Monday, December 1, 2008

The Cycle of Life

Tuition deregulation is passed.
Zaffirini said she reluctantly voted for it

Tuition and fees go up.
Public hearings regarding proposed increases in tuition and fees at Texas
A&M International University for 2010 (fall 2009 - summer 2010) have been

A college education gets pricier so politicos must act: propose tax-free books.
"The costs associated with higher education are becoming increasingly
burdensome," Zaffirini said in a statement.
If the bill is passed, students will see a savings of $50 - 100 on books per semester. Nice.
But fees, on services students don't use, will go up. Damn.
Vote Zaffirini.

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  1. ___i guess our kids are doomed to go to Tamale Tech and live at home till they get a teaching job . . .