Wednesday, February 11, 2009

She Said, They Said

Elizabeth Henry, Internal Auditor for LISD is in a brouhaha with Nixon administrators.

The circus is still in town in Laredo's oldest school district. According to the Laredo Times, a complaint filed by six Nixon High School administrators against Elizabeth Henry, the district's internal auditor, has escalated to a level II grievance. (If they are not careful, they might get double secret probation.)

Last month, Nixon administrators filed suit, claiming that Henry and her stormtroopers goosestepped onto campus and used intimidation, including the use of rubber hoses, bamboo sticks, and bright lamps to find out if electioneering took place at the school.

But, it is still not over, according to the principal:
"She still continues to come into campus; she doesn't have a cop with her anymore, but she is still investigating," said Nixon High School Principal Guadalupe Cortez this week.
Uh oh, you can't be investigating school administrators earning close to six figures on a poor performing campus, they have a job to not do well. Come on!

Regardless, it is still more of the same old, same old for the joke of a school district known as LISD.

There is a pool among some of my friends, some of whom have worked for LISD at one time or another, hoping that the TEA takes it over. I doubt it will come to that, but it is fun imagining it, though.