Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Worse Than Scarlet Letter?

The hits keep on coming for one of Laredo's own.
It is alleged that 26-year-old Madrigal had a sexual relationship with a
15-year-old student

If that wasn't enough, the shame keeps piling up for this man.
Madrigal's father, was arrested at the same time for $11,000 in outstanding
municipal court fines

Jesse must now fight sex offender charges, deal with an outlaw father, and bow his head at the fact that he lives with his parents, at the age of 26.

If cleared of the felony charges, he could still be shamed out of town. If so, he would have to explain to people that he is originally from Laredo, sending what little self-esteem he has left into a tailspin.


  1. ___Madrigal used to be a respected laredo last name, now it is just sh--

  2. He has soiled the sanctity of the Madrigal name.

  3. Sh sed ch.. Or was it Ch sed sh?

  4. Sh sed ch...

    Isn't that a scene from Airplane II?