Nuno Flores, Nina Maldonado-Guerra, Vicky Lugo-Blanco, Sandra Gabrillo, John Zamarripa, Gaby Reyna-Leybourn, and Danny Reyes.

Margarita Rocks Festival

I've heard people say that a nationally-known rock group is going to be in Laredo this May. I have yet to see any ads anywhere.

Laredo's firefighter union is conducting a Battle of the Bands that will lead up to the Margarita Rocks Festival May 2, 2009.
Every weekend's winner, will participate with the featured band

Who this featured band is, I can't confirm. But if this rumor turns out to be true, it should be a hell of a show.

La Sanbe will look into this some more.

Cleto Rodriguez

I got a chance to check out Cleto Rodriguez' set the other day. I thought he was funny.

He mentioned that The Cleto Show will debut on May 16 on Fox. In the series, he plays a guy who is trying to get a talk show off the ground but has trouble getting people to appear. So he seeks them out by taking his desk and chairs to the people. Along the way, he faces criticism from his own family. La Sanbe will follow up with this story to see what kind of reaction the show gets.

Anyway, back to the set. He went off on a Jeff Foxworthy-like routine: "You know you're gay if you own more than two cats." Well, according to him, you are also gay if you cut your sandwich diagonally. I took exception to that since I've been doing that for as long as I can remember. So I cut my sandwich diagonally; that doesn't make me gay, does it? Of course not.
I'm not light in the chanclas.

Not that there's anything wrong with that!

I need to get some input on this. Till then, I'll only eat sandwiches at Subway. Happy eating.

Bryan Welnetz Of United H.S.

Bryan Welnetz, Laredo United High Senior (Penn State Committed) is playing in the USTA Spring National Championships, Boys 18 singles and doubles in Mobile , Alabama .

Bryan will start play on Sunday. He is a co #17 seed in a draw of 128 in singles. Spring Nationals is a level 1 USTA* National tournament. There are four Level Ones, Spring nationals, Clay Courts, Hard Courts, and Winter Nationals every year.

Bryan is ranked #2 in Texas Super Champs and Nationally ranked #59 in Boys 18ʼs.

*(USTA- United States Tennis Association)

Nuno Sciaraffa
Lrd Sports Wire

Thanks for Lrd Sports Wire for the tip.

Off To Work Today

Enjoy the day and talk amongst yourselves.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Big Clearance Sale At Sears Tomorrow

By the time I get to these big sales, there are usually only XXL shirts available.

Vacuum For Sale

Probation For DWI

Emilio will never be the same.

Employee Of The Month

Everyone's just nuts about current Laredo ISD Superintendent, Veronica Guerra! So much so that a couple of people had to send a shout-out for Guerra to the community using an exclamation point!

This picture appeared in the Laredo Times two days ago!
It was paid for by Mario Botello and Rosie Salinas!

At last night's board meeting, Guerra received a standing ovation upon entering!

Wow! A picture in the paper AND a standing ovation?! She could very well be Person of the Year!
She must be doing something right! Let's see: 19 schools met AYP standards last year! And currently there are eight schools under federal sanctions! Good enough!

What confused me was Mina Montes' (board member) comments. She said that Ms. Guerra "inherited a lot of problems from the previous superindendent; it's very unfair to say she has not accomplished the goals," and a "superintendent needs three years to show progress."

I don't know. Perhaps it's unfair to say that the previous superintendent "had a lot of difficulties with his job" when you gave him less than a year to show progress. He also inherited a shitpile of problems. The time he had here wasn't enough for him to accomplish his goals. But I guess because he wasn't a local, he couldn't get a pass.

We should start getting some TAKS results by the 25. We'll see if these people are for real.

Los Laredos River, Music, Food, and Tequila Fest

Making the most of Laredo's landscape makes sense. Where some people see buffalo grass, rock-laden sandy soil, and cenizos, I see the potential for a bike trail. The Rio Grande also offers locals, and tourists, a chance to take in something that we take for granted. Well, no longer.

Just when you thought that Laredo could not possibly support another festival for the masses, in comes the Laredo Hotel and Lodging Association with plans of establishing "an economically and recreationally friendly festival" to the banks of the river.
The festival, which would include canoe and kayak racing similar to an event held annually in McAllen, would be held Oct. 10.

Now I know what you're saying - this could get a little sketchy. Just today we learned that eight Hondurans were kidnapped on the banks of the Rio Grande, on the Mexico side. And our old friend, Rick Flores, would tell of stories of drug bandits shooting from across the river when sheriff deputies patrolled the border.

But let me put aside security concerns for a minute; what about dealing with the river itself? This kayak festival could be one drowning away from being short-lived. Perhaps my skepticism gets the best of me. If planned well, this could actually turn out to be something good for the city. It'll be interesting to see what becomes of this.

And of course, no local offering would be complete without alcohol. Hell, we have the Madri Gras-like festival, Jamboozie, that hints at alcohol. Our Washington's Birthday Parade is sponsored by Anheuser-Busch. So why not have a kayak race with tequila to boot?

