Saturday, January 24, 2009

Jamboozie 2009 - Laredo, TX

This year's Jamboozie looked the same as last year's with the exception of the main act, Tito Puente Jr.


  1. ___beg to differ, the party grounds were bigger and there were lots more port-o-potties (oboys to sone of you) and Flaco and the Texmaniacs were great, tito jr was better, mariachi, and i did not get to watch the parades, only bummer was the Mayor and his dressed up wife, they bring shame to our city

  2. I didn't stay long enough to see those acts, and the mayor.

    Sounds like you had fun.

  3. ___chito bridges juniorJanuary 25, 2009 at 2:24 PM

    ___a bunch of us got ripped off, it is like this, Tito Jr was great in his performance, sounded sincere as he spoke to his fans, said he wanted to meet all of us after the show, sign sutographs, etc, had some cd's for sale, well, we shoved and pushed and finally got to hand over five bucks for the cd, got an autograph pic of him (8 by 10 glossy) and i even asked him to pose for a pic with my wife, he said yes and she went over the barrier and we took two pics on my digicam, everything was fine and dandy and we thought we had gotten a great deal BUT when we got into my jeep and started to play the CD, turns out it is a promotional copy, with four different version of the same tame song, nada de mambo ni movido, es como un ballad, so i smelled a fraud but i am not really upset cause we got the autographed pic, picture with my wife and all those memories, if he wanted five bucks for expenses, why didn't he just ask for them ( note to keyrosas, he is on u-tube and i can share my pics if you let me have your e-mail)

  4. My addy is:

    I'll post 'em ASAP.

    At least you got the picture, and an autograph head shot. It wasn't a total loss.

    All we bought was some tacos at the Taco Palenque booth. I ordered a chorizo con huevo taco but the lady apologetically said that those were only available for breakfast. Me quede con la tentacion.

    They can put a man on the moon, but I can't get a chorizo con huevo at 7 p.m.!!!

  5. to cholo,chito,keyrose I truly am sorry that you felt "ripped off" The record label sent the wrong cds with me and it was not the music of that evening. I'd like to send you mp3s FREE of the music I performed that evening.Plus some new music off the new album coming in march. Please email me directly and Ill hook you all up at Send some photos that we took as well. I do not do business like that not to fans or friends i am truly sorry about that.

    By the way laredo is off the chain!!!!!

  6. It was my first time at the Jamboozie festival and I must say I had a blast. I'm a performer with Samba Vida and I'd like to thank Laredo for the warm welcome. Everyone was having fun and the music was great! A special thanks to Tito Puente Jr. and his group for making it extra memorable! I look forward to next year!