Saturday, February 28, 2009

Blah Blah Blah

The 'boys must have all the confidence in the world in Romo if they've signed Kitna.

Laredo's mayor is angry we didn't get stimulus money for road construction. U.S. Rep. H. Cuellar suggests, "it was important to focus on the big picture."

Hey, Spoon is going to play at the Scoot Inn!

So He WAS Drunk

Officer Diaz is still on suspension and the only details that are available is that he was drunk and fell asleep in his car. This is funny because a) he's a cop, b) he advocates against the use of drugs and alcohol (same thing), and c) HE'S A GROWN MAN!!! He should know better.

But he joins the Who's Who Hall of Fame list of local celebrities who have been caught shitfaced, including JPs, and news reporters. Did I forget anyone?

Starbucks Long Gone

Taco Charro took over where the coffee giant once stood. Balance has again been restored to Zapata Highway.

Let's Talk Porn

I love it when hypocrisy like this is highlighted.
Those states that do consume the most porn tend to be more conservative and religious

Tony Romeo, Where are You?

Tony Romeo Romo and Jessica Simpson in New York City this past week. Obviously, Tony is working hard to get ready for the Cowboys offseason conditioning programs. Photo courtesy of Celebslam.

It has been a while since La Sanbe has posted anything on the darling of America's Laredo's team, The Dallas Cowboys. Well, lo and behold, Tony Romeo Romo is back in the headlines. Not so much for his football skills, or sometimes lack thereof, but for his celebrity girlfriend, Jessica Simpson.

Apparently the pop-tart starlet has hired a diet coach or something like that.

Enjoy you Cowboys fans.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Taxpayer Money At Work

Laredo politicians recently traveled to Austin.
Gene Belmares spent about $1500......Hector Garcia...spent about 530 dollars

Why the difference?
and the week before almost the same people flew to Vegas

I thought we were all tightening our belts.

Axl calls Slash a Cancer

Axl goes all chimp crazy on ex-band mate at this link.

Laredo Speaks

Mam, can I have a pipote? Gotta love it.

Officer Diaz Suspended

It appears El Protector has been suspended from the police force but no reason is being given. He is currently working on an appeal. The police department stated that he was never arrested. Hmm. I guess it could be any number of things.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


I have a confession to make: I am really looking forward to the new Apprentice. It's not because of that weirdo Trump. For some reason the commercial spots with Dice Clay and Joanne Rivers crack me up.

I can't get into the new U2 song, Get On Your Boots. Dare I say, it sucks. This I like more. (Binx will roll his eyes when he takes a listen.

Republicans have to stop using language like "you be da man" and "off the hook." They're fooling nobody; they sound like Lane Meyer's dad in Better Off Dead.

En Tu Idioma

A friend e-mailed me last week to vent about the propensity of those in the service industry to speak Spanish when you address them in English. I quickly related to her situation as I am a frequent patron of fast food restaurants. But in Laredo, the Spanish language preference goes beyond the drive-thru.

Just a few weeks ago I wrote about a meeting at my son's elementary school that was conducted in Spanish at the request of the parents in attendance. To be clear, I don't subscribe to the notion that English should be the national language of the United States. But just as Single X commented to me a couple of days ago: here in Laredo, people are expected to adapt to Spanish speakers and not the other way around. Even when you continue the conversation in English, they'll proceed speaking in Spanish.

I really don't mind how I'm addressed as long as it's service with a smile I get. Who are we kidding? This is Laredo. And this might just get to the gist of the whole problem: training of employees needs to undergo an overhaul if the face of our hospitality is to be redeemed. If we want to attract more people to Laredo we need to display more flexibility in adapting to anyone who visits. The business sector especially should not take it for granted that everyone will go by our culture.

With the decrease of people venturing into Mexico, Laredo might be seeing only an influx of Mexican tourists, which explains the favoritism towards the Spanish language. Nevertheless, more should be done to keep everyone happy in these tough economic times. After all if you want me to by your tacos or burgers, you want to make sure I'm - err - we're happy.

By the way, the sign encourages people to place an order using the language they're comfortable with, but considering the sign at Wendy's is only in Spanish and Spanish radio stations here outnumber English-speaking ones 15-5, we've got a long way to go.

NIN Final Tour Begins

1,000,000 Live from on stage, Sydney 2.22.09 [HD] from Nine Inch Nails on Vimeo.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


94 Degrees Today

Man, it was hot today.  Laredo's hookers had a difficult time.  For them, ****jobs took on a different meaning.