The winner of the race could toast with a shot of tequila. The promoters could use the song Tequila by the Champs in commercials, which we would probably see 1000 times a day on Channel 10. And the trophies can be shaped like tequila bottles, because if there's something we know well, it's tacky.

If this thing sees the light of day, La Sanbe will have to invest in a canoe to cover the race. Gawd help me.


CSI is coming to Laredo. Photo courtesy of CBS.

Pro 8 News is reporting that the Webb County Sheriff's Department is requesting a CSI lab to process DNA and ballistics information. For now, all those tests have to travel to San Antonio or McAllen in order for law enforcement officials to figure out what they mean.

This is not good, according to the Sheriff:
It’s been as long as five months and they have their own issues its quite demanding." Leaving cases cold and harder to solve. "Witnesses move, criminals relocate it makes it harder for the investigation to get results...its crucial evidence to a case."

Now that is a real bummer.

Law enforcement officials make a good point. Crimes are not solved with great frequency in Laredo. The Mrs. and I have a long-running joke: if we ever want to commit a murder, do it in Laredo. Surely no one will really know what happened, chalking it up to drugs, a crime of passion, or none of the above.

I am a big fan of the TV show, CSI and when the Better Half sits and watches it with me, we both wonder out loud if such detail oriented personnel could ever be found in the Gateway City.

And that type of skepticism is what will likely hamper Laredo's search for a crime lab. Laredoans know all too well that somebody's-neighbor's-cousin's-in-law who works at the new lab will likely remove evidence or provide favors for anyone they know is being accused of a crime. Either that or they will leave a taco by the crime scene and contaminate the evidence.

Well, good luck with the lab, guys. I just hope they bring in a Marg Helgenberger type to work the DNA. Could you imagine how many times she will hear, "ch-ch, eh mamacita," working in Laredo?

Good Morning Laredo

For you we have some continued drizzle with a chance of boredom.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Photo Op

Henry Cuellar will be at the Transit Center at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow.

Blogger Summit In S.A.

Mayoral candidate Julian Castro called on bloggers to help him disseminate his campaign message. And those at home could participate as well by submitting questions online.
questions were also fielded from the chat room on the Internet

This is the new rage. All of a sudden, congressmen/women are twittering from the Capitol, posting videos on YouTube, and holding blogger summits.

I like the approach but I'm not sure how long it will take Laredo to catch on. The councilman who represents my district had a public forum about two years ago. If you've never been to one, I highly recommend going. These events get colorful, to put it mildly. People start complaining about police response time, high taxes, potholes, etc. So it's obvious why we've only had one event in the neighborhood hosted by our representative in the last several years. Enter the internets.
He talked about having online neighborhood groups that could help promote a
closer connection between neighbors

This is where people like me come in. People aren't going to attend city council meetings, and Laredo's councilmen/women have trips to Las Vegas to go to. Oh but I kid City Council.

La Sanbe needs to hit the streets to hear what the people are saying, and connect with our representatives to let them know that we are paying attention.
Game on.

Temperature Drop

What happened to all the rain the Weather Channel promised?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Nixon Band Alumni Update

They will meet at Hal's Landing this Saturday from 6 - 9 p.m.
Band members, parents, administrators, and teachers are welcome. And they are especially looking for anyone who was part of the State Championship Band from '83 - '84.

Comedy's New Legends

I can't help but criticize Vanity Fair's picks for comic geniuses. I like Paul Rudd and everything, but he isn't Gene Wilder. This new crop of actors is comparable to the Brat Pack. Who will end up on the Lifetime Channel in five years is anyone's guess.


Do we really need a smaller iPod shuffle? I mean, really!


Officer Abraham Diaz

Breaking News: He will no longer be "El Protector."

Lone Wolf, Is That You?

Jobsanger and I agree.
There was once a time when I respected Chuck Norris.
If Norris doesn't become President of Texas, I'm sure he'll be back in 2012 alongside Mike Huckabee or something. He's not going away, sorry to say.


I have to remember to call a good friend and wish him a Happy Birthday. Today is also the anniversary of the Madrid train bombings from 2004. How time flies.

Road Trip

Piper Maru and I have been absorbing U2's new album, No Line On The Horizon. We'll have plenty of time to learn the song lyrics since the band won't come to Texas till the Fall.
marks the first time a band has toured in stadiums

There's word that they are going to play JerryWorld, the new home of the Cowboys. And I'm guessing they're playing at Reliant Stadium for their Houston show.

It's a bummer that they're not coming to Austin, or San Antonio; that would make our travel plans so much easier.

Nevertheless, we will make our way out to H-town with kid in tow. What effect the economy will have on attendance remains to be seen.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Nixon Band Alumni

The Nixon High School Band Alumni is having a meet-and-greet this Saturday at Hal's Landing. Should be fun.