Saturday, December 13, 2008


Bradford is a good kid and all, but.. OU sucks and now completes the trifecta of taking the Big 12, National Championship game & Heisman trophy from Texas. We here at LaSanbe will be screaming for the destruction of this piece of shit institution when they face LaSanbe's boy Tim Tebow in January. We're not bitter. Bartender!


  1. Is he the 1st Native American Heisman winner?

    I think he is, even though Plunkett technically played for the Stanford Indians.

    Not the same.

  2. Oh I forgot:

    Q: How close are the Longhorns to a football dynasty?

    A: 371 miles. That is the distance from Austin, Texas to Norman, Oklahoma.

    I see that the entire National Championshipp and now Heisman issue has improved the Red River relationship.

  3. ___didn't Jim Thorpe win the HighrstMann trophy as the greatest NCAA footballer in thie here country . . .

  4. The _Ch is on to something. Thorpe was an Oklahoma tribesman, an All American college football player and named as best athlete of the last century. But, don't think he won the Heisman. See link for more info..

  5. ___he won "chingos" of Olympic medals but they were stripped from him when it was discovered he had received some money for playing in a baseball game . . .