It was so hot today that John Boehner's tan had to go inside for a break.

It was so hot that I made sure my tacuache came in from the heat.

Time to get LOST

Piper Maru is recovering from her Oscars experience and wondering how La Sanbe readers pronounce her name.

Crazy, curious, complicated, but oh so clever. That's my favorite show in a nutshell. Did I forget cute? ('Cause there's a lot of that too!) ABC's "Lost" has got to be one of the best and most original shows on television right now.

It doesn't have glitzy opening credits or even a catchy theme song--doesn't need that! It does however require your attention. So if that's too much to ask for, keep watching your "Cops," your "Wife Swap," and hold on to your hat for the new "Dancing with the Stars."

Back to "Lost" and speaking of attention, attention to detail is what the writers of the show have a gift for. For example, that book Benjamin Linus (spectacularly played by the very creepy Michael Emerson) was recently seen reading on a plane was a very deliberate choice.

Everything has a meaning; everyone is some way, shape, or form. "Lost" has a definite end date which is bittersweet for the real fans. "Lost" is like a good book you can't wait to finish to find out all the answers, but at the same time you don't really want it to end.

Then again on "Lost" no one is ever really gone. See you on the island. (Catch up on

(Lost fact: Ben's book by the way was Ulysses by James Joyce.)


Down on the West Side, along Santa Maria, you can find businesses that cater to every need. In particular, if you need someone to help you with a giant billboard during an upcoming political race, Artmark is the place to go. They will even put your nickname in quotation marks for no extra charge.

Ash Wednesday 2009

I really don't like people wearing hats indoors, especially cowboy hats (rick flores), but I wouldn't go around stabbing people for it.

We could celebrate Texas' independence if we wanted to. We already have a lot of locals who dress up with boots and hats. Uh-oh, the hat thing again.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Metro

Another Shoe Drops

Things aren't going well for Rick Flores.  First he had to relinquish his throne as Webb County Sheriff.  Then he lost a chance at becoming United ISD police chief.  And now his son has been caught with marijuana.

It must've been awkward going to pick up his son at the Webb County Jail.

Lady Driver: No Survivor

Monday, February 23, 2009

Mixed Messages

The city manager is concerned about the decrease in border traffic.
Obviously, the economic situation is taking its toll

And Mayor Raul Salinas goes on t.v. and paints a rosy picture.
...being upbeat and positively portraying Laredo as a vibrant community doing well in these economic times

My brother, who is employed in the warehouse/distribution business, has gone from working a five-day work week, to four days, and now possibly down further to three days a week.
The 2009 Taste of Laredo didn't have all the usual heavy hitters (Palenque, Olive Garden, Embassy Suites). And a mere 12 debutantes took part in this year's big parade.

I don't know where Salinas gets off. He's been sipping the Kool Aid lately.

Rack 'em Up

I need to check with Obama to see if this is flinty enough.

Going To Jail

I always thought Charles Barkley was a dick. This couldn't have happened to a better guy.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Oscars

Best Supporting Actress: Penelope Cruz
I could've done without Goldie Hawn's cleavage/tan lines.

Best Supporting Actor: Heath Ledger

Best Director: Danny Boyle
Good for him.

Best Actress: Kate Winslet
The five people up on stage to present is starting to bug me. It's being drawn out.

Best Actor: Sean Penn
Ok, the five people up to present the award isn't that bad. El Spiccoli!!!

Best Picture: Slumdog Millionare
My wife saw it and she loved it.

Ladies and Gentlemen....

George and Martha Washington!

Sunday Ramblin'

I don't know if I want Mickey Rourke to win an Oscar tonight.

Big Bend's air is dirty. So much for my 40th birthday retreat.

Charro Days start today in Brownsville.

Que Pasa online makes its debut tomorrow. I really can't wait to see que pasa.

Eating Jalapenos

People watch NASCAR for the crashes. We watch people eat loads of peppers for the fun of it.
All was lost when he turned to throw up and he was disqualified.

This year's winner of the jalapeno eating contest is Luis "El Chef" Bruni who ate 82 spicy ones.

Talking Colonial Gowns Before The Parade

I spoke with Ms. Olga Gentry before the start of the 2009 Washington's Birthday Parade. Before I taped this video, I tried to get a sense of what the gowns cost but couldn't get an answer. In the video you hear how the debutantes select the colors, and the design, but no mention is made of who pays for the dresses. I got that same sort of answer from another participant.

I guess it's like asking someone how much they make in a year. Or perhaps it's something you don't talk about seeing as how we're in tough economical times. My bad I guess.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Parade Prep

Meltdown at Valley Ranch

No, Jerry Jones is not crazy at all. No really, he's not.

Jerry Jones is the new Al Davis.

According to, Jones has issued a decree that Cowboys' (which just happens to be America's Laredo's team) coaches and staff can no longer talk to the media.

Instead, Jerry Jones will discuss all things Cowboys-related from now on.

As Mike Florio suggests, Jerry is losing it. He might be the NFL's new Al Davis--crazy beyond belief and holding on to the past.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Que Water Park Ni Que Nada

I have to get my ass up to Cleveland. (That's probably something you don't hear often)

Give It Up

I know times are tough but this tattered American flag is a sorry sight.

Once a breeze came by, you could see the stripes just flowing independently of each other.

Even if this thing has some sentimental value, the owner should frame it or something.

Thanks to _ch for the tip.

A T-Shirt

I wanted to be entered into a raffle for a chance to win an Intocable tee.


Violence In Juarez

Drug thugs in Juarez have been killing police officers to get the chief to resign.  Well, the chief resigned.
an interim chief would take control immediately until a replacement was chosen
Somehow I feel not a lot of people are going to be lining up for this position.  And here I thought that holding up a sign, at the corner of San Bernardo and Mann Road, reading 'Circuit City Going Out Of Business' was a horrible gig.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

How 'bout Some Music

2009 Youth Parade

We've got Martin Cuellar riding on a convertible, an eagle dancing to the music, kids in white costumes, and some tubas.

AD Rene Ramirez

It looks like the football coaches at Laredo ISD schools will stay put, but what gets me is the deceptive character of Athletic Director, Rene Ramirez.
The rumors of reassignments are all false
We know better and his attempt to placate the situation is insulting. Even one reader of the Laredo Times chimed in to tell of the changes that were afoot.
Even though his daughter and nephew texted all their friends about it to

That would explain the high turnout of students defending Coach Davis at the LISD boardroom.
And further proof comes from a post that Single X worked on where he gives us a look into a letter written by Coach Davis that describes the meeting he had with the A.D.
Mr. Ramirez told me that Human Resources would be contacting me for reassignment

Where Mr. Ramirez gets the cajones to play this mess down is beyond me. Politics was definitely at play here, hoping to install a well-connected person at the head coach position. Fortunately for Davis we'll never find out who that person is.

Race Track

I asked a couple of friends about San Antonio's Retama Park (They both live in S.A.) to find out if a race track is a worthwhile business venture. They commented that the track does well in their fair city, but moreso for the cheap beer.

A beer at the Laredo Entertainment Center goes for about seven bucks. If Webb County goes through with the process of building a race track, and that track offers 50-cent Fridays, I'm sure Laredoans will flock to see the horses go round.

Webb County Commissioner Keko Martinez suggests that we build the track so more money doesn't go off to Las Vegas.

I don't think that makes much sense. People go to Vegas to get out of this shi'itehole called Laredo.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bad cop - No doughnut


Danny Trejo, photo courtesy of Latino Review.

The greatest thespian Latinos know, Danny Trejo, has been added to the Sylvester Stallone film, The Expendables, per Latino Review.

Appearing to seem something akin to a 21st century Dirty Dozen, the movie seems like a "Who's Who" in the action genre, including Jason Statham and Jet Li to name a few.

Either way, I have always liked Trejo. He stars in one of my favorite movies, Heat, as well as half a dozen other popular films.

Twenty bucks says he will be "Senor International" within a few years. Hell, if Maria Conchita Alonso was a WBCA dignitary, why not Trejo?


It's amazing how money rationalizes everything.
The water runoff would not go into a concrete channel, but a grass channel,
which will help filter out any dangerous chemicals in the runoff.
You see, developers are on our side. They don't want to ruin our drinking water; they just want to contaminate the land with dangerous chemicals - that is, if the chemicals will stay put.

Imagine this: The chemicals will seep into the ground. The grass will die. Absorption of contaminated water ceases. Erosion, and eventual drinking water contamination will occur.

Nah, that couldn't happen.

FYI - I'm not a geologist, I just play one on La Sanbe.

LMT Pages

Screen Capture of the Laredo Times Comments page.

I was perusing the online version of the LMT like I usually do, when I came across the lead story dealing with the guy who was sentenced to six years for shooting at some Border Patrol cameras and apparently pointing his gun at the direction of some agents. Story here.

And while the story was generally mundane, the real eye-opener dealt with the comments section (see pic above).

Basically, one of the comments took on a Lou Dobbs-ian rant against "Illegals" not "Undocumented" immigrants, while the other chastised LULAC, a Mexican American Civil Rights organization, for . . . uh, well, just because of their pro immigration stance.

I guess I found the comments sections curious because Laredo is 90% Mexican American, many actually having ties to immigration.

So my question is: "Do these people who post what could be interpreted as anti-Latino rhetoric actually think they have a chance to convince people to their views?" Granted, some of it might be spam and will eventually be deleted, but still. Why the Laredo Times? Why in a city where most people have ties or are familiar with someone who came into the U.S. illegally.

Just curious.

Paty Chapoy Is Coming To Laredo

Thanks to _ch for telling us about this interview.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

La Bota Ranch (Re)Zoning

The verbal exchange between La Bota Ranch residents and Councilman Jose Valdez got a bit combative at tonight's City Council meeting. Residents spoke out against turning the residential area into an industrial zone where warehouses could set up shop, and store dangerous chemicals that could find their way into Laredo's only source of water.

One by one they asked Valdez to recuse himself from voting on this zone change proposal. Apparently, he had met with the residents beforehand and suggested that they "take the deal." To them, it sounded like some ulterior motive playing itself out, and that he had already made his decision before hearing the testimony.

He tried to reassure the homeowners that no conflict of interest existed but the more he spoke the more he got on my nerves.


Noon Update

Mayor Salinas was on the tube talking about plans to bring air service to Laredo that will fly directly to Mexico City. He was not at liberty to say what airline is involved.

I don't know any people who would make the trip to Mexico City. Local officials are probably trying to tap into more of those cash-spending tourists from down south.

On the issue of rezoning a residential area into an industrial zone, he said that he wants to hear from all sides but also wants to give business an opportunity to grow.

He ended by encouraging everyone to "shop Laredo first."

Con que dinero?!

Monday, February 16, 2009


Times Square has neon lights. We have paint on cinder block fences.

By the way, leaves have sprouted on all sugar hackberrys. It's doing a number on my sinuses and eyes.

Blogging Raymond

David Mauro over at Burnt Orange Report is glad to have Richard Raymond as Vice-Chair of Appropriations, and gives him props for blogging.

Could it be, Laredoans embracing technology?

It's Official

Ray Garner will be the next United ISD Police Chief. Sorry Rick (Flores) - they just weren't that into you.

Superintendent Santos on the passing of Hector Rodriguez:
I'd like to express my condolences to him and the family.
??? That's not right.

Uh oh

A Laredo school

The latest news out of the Forth Worth Star Telegram will not sit well with Texas' crazy rabid anti-immigration/racist/native-born contingent.

Basically, Bud Kennedy, a reporter for the Star-Telegram points out that Hispanics--or Latinos--are already the majority in some classrooms. And, it is the beginning of major changes for the next several generation(s). Moreover:
In a new report on population trends in public schools, the Texas Education Agency reports that Texas now enrolls 130,000 fewer white children than 10 years ago. For the first time, Hispanic children dominate first-grade classes, adding about 4,000 children last year to become the outright majority with 50.2 percent of students.
Wow. That is pretty revealing.

The message board contains some pretty angry commentary. But, it goes with any newspaper story that is deemed controversial.

Yet the story had another revealing quote: "But it would be tough to find a schoolchild who thinks of Texas as Anglo. With every passing year, Texas is going to be more Hispanic."

I am not sure that will go over too well in the classroom.

Hamster . . . You're gonna get it.

Channel Three News gets it wrong, accusing a hamster of abducting a young girl.

We often kid the local news for the many errors in substance they make in their production of Laredo's latest news. Yet at least they have never accused a hamster of abducting a young girl.

Yes, the Youtube clip above shows how a Massachusetts news station (Channel 3) accuses a hamster of the dastardly crime.

I feel bad for the girl's family. Meanwhile, Laredo will likely now witness a spike in hate crimes against hamsters.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Garage Sale - Laredo Style

My main purpose in life is to get rid of personal clutter.

Police Chief Candidate

Pro8news reported that United ISD police chief candidate, Hector Rodriguez, was found dead at his home this afternoon. We'll find out more tomorrow.


The starting line of the Founding Fathers 5K. That is "Drug Free Marie," the Border Patrol's new mascot. Photo courtesy of El Manana

The WBCA festivities continue this weekend as the Laredo elite manage to mingle with the city's riff raff in various events like Sunday's Air Show and the Taste of Laredo a few days ago.

Yesterday, the Founding Fathers 5K run made its way through the Gateway City. The men's race was won by Kenyan Christopher Kaloki and the women's race by United South product, Julie Cantu.

Where was the Laredo Morning Times' coverage you ask? Oh, it was absent as usual. In fact, they have yet to really discuss KeyRose's story on the Don Davis chaos at Martin High.

Instead, the photo above and the only story come from Nuevo Laredo's El Manana.

Boo hiss on the local paper.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

One Love

Roadside vendors are still out trying to sell us junk to commemorate this joyous day.

Melted candy and dusty stuffed animals anyone?

It's All A Misunderstanding


Nobody said kill.

Judge, let me explain.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

That Reminds Me

This always reminds me of the show Homicide: Life On The Streets.

Eating In Tonight

The Taste of Laredo was held tonight at the Laredo Entertainment Center.  The wife and I stayed home because a) it's a school night, and b) it's really not all that.

Others who decided to stay home were Carino's, Olive Garden, and Laredo's favorite Taco Palenque.  Pro8news reported that there were only ten booths handing out food tonight.

Pretty poor showing, but what's the point, really.  You can get a better buffet for a better price at the Sirloin Stockade.  

Flores At UISD?

Rick Flores is one of four candidates up for the police chief position at United ISD.

We're pulling for you Rick!


AD Rene Ramirez on coaching contract changes:
"I understand they're just trying to change the way the coaches are being paid," Ramirez said, noting he knew nothing further.

Why would he, he's only the AD of LISD. I guess they don't pay him to be chatty.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Hey, I'de rather look at her then that retarded Octomom.

This Goes Out To...

I've had dreams where I find out that Laredo finally has a full fledged rock station of its own playing classic and alternative tunes. I can't explain this rock music preoccupation - this obsession that's invaded my dreams.

I'm no audiophile by any means, and my music trivia skills are fair at best.

All I can figure is that popular music has highlighted particular points in my life. Back in Black blared when I started caring about my appearance. The Alan Parsons Project accompanied me during middle school. And Pearl Jam's Wish was there when I crossed the Golden Gate Bridge during my honeymoon.

A song was always playing when I was busy going through life. I want to feel that again - that punctuation that has underscored a chapter in my evolution. Enter satellite radio.

Thanks to Laredo's limited selection of radio formats, I have had to turn to paying for new music that I can relate to. I can't complain; I've been a happy customer of this medium for about six years. It has helped me recapture my youth and given me new perspective as I reach 40. But in its short lifespan satellite radio has met some challenges and is on the brink of bankruptcy.

Customers have put forth that they will abandon their subscriptions if rates increase. Also, executive decisions aimed at business restructuring have left a lot of listeners unhappy.

Where this format will end up is up in the air. (no pun intended) But if satellite radio meets its final days, I'll be left scrambling to find the soundtrack of my life.


Since the Dallas Cowboys are America's Laredo's team, it is imperative that La Sanbe brings you the latest news out of valley ranch: Jerry Jones is crazy.

According to a report, the attempt to bring in former Denver, Atlanta, and New York head coach, Dan Reeves, to serve as a consultant to the Boys' fell apart because Jerry wanted the man, a highly respected figure in the NFL, to punch a time clock.

In case you do not know, a time clock is practically unheard of in the coaching/administrative ranks of the NFL. Yet that did not stop Jerry from throwing this certain deal breaker into the contract negotiations with Reeves.

The deal quickly fell apart and Reeves, to his credit, walked away.

Me no like bizarro world.

She Said, They Said

Elizabeth Henry, Internal Auditor for LISD is in a brouhaha with Nixon administrators.

The circus is still in town in Laredo's oldest school district. According to the Laredo Times, a complaint filed by six Nixon High School administrators against Elizabeth Henry, the district's internal auditor, has escalated to a level II grievance. (If they are not careful, they might get double secret probation.)

Last month, Nixon administrators filed suit, claiming that Henry and her stormtroopers goosestepped onto campus and used intimidation, including the use of rubber hoses, bamboo sticks, and bright lamps to find out if electioneering took place at the school.

But, it is still not over, according to the principal:
"She still continues to come into campus; she doesn't have a cop with her anymore, but she is still investigating," said Nixon High School Principal Guadalupe Cortez this week.
Uh oh, you can't be investigating school administrators earning close to six figures on a poor performing campus, they have a job to not do well. Come on!

Regardless, it is still more of the same old, same old for the joke of a school district known as LISD.

There is a pool among some of my friends, some of whom have worked for LISD at one time or another, hoping that the TEA takes it over. I doubt it will come to that, but it is fun imagining it, though.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

D.C. Trip

A United ISD spokesperson did confirm that Pamela Juarez, and Guadalupe Gorordo attended an educational summit around the time of Barack Obama's inauguration.

Approximately $16 billion for school construction was cut from the stimulus package so the effect, or purpose, of their presence in Washington is anyone's guess.

Ayuda, Por Favor

'Tis the Season

Editor's Note: Piper Maru is back from her self-imposed La Sanbe exile, and she's ready to put on her Mary Hart shoes. Welcome back...

The holiday season is long over now (even though some Xmas decorations may still linger about). The NFL season is now all wrapped up with a glorious Pittsburgh Steelers Superbowl win (woohooo!!!). Another season soon coming to a close, in Hollywood anyway, is awards season.

The Golden Globe Awards and the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards are history. The Grammy Awards were given out this past Sunday (minus Rhianna and Chris Brown...sidebar.) But the granddaddy of them all, the Academy Awards or Oscars, will take place Sunday, February 22nd, bringing an end to the glitz and glam of the red carpets and one final fashion police show.

If there are no real surprises in store, a movie called "Slumdog Millionaire" will be the big winner. This movie has won just about every major award to date. It either truly deserves it, or it's jump-on-the-bandwagon time in Hollywood again.

I'm betting on Kate Winslet getting her first Oscar for her role in "The Reader" (after five previous nominations). My personal favorite, "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," sadly has little chance to win any of the numerous Oscars it's nominated for. I hope there will be none of the "feel sorry for" awards for actors who've made some kind of comeback or who should've won in the past (for better work). This year's candidate is Mickey Rourke for "The Wrestler."

One of the worst examples of this tomfoolery is Al Pacino getting snubbed for "The Godfather Part 2," but awarded for "Scent of a Woman" years later. In the process the Academy robbed Denzel Washington for his haunting portrayal in "Malcolm X" that same year. (Denzel himself later awarded for lead actor for his thug cop role in "Training Day." Please!) To quote Pacino: Whowaah! Another Academy mistake was Cher winning Best Actress for "Moonstruck" (a movie I really like) and beating Glenn Close's deranged performance of every married man's nightmare in "Fatal Attaction." What???!!!  All I gotta say is go Brad Pitt!


  • The Blue Dogs will be meeting with President Obama. Stimulus package talk will surely be on the agenda. Henry Cuellar on cuts to the plan:

    our work helped strip funds for numerous projects that did not belong in the stimulus project

    The cuts that he is referring to are $200 million for sod for the National Mall and aid for contraception through Medicaid.

    I guess sod-laying wouldn't really put anyone to work in D.C. And does 200 mil make a dent in a $900 billion plan? Someone do the math please.

Monday, February 9, 2009


Old Laredo

Drug Free Marie

Drug Free Marie, photo courtesy of El Manana

"If you don't like the mascot, don't do the crime," or so the saying should go. The guys in Green, aka, The Border Patrol, recently unveiled their new mascot, "Drug Free Marie" to elementary school students.

I am not sure about the mascot itself (or any mascot that is not sports-related, for that matter), but I can't knock the message.

Kind of reminds me of Dora the Explorer, but in a uniform.

Love Thy Neighbor

Sure we complain that tourists from points south are pushy, can't drive, and leave trash all over the place but they contribute quite a bit to our economy.

students found that Mexican shoppers spent an average of about $4,700 on merchandise, food and hotels during a three-day trip

We welcome you with open arms.

Commentators for the Pro Bowl yesterday mentioned the possibility of Ray Lewis ending up in Dallas. The addition wouldn't be outrageous but what are the chances that a high profile player might be cut from the Cowboys' roster? Can you think of anyone?

Reading between the lines, I don't think either guy wants T.O. back

The ball's in Jerry's court.

Sarah Palin and Michael Steele might be photogenic but how dare the GOP for pushing these people upon us.

hoping to convince Americans that they are truly a "big tent" party

It's all a game to them.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Laredo Public Access

The powers that be are busy trying to re-introduce public access t.v. to the locals. They want the citizens of Laredo to take more of an active role with the services provided at the telecommunications center.

I dropped by the facility to ask some questions (I was in the neighborhood with some time to kill) about producing a show for the Laredo masses. The lady behind the desk told me that they usually wait to get a pool of people together before teaching the basics of production to eager citizens.

As is it right now, all you see on public access is political debates, and city council meetings. We need to inject some life into channel 13.


I wanted to see TV On The Radio on SNL last night but my allergies were acting up, so I took one Benadryl tablet, and fell asleep. Shi'ite!

On The Taxpayer Dime?

Pro8news did a story on the three United ISD board members who are going to California to attend an education conference. Two of them appear on camera defending their actions.
"They weren't upset with the people who went to Washington."

The KGNS reporter makes us believe that board member Ricardo Molina is talking about City of Laredo officials who made the trip to D.C. to meet up with Henry Cuellar during Obama's inauguration, but La Sanbe has learned that UISD higher ups made the trip as well, paid for with distict funds. This I have to look into.

The Laredo Kid

Thanks to _ch for the find.

Two Women, One Animal Print

LISD Superintendent Veronica Guerra (top photo, second from left) and Laredo socialite, Cynthia Bivens (bottom photo, fourth from right) appear to wear the same animal print coat/wrap/shawl at different functions in the Society pages of the Laredo Times.

They certainly meant to do that, right? Photos courtesy of the LMT

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Truchas con el George

Party Creations

I passed by this place on San Bernardo and just had to inquire about the barbecue pit. The logo is made out of wood. The piece goes for $260. The man who makes these things was currently working on a Pittsburgh model. He also makes gliding wood benches. Pictured also is his handy tile work.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Coach Don Davis Revisited

I spoke to Principal Blas Martinez today concerning Coach Don Davis' reassignment.  Mr. Martinez said that Davis is still the head football coach at Martin H.S. and that if any reassignment was done, it would be done in the best interest of the district.  

I placed a call to the Athletics Director's office for comment but was told that the staff was out.


Jessica Simspon and Tony Romeo, a match made in heaven.

This surely can't be bad right?

Just when you thought you could frequent La Sanbe without a Tony Romeo Romo and Jessica Simpson reference, a news story that is bordering on sad and absurd hits the net.

Apparently after surviving last week's gaffes which included criticism that Simpson had gained too much weight and that Romo was cheating on her, Jessica has a breakdown on stage.

Yahoo! is reporting that Simpson choked the chicken onstage in Michigan, forgetting the lyrics and sobbing as she left the stage. The reason? Oh, she missed her boo, Tony.
According to the Grand Rapids Press, she kicked off the whole mess by lamenting how much she missed Tony Romo right after the opening song. "I'm so excited, I get to see my boyfriend tomorrow," she informed the crowd. Tony came up again later when she dedicated "You're My Sunday" to him, telling everyone, "I love him so, so much!"
If you are a Dallas fan, this surely can't get any worse right?

My two cents?

If I could advise Tony Romo, I'd say this: "Run!" "Run as far away as you can!"

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Se Acepta Aqui


Ericka Pena (top photo) recognized that crime does not pay as she and her two cohorts were arrested trying to hit a local Wal Mart. Photo courtesy of El Manana.

Clearly, it might not be worthy of the "Betty Gang" from the movie, "Sugar and Spice," (see photo above) but El Manana is reporting that a band of female thieves tried to hit the Wal Mart on San Bernardo.

Yet, do not fear, security had them in custody before they could make a strong getaway. Caught in the crossfire--so to speak--was:
Éricka Isamar Peña (17 years), Ann Karen Tello (20 years old), and Jenny Lizette James (20 years old).

Crime does not pay, apparently.


Faye Dunaway and Etta James need to chill and stop making assess of themselves.

It's nice to know that in tough economic times, rich people can still enjoy themselves. This year's wine-tasting gala will benefit the Boys and Girls Club, and tables are going for $2,500! Even if I rounded up ten people to pitch in, I still couldn't afford this thing. Have fun, Laredo's elite.

401-Ks. I've never trusted them.


Coach Dan Reeves. Photo courtesy of Fort Worth Star Telegram

The looney bin that is the Dallas Cowboys continues to get stranger. This time, Dan Reeves, who was all a done deal to serve as the Cowboys' consultant of football operations has pulled the plug on his short lived tenure at Valley Ranch.

As Jennifer Floyd Engel of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram wrote:

Reeves obviously decided he was too old, too rich, too respected to un-retire and help sell tickets to JerryWorld by bringing a whiff of credibility, while in reality his influence was actually going to be very limited.
Cool. I like that one--JerryWorld.

But Engel provides a pretty scathing account of the situation. One that paints a sordid picture of JerryWorld.

Regardless, Coach Wade Phillips remains in power in all his ineffective glory.

Meanwhile, despite their failure to reach the playoffs, much less the Super Bowl, the Cowboys continue to serve as America's Laredo's team.
Autumnfest in Laredo brings out the Cowboy fans.

San Francisco Club

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


The Wake-n-Bacon in all its splendor.

Here you go. A product all Laredoans can love, an alarm clock that wakes you up not with an annoying beep, but with the sweet smell of lovely bacon. As KeyRose said, "Mmmmm . . . bacon."

Thanks to for bringing us these contraptions.

Henry Cuellar On New Bills

The CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2009

"Growing up as the son of migrant parents, I was among the millions of American children with no health insurance," Congressman Cuellar said. "I got lucky. Even without health insurance, I grew up into a healthy adult. But I could just as easily have ended up going untreated for a chronic disease or serious injury. It is unacceptable that 1.4 million Texas kids continue to bear that risk today."
On the DTV delay

"Millions of families in the United States - including many in the 28th Congressional District - either have not applied for their coupons or are not fully educated about the transition," Congressman Cuellar said. "In the 28th District, 6,210 households are on a waiting list for a converter coupon - more than in 94% of all congressional districts nationwide."


A quick update on the news that some lady claiming to have been related Dallas Cowboy great, "Bullet" Bob Hayes stole the spotlight this past weekend when Hayes was inducted into 2009 Hall of Fame class.

Apparently, per Profootballtalk, Dallas media outlets have pulled their best CSI efforts to uncover the truth, scrutinizing the letter and Hayes's purported signature to reveal that the best moment for Cowboys fans this weekend, was twinged with lies. You can read the story here.


Following Denny's lead, La Sanbe will give out free advice this Friday.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


With all the talk about the Superbowl, bailout money abuses, and political tax cheats, attention was taken away from the fact that Yentl was released on DVD today.

More than a Wardrobe Malfunction

Tristan Kingsley, the adult film gal who inadverdently appeared in the midst of the Super Bowl. She is now a sought after celebrity. Photo credit, Intentional Foul.

Today, the story that everyone is talking about--the inadverdent adult film clip that appeared in Arizona during the Super Bowl--is getting bigger by the minute. The website Intentional Foul has released an interview with Tristan Kingsley who, according to her, is now receiving job offers right and left because of her newfound notoriety.

The interview also reveals:

IF: Are there plans to capitalize off of Sunday’s mishap?

TK: We’ve discussed making a spoof movie of the Super Bowl.

Regardless, people are up in arms about the snafu. And while Ms. Kingsley is adamant that she is sorry children were exposed to this during a family show, the blogosphere is replete with storylines dealing with the 30-second clip.

Some observers think it was no mistake, citing a conspiracy. Others are upset by Comcast Cable Company's reaction to give the offended parties $10.00 to forget the whole thing. Regardless of where you stand, this gaffe has a lot of people talking.

In fact it is spawning a large industry on coming up with catchy double entendres dealing with porn and football. Such as "One minute Warner is going deep and then . . " Well, you get the idea.

TMZ said it best, "Porn Clip penetrates Super Bowl." How could you compete with that?

It sure makes the wardrobe malfunction of Janet Jackson pale in comparison, does it not?

Los Vaqueros

Go Cowboys!

Cowboy quick hits for you this offseason, in the wake of the most watched Super Bowl ever:

* Adam "Pacman" Jones, the former Cowboy troublemaker is refusing to believe he was cut by the Boys, per the Dallas Observer.

* Bob Hayes's imposter sister/wife/neighbor embroglio gets trickier.

* Dallas Cowboys reality shows destined to steamroll over you. Watch out!

* Tony Romeo Romo is fine with Jessica's purported added girth. Why? Well, because it is not weight gain after all. It was just an "unflattering outfit," the Simpson camp reveals.

That's all...


Via Text-Mex.

The Tax Debate

City Manager Carlos Villarreal:
because property taxes are a reflection of property values, lowering taxes also
means lowering values

Will the debate ever be settled?